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  1. Ella's is pretty much the best pizza i've had in the area...I like it better than Patsy's in NYC and I think it beats out Sette, which I work right next to and eat at all the time, as well as Paradiso. Italian store in Arlington is great as well.
  2. PoorLawyer

    Canadian Beer, eh!

    yeah he should be looking at two for $40 1.75 ltr bottles of Grey Goose!
  3. There is an italian place that my family used to take me too every summer when I was at the shore that was awesome. It was in a converted house in AC, but not near the boardwalk and the menu was written on a big board covering an entire wall. It is one of those places that could very well be mob related, but the food was great...anyone have any idea about this joint?
  4. PoorLawyer

    Canadian Beer, eh!

    While that may be true, you are forgetting the dreaded Molson XXX and Labatt Maximum Ice which are in the range of 7% alcohol!
  5. Has anyone tried this thing yet?
  6. Wow, that crabcake deal is awesome....was going somewhere else tonight, but might change plans because those are too tasty to pass up
  7. I find them to be a bit sweet for my tastes. I had them prepared at Morimoto in Philly once with all these awesome different sauces for each one and they were really good, but I still wished the sauce was on a raspberry point or blue point. I like the saltiness of those. I've never had a Pemaquid, but might have to check those out, especially if they are good enough to have a festival!
  8. I don't like Kumamoto's all that much, so maybe that is why I like the Acme ones so much... I don't know if I agree all that much with the characterization of Old Ebbitt as some sort of fancied up red lobster either with a bunch of mouth breathers and screaming kids....sure it is a busy place, but most of the bar crowd are more of the attorney/politico/white house staffer ilk than the sweaty hairy flip flp crowd. Plus I did a week long martini binge at Old Ebbitt, David Greggory, Georgia Brown's and McCormick and Schmick's (for their good happy hour) and Old Ebbitt serves up the best Grey Goose Martini of the lot for the lowest price with the tastiest olives! You should definitely try the back bar next time too...
  9. If it is your first time eating oysters, the place to go is Acme in New Orleans. I went there for the first time a couple months ago and was blown away about how much better they are there than anywhere else I've had em. Barring that, I can't think of any place better to try them out. There are other places that are probably as good, but Old Ebbitt has a large selection and as was stated earlier, the volume they go through always makes me feel better that they aren't laying around all day getting warm
  10. We did it last time and had a really good meal there. they do the typical 2 or 3 choices though
  11. Does anyone know if this applies to Harry's Tap Room in Clarendon too?
  12. I should try that crab dip. Is there such a thing as crab overdose? Maybe if they had crab soup on special and I got that and the dip and the crab cakes? I still think that doesn't sound too excessive.
  13. The happy hour at old ebbitts is an amazing deal....i think it runs 3-6 or 3-7 and might pick up again 10-close EVERYTHING on their raw bar menu is half off. They have a 50 dollar sampler platter with all sorts of oysters/clams/shrimp etc that I would normally not splurge on, but you cant beat it for $25! Plus they make a mean martini!
  14. Holy crap, I didn't know someone else besides me was allowed to talk dispargingly about Johnny's! I would not be too thrilled if there was shell or cartilage in my crabcake for 24 bucks. I went to Johnny's once and had a horrible meal. apparently you have to specify that you don't want your crabcakes deep fried because thats what I got and they were terrible! I just ate at Old Ebbitt Grill Last night and had their crab cakes and they were just awesome. In fact they are probably the best ones I've had in the city. They also have a crabcake sandwich which is only 14 bucks which is a bargain for the taste
  15. Not to correct everyone's previous posts, well actually exactly to correct everyone's posts, but Cha Gio are the fried rolls, often cut up and put on vermicelli with grilled pork and other stuff. The ones that you are describing, where you wet the wrappers and roll shrimp and mint leaves and such and just eat without frying are not named Cha Gio...though I do not know what their vietnamese name is....
  16. I used to be a big fan of this place because I liked their grilled pork a lot, but then I had the pork at my above-mentioned place in Eden Center (Huang Que) within a day of eating at Cafe Dalat and it was quite a bit better. Still though, as I can only go to eden center when I rent a car for some other purpose, Cafe Dalat is good in a metro-accesible kind of way.
  17. When I am not drinking Macallan I agree with the Glenmorangie Sherry cask vote
  18. in the eden center...huang que i think it is called. dont go to the 4 sisters place that is all written up about, this one is better. it is in the center of the row perpendicular to the supermarket
  19. Do tell. Is it chinese food there? What do you like about it? I have seen it and never had the desire to find out about it. I am a staunch full kee fan, but live in the area so I need to branch out a bit.
  20. By the way, whats the deal with that place that makes the noodles in the window. I saw that a while back and was all excited to try it, but it was pretty dissapointing. They were all gummy and had zero flavor. Also, my dining companion got the roast duck noodle soup and her duck was cut in such a weird way that there weren't the usual bones to eat the duck off of, there were small shards of it everywhere which made it near impossible to eat without serious mouthal injury!
  21. NY Noodle Town is great as is Golden Unicorn for Dim Sum
  22. Hoffman's are good but I think Sahlen's are by far the best hot dog. Anyone who has been to a Ted's in Buffalo (or the one in Arizona) will know what I am talking about. Mostly pork and grilled on a charcoal open flame....hand's down winner! They sell them now at the wegman's in VA but only in a 5 lb bag
  23. working at R and Conn as well, I know that most of those options, especially ones below the circle are a little out of reach for the normal lunch break (unless you take a solid hour or more). I like the chicken caesar wrap at wrapworks a lot. Besides that, lots of quiznos which is right there and subway across the street. , Raku is fairly inexpensive and good as well. There is some sandwich place right on P that is a complete ripoff of Potbelly that is very cheap and pretty good as well....right next to the burger king
  24. PoorLawyer

    Chicken Wings--

    I do pretty much the exact same thing but make sure to add a ton of cayenne pepper too
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