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  1. Sweet and savory bologna? I have never heard of this, and cannot recall ever seeing it here in the Seattle area.
  2. The portable Solaire grill that I have runs off a one pound propane bottle. You can buy a connector to run it off of a 20 lb. propane tank. The larger Solaire grills run off a 20 lb. propane tank or a permanent natural gas connection.
  3. I would only add, in reference to what was mentioned above, that the ceramic infrared elements seem really susceptible to being blown out by the wind. I was taken aback the first few times this happened, but have found that in windy conditions, if I preheat and grill with the lid down, this reduces the flameouts. The manual speaks of leaving the lid open while grilling, but if it is a choice between being able to grill with a breeze vs. not grilling, I will take my chances.
  4. I have successfully grilled marinated items on my Solaire. All I have done is to shake off the excess marinade, and I had no problems. I have not yet tried seafood.
  5. Earlier this year, I bought a Solaire portable grill with a single infrared ceramic burner solely to be able to sear better than my Weber gas grill. It does a far, far better job of searing than my Weber ever could. The steaks are truly like what I can get at Morton's or Daniel's Broiler. It is important to note that I like my steaks rare to medium rare, so the infrared grill is especially well suited to that. From what I have read on the interwebs, the infrared burner that is covered by glass does not reach as high of a temperature as the ceramic infrared burners. I wonder if that is correct.
  6. MGLloyd

    Dutch baby

    Just like JTravel above, I use a 9" glass deep dish pie plate for my dutch babies. I heat it at 400 degrees for ten minutes, toss the butter in and put it back into the oven until melted. As soon as the butter melts but before it browns, I pour in the batter. Excellent results, with a great puff. I think the key to a great puff is using a very hot baking vessel. I have six of these pie plates since back in the day, when I was cooking for six, I would have all six at once baking in the oven.
  7. That actually looks like a 12 inch roast slicer. Was it labeled and sold as a bread knife?
  8. A friend of mine who works as a sous in the Midwest was raving about some knives that he picked up at a local restaurant supply store: Montana knives. He describes them as stainless and with a white polypro handle. He wondered if they were a rebadged Dexter Russell Sani-Safe but they were somewhat cheaper than DR. I have not heard of that brand nor seen them in the Seattle area.
  9. MGLloyd


    In terms of a readily-available port that many people like, I often recommend Fonseca Bin 27. I have discovered that a lot of people prefer ruby to a tawny port. So when I am taking a bottle of port to an event, and I don't know the tastes of the people there, Bin 27 is my usual choice.
  10. At Cafe Juanita, I park down the street at the lakefront park.
  11. I like Viva as well, although for general cleaning, I am more apt to use my microfiber dish cloths and kitchen towels that I picked up at Costco.
  12. Bob, for my Capresso MT-500, I use 3/4 cup of roasted beans for a full 50 oz. carafe. I grind to a medium-fine grind and use a paper filter. I grind a little coarser if I use the gold filter. We tend to like our coffee on the strong side.
  13. For many years, CWU has run the University Center on the Edmonds CC campus that offers the last two years of various bachelor's degrees through CWU. A student can take the first two years at Edmonds CC and then complete the degree at the University Center. It is entirely possible to earn a CWU degree without ever setting foot in Ellensburg.
  14. My gosh. I would eat that in about two seconds. And it has been decades since I ate any sort of fast food breakfast.
  15. Lampreia comes to mind as the closest thing Seattle has to the molecular trend.
  16. I have had my Capresso MT-500 for over two years now, and I have not had any problems with the coffee going cold in the carafe. We generally finish off the carafe within an hour or two.
  17. I have been Googling the heck out of recipes for ANZAC biscuits, and I like the recipe posted above with the use of coconut. I do have two questions for the experienced bakers of this biscuit: do you usually use white or brown sugar (soft Demerara sugar) and is Lyle's a good choice for the golden syrup?
  18. Would you please be so kind as to post your recipe for the Anzac biscuits? I would love to make a batch!
  19. I would be curious to know from someone with experience: does HP sauce taste the same as A-1 sauce?
  20. I am a coffee lover of many decades. I roast and grind my own beans. My drip brewer of choice is a Capresso MT-500, popular amongst coffee fans.
  21. There is always my favorite method: heatgun/dogbowl. Details can be found at Michael Lloyd's HG/DB primer I routinely roast one pound batch sizes, and I prefer a more mellow and richer roast. The Hearthwares/Fresh Roasts/hot air poppers are generally too bright for my taste.
  22. Wow, you mean I am not the only person stupid enough to do this?
  23. I have actually pondered using my electric heatgun that reaches 1000 degrees as a searing tool.
  24. Also actually in Woodinville are Purple Wine Cafe and the Golden Goat. The former is American fusion and the latter is Italian.
  25. Until I recently purchased my infrared gas grill, this was the method I used, and I still use it when cooking steaks indoors. I preheat a small stainless steel skillet (with a clad bottom) on medium high heat for five minutes, sear the steak in the dry skillet for two minutes on each side, and then put in a 450 degree oven until the interior temperature reaches 125 degrees. This generally takes about 5-7 minutes in the oven. I remove the steak from the skillet and let sit for five minutes. The final interior temperature reaches approximately 130 degrees, my preferred degree of doneness. I have found that this method gives me a good crust and a juicy rare interior.
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