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Tony Cheng's in Chinatown


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I haven't heard it discussed much and it was just suggested as the site of a coworker's birthday lunch. NOT that I can really influence things, but it would be nice to know:

1. is it any good?

2. what, if any, specific dishes are good?

3. prices?


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I remember that it was ok...think I went for dim sum though. Price for that wasn't bad. Best place around there is Full Kee, but I am not sure if it is open again yet and not necessarily a "nice" place for a party. It was closed all summer for renovations or something.

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I've never been to the upstairs seafood part, but the Mongolian bbq downstairs is pretty good - particularly the sesame rolls they bring to the table. Last time I was there for lunch, I think it was $9.95 for as much as you can stuff into a bowl, $2 extra if you want shrimp, but that's been a while.

As far as dishes, there's plenty to choose from on the bar meat and veggie-wise; I assume you can order appetizers/soup downstairs but I never have.

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About three years ago, when my (Chinese immigrant) parents came to D.C. to visit me, I took them to lunch upstairs in the seafood part, and to this day they still rave about Tony Cheng's and the delicious meal they had there. The cooking was superb.

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In spite of the separate thread on their "Best 100" list, or maybe just out of curiosity, I went and bought a copy of Washingtonian's January 2004 issue. Giving Tony Chang's two stars and an "inexpensive" price tag, there's a few sentences worth noting:

Exploration [of the menu] is likely to be rewarded with real finds: on a recent visit, shrimp and asparagus in black-bean sauce, duck in spicy garlic sauce, and a generous mixture of delicious fresh seafood on crispy noodles.

At lunchtime, Tony Cheng's also offers dim sum - it's served from carts on weekends and may be ordered from a menu on weekdays.

Dang, now I'M getting hungry!

Edit for punctuation.

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Just got back from Tony Cheng's. Like most of the review said, it was neither awful nor great. I am not planning a return visit.

The menu is standard Chinese fare. In addition, they offered both a list of daily specials and a separate dim sum menu. Specials were in the $11-14 range; regular entrees (non-seafood) seemed to top-out around $10. One of my coworkers and I did dim sum. We weren't crazy about their huge, doughy fried pork dumplings. I had ordered two of those (3 dumplings each), thinking that plus a steamed chicken bun or two would be my meal, but the monstrosities arrived. One order of dumplings would have been more than enough for me. My coworkers sampled dishes that were pretty standard - chicken lo mein, moo shoo something, etc.

I don't know why, but I couldn't wait to get out of there. Maybe it was the lingering Christmas decorations or the murky white water in the lobster tank right in front of our table.

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agree with the general sentiments of the others...stopped in a few times before or after Caps games. The food is alright, not horrible or spectacular, just average...I'm interested in what its like downstairs as I've always eaten upstairs...

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Chengs is like a Suburban Chinese place with a little more things on the menu.

It is not bad nor great, but the service is fast and professional most of the time,

and is a nice quick stop before the Caps game.

I like Chinese food and am not into the trendy Thai stuff as much as some people. I like to go to places that have a big selection. Chengs seems to accomadate on that aspect. It isn't my favorite, but overall, I have been satisfied after dining there.

Go to Chengs and enjoy either room.

The Doctor Is Out.

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I would NOT recommend Tony's. Went there two weeks ago for post Chinese New Year's celebration. Food was mediocre at best.

The scallion pankcakes were ok, a bit heavy and greasy. Appetizer fried calamari was standard frozen fare, missing the marinara sauce.

Mooshi Chicken made my dining companion sick, as did my wife's Sinapore Noodles.

My main course was the fried calamari with spicy salt. This was actually quite good with a nice salty coating and scallions.

Another major drawback is its very expensive and not really authentic. I find the New Big Wong is much better and more of a Chinese feel.

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Tony Cheng's Seafood Restaurant

619 H St. NW, (202) 371-8669

We ate at Tony Cheng's and it's located with a parking lot 2 doors down 5.00 for 1 hour 7.00 for 2, we paid for two in case... but it only took us 1 hour to eat and leave to get home to our awaiting dog. I didn't ask for a refund of the 2.00

It was located upstairs above a mongolian restaurant it is about 20 stairs up or so... they have fresh grouper in tanks and 3 empty tanks also fresh duck hanging in the back (yes, dead and featherless and ...ugh.)

On to supper

We all shared "typical" food since we were with mixed company/family.

Crabmeat wontons and cold noodles for appetizer. :biggrin:

Crispy shrimp with honey walnuts :wub: , twiced cooked pork, sweet and sour chicken (blasphemy!) and some spicy beef and scallops in a brown peppery delicious sauce. Each item was made perfectly and presented at a good pace. The service was "typical" I poured my own water 2 times. :blink: They did refill my drink when I ASKED and brought the check swiftly enough but didn't offer a dessert menu (if they had one?) it is ok though we were VERY full! I would definitely go here again it wasn't bad at all. Anyone have any other better suggestions for china town preferably more adventurous stuff please let me know! :laugh:

Stacey C-Anonymouze@aol.com

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