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  1. Thank you Brian. They also have them Saturday at the Noordermarkt on Saturday. Tragically, there are no glassed of white wine or Champagne available, like in Brussels.
  2. Can someone please point me to a nice place to have raw oysters in Amsterdam?
  3. It is really a pity no one is posting here. A few more I recommend Cafe Kafka Cafe Kafka on the Wittenkade, very nice burgers. Small, fresh menu. Tremendous outdoor seating De Wittenkade 190-192 1051 AP Amsterdam, Netherlands 020 4880062 Nam Kee Very authentic Chinese, oysters in black bean sauce to die for Zeedijk 111 - 113 1012 AV Amsterdam, Netherlands 020 6243470
  4. We have an up and coming restaurant in my hood, Bella Storia, a family-operated Italian. Great fresh pasta. Bella Storia‎ Bentinckstraat 28 1051 GL Amsterdam, Netherlands 020 4880599‎ – 06 28766999‎ (Mobile)
  5. Lots of very good Chinese in the Center. Here is one of my favorites, across the street from the Crowne Plaza. Very good oysters Dragon Corner Nieuwezijds Voorburgwal 4-10
  6. I have heard good things about the food and margaritas at Los Pilones in the Jordaan. Warning: Terrible flash website with music. http://www.lospilones.com/index2.html
  7. I know this is shopping related but since its Amsterdam specific I will try here. Does anyone know a butcher who sells short ribs? I have gone to a few and they give me a black look. I have printed some pictures for future requests.
  8. Mark, I did just move to the Westerpark. Love to hear any restaurant recommendations. I am very happy in my new (small) place. If anyone is having a Thanksgiving feast and they need another solo American who does not want to spend Thanksgiving alone, let me know!!!! (-: My new kitchen is so tiny I can't promise to cook anything but I could bring loads of wine or anything else. I am clean, presentable and a good conversationalist.
  9. Wow is so quiet in here. Recently had dinner at Casa Peru http://www.casaperu.nl/html/casaperu.html Leidsegracht 68 (corner Prinsengracht) 1016 CP Amsterdam Telephone: 020 - 6203749 E-mail: info@casaperu.nl Very nice place. The pork shank is to die for, the ceviche was good (not great). Sorry I am not one to write long reports but I do like to note some of the good (and bad) places. I will be moving to the Westerpark soon. Any thoughts on that neighborhood?
  10. I can vouch for the Koffie Salon. I am lucky to live next door.
  11. It is funny how much I crave a hamburger here. I mean really crave them. I found the best burger in town. Cafe Bos Amstelveenseweg 226 Right off tram 12. Very good, meat and a good understanding of what a good burger is (and perhaps as important) what it is NOT. Also, they serve fries. I have decided I will no longer patronize Burgermeister. Any place that tells me I should not have fries with my burger is not going to get my business (-:
  12. Can anyone recommend a good wine shop, preferably near my home (Overtoom)? Thanks
  13. Found a great bowl of chili in the Jordaan! Not as spicy as I would like, but was the perfect antidote to the sleet today. A small two story bar with decent sized menu including sate, Dutch sausage stew, mushroom steak, tuna salad sub (toasted) as well as the chili. Leffe on tap De Blauwe Pan Westerstraat 200, 1015MS Amsterdam +31-20-320-7211 *No smoking rooms/no smoking despite the ban*
  14. Like to give a quick shout-out to Lalibela for Ethiopian food. My wife and I lived for 8 years in Washington, DC, with the largest Ethiopian community outside of Africa. Lalibela would easily how its on in DC's 9th Street corridor. I had stewed mutton, my wife a vegetarian mix. Both excellent. 9 euros each (cheap!). Right off the Overtoom. 1e Helmersstraat 249 Amsterdam, NH 1054 DX Phone: +31 20 683 8332
  15. I hate to be so pedestrian, but has anyone eaten take-out from Taco Mundo? I very much recommend The Taco Shop (Tollstraat 200, 1074 VN, De Pijp) for authentic Tex-Mex.
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