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Best Sushi Restaurants in NJ


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I would have liked to join, as this was one of the first threads i ever started :cool: but alas, I'll be working in Copenhagen during that time. Any suggestions on where to eat? :raz: Is Danish food any good?

Yield to Temptation, It may never come your way again.

 --Lazarus Long

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OK - I'm adding this to my calendar for 11/14. What time? 12:30? Who's coming? So far the list seems to be:

Rosie Saferstein

Rachel Perlow

Lou Reda

RockADS21 - name?

Said they would come on other dates but haven't confirmed 11/14 yet:

Rail Paul

Lowell Saferstein?

Nick Gatti

As per someone's suggestion, I'm starting a new thread on this.

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