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  1. When I checked a TJ's label a couple of months ago, they were Russian. If I see Korean pine nuts, I shall try. Thanks!
  2. I love Med pine nuts, but the Southwest ones I've had (from Nevada, New Mexico, Arizona pinyon pines) have been better.
  3. Any updates on finding pine nuts not from China or Russia? (Glad to see nuts.com has them from a variety of sources. Thank you, @JoNorvelleWalker.) I'll bring some home from our next, long-delayed SW road trip, but in the meantime, I'm bereft.
  4. This is incredibly sad. Brooks was one of the best writers, from any source, on any subject, I've ever ever ever read. I learned so much from him, not least that we were comrades in cake. How right can a person be, about cake and other things? I am sorry to never have met him in person, but our last conversation, some time ago now on FB, was about pimento cheese and I hold it dear. I gasped when I saw your image of what is to me the mythical caramel cake recipe. Thank you, @Son Mayhaw, so much for your post here. Please accept my sincere condolences.
  5. Hi Smithy, glad you found the farm bureau info! SD County produce is world-class. If you pass through Escondido, Fran’s Farm Stand West Is also worth a stop, and open every day, or nearly.
  6. Priscilla

    Steven Shaw

    As the many tributes here and in MSM note, using new tools that few understood or paid much mind Steven Shaw invented something that hadn't existed before―a thing that, like all good ideas whose time has come, quickly grew bigger, and different, than its creator imagined. True invention and big ideas are like that, not entirely predictable or controllable. And, rare. Generosity is as rare, isn't it? SS gave so much to so many―never stopping, really. In my mind that edges out the prescient food-chat-site impresario as Most Important. Wish we could have met in person―I certainly assumed we would, someday―but I don't owe him any less for only being correspondents. My deepest condolences to Ellen and their child.
  7. Priscilla


    Now see, I first heard that story as a three-generation ham-and-pan parable in the early 1980s, something my then-boss took an especial liking to at a management seminar and then "shared" at the next staff meeting. I think we safely ascribe it to the Urban Folklore file. Dave, this was such an interesting read. Where I live it's propane or electric, and propane is about 8000 times cheaper, and not too bad to cook on, but I would not kick one of them modern, smooth-top, easy-to-clean electric ranges outta bed for eating crackers. The activity of cooking is perhaps the truest proof of the it's a poor worker who... well, yes, you know the rest. It's really up to, or down to, the cook, ain't it?
  8. I think the late Craig Claiborne, who, like me, considered ground-meat dishes to be pretty much irresistible, would have liked your S.S., Maggie. I also paraphrase him in saying I was fascinated to learn about all the other stuff -- a lot of it quite Memorial Day-appropriate.
  9. Heidi, Lomita has always seemed a magical place to me, as the home of one of my very favorite late-1970s bands, the Alley Cats. This is a FAB food blog... you're doing such a good job of representing for SoCal. Even over here in Orange County everything resonates in the nicest way. YAY tables piled with vegetables, and even lovely familiar Stehly oranges, and iced tea in a pitcher in the fridge--in summer I often use those big Maeda-En iced tea bags... if you drink green tea, they're very good. Yay for taco trucks, and for trees laden with citrus right outside your door! Blog on!
  10. Kind of your own Waiting for Guffman, culinary edition. Great read! I am afraid I'm one of the annoying Anne of Green Gablesers, having started the books at 11 and rereading the whole series multiple times. I do know that the books, even beyond the popular television miniseries, have not escaped the commodification that popular things, even really good ones, undergo. However the grown-up me is thrilled to read of the food culture on P.E.I., so that when I DO finally get there I can explore that in between all the AoGG stuff!
  11. Priscilla


    Of all the many times over the years perusing eG has made me hungry, this has never happened more acutely than while reading this fantastic piece, Erin.
  12. Chris, ABC is my favorite LS supermarket! I love that whole center as well.
  13. Spiny lobster $19.95/lb. last weekend @ Pearson's Port.
  14. It's been a while, but I've seen bags of pinquitos in supermarket produce departments in Orange County... I think Stater Brothers, but possibly Albertsons as well.
  15. Soup solidarity. Rebecca, it is SO TRUE that everyone should be trained as you suggest. The not-wasting is a vital part of good cooking, but if by performing soup alchemy you end up with something REALLY REALLY GOOD, well, that's just gravy, isn't it.
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