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  1. Here's some interesting reading. The Smoking Gun has an excerpt from Rocco's counterclaim online. Bitter Feud Over Rocco's "Restaurant" - April 6, 2004 The beautiful part (aside from Rocco being locked out of the restaurant) is that Rocco never got the agreement with Chowdorhow signed. Schmuck. Apologies if someone already posted this link.
  2. Okay, I'll bite. What's eatin' you? You didn't expect me to re-read this whole thread, did ya.
  3. I consider Riverdale "upstate". My office is still in the city and I'm here almost every weekday. I can't remember if you folks ever get together during the week.
  4. Just for clarification... Elysean Foods is the name of my baking company. Pies and pao de queijo especially. I thought it might be important in case anyone I speak to actually asks what I do for a living. Which so far,no one has. Don't these people want a girl to make a buck??? "he who tooteth not his own horn, the same shall not be tooted" or she as the case may be. You have to learn to work this information into the interview subtly. Example, begin every response to the interviewer with the phrase: "As the owner of Elysean Foods, a baking company that specializes in pies and pao de queijo, ..." It doesn't matter what the question is, this should be your mantra. If this works, come to me when it's time to do your tv deal. BTW: I think burger club is a fantastic idea, too bad I moved to Westchester right before it began.
  5. Okay insiders, give us the poop on the item in today's New York Post. ROCKY ROCCO Could this make the show actually worth watching?The other day, on the the way to the subway, I saw them taping a segment wherein one of the staff was having trouble operating a window washing squeegee. I think they're going for a Peabody Award this season.
  6. For some reason my wife never objects to this.
  7. Where is it they make you create your own doggie bag (box)? I'd remember if I'd ever seen this. This would be high on my list.
  8. If you're out of Ipecac. [i'm omitting the barfing smiley, for once]
  9. I don't get vegan. I don't mean from a philosophical point of view either. Humans should eat meat. We were made to eat meat. My advice, eat some meat. Meat is good.
  10. Finally, an eCGI for someone like me. Simple food for a simpleton (no, wait, that didn't come out right). Great job Holly, I'm salivating already. I do, however, take exception with buttering the hamburger and hot dog buns though. Don't know why, I've just never cared for that. To each his own, I'm not trying to convert anyone. I haven't had lunch yet and you've made me very hungry. To me making really good fries is the tricky thing. There was a place called the Beef Corral on Route 1 in Newburyport that made fries so tasty, it didn't matter that their roast beef sandwiches were mediocre. All right, I have to go eat.
  11. Did I miss the thread that contained the evidence that "so many attorneys are foodies?" Is this based on anecdotal evidence or was there some study done. I don't think you can base it on the fact that there may be a fair number of lawyers hangin' round here. The sample size is probably too small to support such a claim. I was interested in food long before I went to law school, so I don't know that there is a connection. I do know that I've gone to many fine restaurants on the client's tab. My wife and I can afford to eat out in fancy/interesting/good restaurants due to our incomes. But the interest was definitely there before all that.
  12. No votes for Prime Burger on East 51st? I've been by this place countless times, but for some reason never go in. At the risk of recommending a $30 hamburger (something I find decidedly anti-american), I like the burger at '21'. At least it's not one of those frankenburgers which seem to be cropping up. A word or two for the good folks at Chumley's: a hamburger should be served on a bun (sweet Jeebus), whenever I've tried to eat a hamburger on an english muffin it's turned into a mess.
  13. "Coffee Host plugs into the bathroom wall, Formica's really keen" Immortalized by Frank Zappa in the Mothers song What Kind Of Girl Do You Think We Are?
  14. Post Office Tower in London back in 1974. I think I was indifferent to the food, but it was notable as my first time seeing a toilet attendent. Oh, and the view was nice too.
  15. America Worst..uh, I mean America West Airlines, First Class, Breakfast Service. It actually tasted like it had been made with the degreaser they use on the landing gear. I won't even talk about something they served called "Breakfast Loaf." It was made with an ingredient that may at one time have been some kind of egg. Thank God they don't serve food on that airline any more.
  16. Perhaps you could grill up some Hamburger Helper without the meat a la National Lampoon's Vacation. Couldn't be much worse than any other veggie burger and would probably cure them of the desire not to eat meat.
  17. To get back to the original inquiry: Since the NYC Health Department inspects and regulates restaurants before and after opening, they should have raw data. And those data are a matter of public record. Which is not to say that they'd be easy to find. But they're there, somewhere. In fact, that's the kind of information a private firm would get for free under the Freedom of Information Act, then turn around and sell back to the City in a usable form. So you really would need an intern or RA to locate it and wade through it to make it usable. Uh, Suzanne...you didn't actually read the post where I suggested Steven start off by contacting the city, did you?
  18. System?...Oy! FG: For the number of restaurants try New York City Department of Health & Mental Hygiene, Bureau of Food Safety and Community Sanitation at (212) 676-1600. They should know since they hand out the permits. Whether they'll tell you or not is another matter. As for the rest, why not hire some college kid as an unpaid research assistant? Semi-seriously, the NYC.gov web site is a good place to start for this sort of thing.
  19. Like: I could watch Julia forever (and have been for that matter). Jacques Pepin Alton Brown (though he comes across as kind of a jerk in the interview on his fansite, too) Anthony Bourdain Two Fat Ladies I too miss Justin Wilson. Dislike: I don't watch the one's I don't like. However, Jacques Pepin's daughter Claudine stands out as someone I can't stand and can't avoid (since she appears on her father's show). She sucks so bad Jacques won't even let her do anything on the show. And she speaks French like she has something up her nose. A word about the the Barefoot Contessa (who appeared on someone's dis list), anyone who could get $20 for a pound of potato salad in the mid-eighties is all right with me.
  20. Thanks. I forgot to ask for a good breakfast place.
  21. I didn't do that because: 1. I wanted to make the topic broad enough that people would at least look at the thread, thinking (foolishly) that by reading my first post the purpose of the thread would be understood; and 2. There is no such thing as a great local place in Bronxville, something I didn't need to be told. Here's the part I don't understand, perhaps someone can explain. You have a population that is generally quite affluent (if house prices are anything to go by) who are not so far from the city to be bumpkins when it comes to eating. So I'm sending the word out to all you would-be restaurateurs. There's a lot of money in them thar hills and precious little competition.
  22. Thanks for the info and good wishes. WTF is up with this county? Well if I can't get jewish soul food, can you give me the address of the place in Pelham. Fried chicken & ribs are also essential to my well being. Pork store? Gee I don't know, my wife doesn't like me talking to cute guys. We'll have to check out Mount Kisco.
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