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Guy Savoy or Robuchon at the Mansion?

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I would see the two threads about these restaurants there are some opinions about them, in particular the Guy Savoy thread, member rjwong has eaten at both recently and post some great thoughts on the guy savoy thread.

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Swicks, flattery might get you a free meal, maybe ...

To answer your question publicly, Elrushbo, either one will do, depending on your expectations & desires.

In terms of food, I give the nod to Robuchon. Look at the photos from Robuchon & L'Atelier. The presentations are extraordinary! Mind you, Guy Savoy is no slouch. The sauteed foie gras with the jus de canard was one of the best foie gras I have ever eaten. The service at Robuchon is professional, "aloof", in the better sense of the word. It wasn't stiff, mind you, it wasn't chummy.

The service at Guy Savoy made for a better overall dining experience. As maitre d', Franck Savoy definitely wants the diners to be happy. A little more engaging & interactive ... Sipping a glass of wine at their indoor patio lounge just caps off the evening quite well ..

For the hardcore foodie, Robuchon or L'Atelier. For the pampered guest, Guy Savoy. And for those who hit it big ... BOTH ...

Russell J. Wong aka "rjwong"

Food and I, we go way back ...

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