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Cold tapas?


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Does anyone have any suggestions for cold tapas to offer as hors d'ouvres to my parents (who spent 3 months traveling around Spain) when they come for a visit?

I was thinking of offering some large capers, slices of manchego cheese, some olives and maybe some dried ham of some sort - but was hoping someone would give me some other ideas.

I don't want to go crazy - this would be a little nosh before dinner

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I love a good aged manchego with membrillo (quince paste). These and other items including the large whie asparagus are available from http://www.tienda.com. for something you can make ahead I recommend stuffed piquillo peppers. I just bought some tuna stffed peppers, but have yet to try them. Penelope Casas book Tapas is a great source of great recipes.

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Rustic bread, toasted till a little charred, sprinkled with good olive oil, rubbed with a good, juicy and pulpy tomato. Lay a few really good salt packed anchovy fillets on top. More olive oil.

More shameless idea-stealing here (under "Tapas Frias").

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toasted salted almonds

one fabulous dish I will never forget from Cesare's in Berkely CA..

cold oven roasted grapes. still on the bunch.. served with prosciutto!!!

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do you want to keep it strictly Spanish-style? Or do you want to just work in the realm of Tapas? Because I've had great small tapas-like plates that were not Spanish...

I like making a nice arugula salad dressed in bacon grease, lemon juice and garlic...take a small pinch of that and fill two thin slices of beef carpaccio like a ravioli and then top with shaved parmigiano, but you could use manchego too....

or cold-smoked duck breast with a plum marmalade in small pate brisee shells....

edit: sorry, I guess these aren't so simple...

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Easy to prepare options:

Roasted red pepper strips in a little olive oil

Shrimp or clamari marinated in oil, lemon, garlic

Salchichón and/or chorizo sausage

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Add a little fresh thyme and lemon juice to the roasted red peppers

If good melon is hard to come by right now, you could also serve the serrano ham with persimmon slices/wedges


anchovy stuffed olives

lemon garlic olives

salted, toasted almonds (make yourself; they taste great)

Mussels in vinaigrette

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-- Gabriel Garcia Marquez, 1962 "Big Mama's Funeral"

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