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There's "Rocco's: The Restaurant" lights flashing...

Then there's just Rocco's... the actual restaurant

Just curious if anyone has tried the latter one out yet. Haven't seen too many reviews other than the one in New York magazine.


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So sorry for the confusion! I have been following the thread on the other board about the tv show. I was just wondering if anyone has dined at Mr. DiSpirito's joint yet.

Most of the reviews I have seen for Rocco's, except for the one in New York Magazine, have been hearsay, or from so-called former employees... that's why I said I am interested in the actual restaurant and not "The Restaurant" hype and urban legends already started about it. Would just like to know if anyone has eaten at it and if the food (mama's meatballs, yada yada...) is any good.


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Tony Bourdain was there on one of the pre-opening nights. He posted comments about the food in that thread about the show. His remarks are early in the thread, I believe, as he posted well before the show hit the air. I recall he was not impressed, although he said Eric Ripert liked it.

Robert Buxbaum


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I was brousing through the site of "The Restaurant"

for some reason it makes me think of Rosalie The print of the Menu, the Retro/Bistro/Tratorria food served in a new way , a bit of the decor.

I don't know is it me or what!

I'm not tring to insult Rosalie,with all do respect the food

at Rosalie is Great.

Con il melone si mangia , beve e si lava la facia

My Nonno Vincenzo 1921-1994

I'm craving the perfct Gateau Foret Noire .

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The easy thing would be to recommend you post this on the Restaurant thread on the media board (Click here), but clearly there IS a difference between the show and the actual restaurant, their actual menu and what is going onto our TVs.

Is this (click here) the Rosalie you are referring to?

Edited by slkinsey (log)

Jon Lurie, aka "jhlurie"

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but one that your friends has seen in the bathroom and told you that he has a small *ahem*. How so? Well, everyone warned you about it, but you don't really believe it's that bad, and so you have to see it with your own eyes. So after the fact, you are torn between telling people you have slept with him (and suffer the I-told-you-sos) or not admit that you did (But he is so hot)...

Sigh... Well... I know everyone has warned me about the food at this restaurant. And I approached this meal with low expectations. We arrived at an empty restaurant. Waiter kept pushing us to order drinks, so we did. Disappointing...

We had the fried calamari, the watercress salad to start. Tasteless calamari and salty watercress salad. On to entrees, pasta cabonara for her, and spaghetti with meatballs for me. Her pasta was so nasty that she could only eat 2 bites. We almost finished off the spaghetti not because it was good, but because we were starving. The meatballs were ok, but the appetizer portion of 2 golf ball sized meatballs was $8!!! Kinda tasted like spam too... way too salty...

Decided to have dessert. Sorbet for her, fried bananas for me. The gelato that came with the bananas left this film on the spoon... nasty...

Dinner came up to $90... Service was dismal, waiter did not even go over the menus with us, and there were no specials. Manager (the one on TV with the ponytail) kept filrting with the table of teenage girls instead of chatting with guests, and sadly, no Mama to be seen...

Very disappointing

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Well, I did go on the Sex In the City Tour a few days before I ate there, so I am sure it carried across... =)

The cabonara sauce was gloppy, and had a wierd funky taste to it... Not sure how to describe it, but kinda like a sour cheesy taste. I have have decent cabonara here in Chicago, and this was way worse...

But the trip was not a complete waste. At least I had the best sushi of my life (so far) at Sushi Yasuda... =)

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