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Small, medium, and large was good enough for the boys at Valley Forge, why not for the trend-os at Starbucks?  Or is $1.65 for a cup of coffee more palatable if they try to work Italian into the name.

I don't really think a coffe would be more palatable if 'they work the Italian into the name', but simply if they use the word'espresso' or 'cappuccino', they should stick to the original meaning. Would you like to be served some Prosecco instead of the Champagne you asked for? They're both sparkling.....

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Sandy has been in bed with some sort of digestive discomfort with fever all week, so I am posting these comments on her behalf. She has long pointed out that, in an uncivilized city such as our Gotham, where one municipal administration after another cannot manage to have public toilets constructed, Starbucks provides the welcome amenities of a clean toilet along with an air-conditioned or heated (depending on the season) space in which to read or talk with a friend for as long as one wishes for the somewhat inflated price of a not very good cup of coffee. On balance, an urban amenity. On the downside, however, it has pushed out locally owned coffee houses in Greenwich Village. However, in other neighborhoods, it has provided a service that did not exist previously.

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Morning fun:

Me: I'd like a large caffe latte please:

S: Uh, do you mean grande?

Me: What's grande?

S: This (showing cup).

Me: What's that (pointing to the venti cup).

S: A venti.

Me: What's venti?

S: Twenty ounces.

Me: Ounces?

S: Yes.

Me: How many ounces in the grande?

S: I don't know.

Me: Ok, I'll just have the large.

Good fun on a grey day.

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I know it's not fashionable to say so,

but I quite like Starbucks.

the coffee is now worse than the other high street chains, better than some, and it is usually served at a good temperature.

Most chains serve the stuff so bloody hot, I need a pizza fresh out the oven to cool my mouth down!!

A meal without wine is... well, erm, what is that like?

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Give Starbucks credit for making the terms small, medium and large obsolete. And to give credit where it's due, I hear they pay health benefits for part time employees, an extreme rarity, at least in the US.

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S:  Twenty ounces.

Me:  Ounces?

LOL I guess the EuroHarmonisation Police haven't caught up with them yet. Are they allowed to mention that dreadful word "ounces" ????? :shock: Moggie, you should have asked themn what that is in centilitres :laugh:

I tried Starbucks a few weeks ago. It was OK, nothing to take exception to, very ordinary coffee at a very expanded price :raz:

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20 February 2003

Dear [Kiku-san]

Thank you for your email received on 18 February 2003.

We appreciate your continued feedback [i only sent them one email, honest] with regards to introducing organic milk into Starbucks stores. I have spoken to our Marketing Department and they inform me that, although we are considering introducing organic milk into our stores, unfortunately there are no plans to do so in the near future. I have however passed your comments on this subject to them for their further consideration.

I appreciate your request that we offer Fairtrade coffee in our espresso-based beverages as well as our filter coffee. Starbucks use only 100% Arabica beans and we currently buy 1% of the world's coffee so cannot guarantee either sufficient quantity or quality of Fairtrade coffee to supply all of our stores. We have recently introduced Fairtrade chocolate bars and due to the positive feedback we have received we are looking into the feasibility of offering more Fairtrade products in our stores in 2003.

Thank you again for your interest in Starbucks.

Yours sincerely

[Tempestua Ignatieff]

Customer Care Specialist

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... although we are considering introducing organic milk into our stores, unfortunately there are no plans to do so in the near future.

Oh ROFL :smile::biggrin::laugh::laugh: So they're considering it but there are no plans to do it.

[Camera pans to the Marketing Department monthly meeting. Six ashen-faced Marketing Analysts cower in their chairs as the Marketing Director speaks]

MD: Item 127 on the Agenda brought forward from our meeting of November 23, 1993.

[The Marketing Analysts are seen to be twitching visibly. Close-up of trembling lower lip]

MD: "Consideration of use of organic milk"

[One young Marketing Analysts falls from chair in a dead faint. No-one stirs]

MD: Any comments?

[Two more Marketing Analysts collapse to the floor. No-one stirs. Silence pervades the room]

MD: OK, minute that as "Due consideration was given to the issue" and carry it forward to our meeting on... ummmmm ... Oh, March 2007. That'll do for today, everybody. Lunch at Sketch ?

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Meanwhile, in the States ...

rBST Milk Starbucks sources high quality milk from the finest local and national dairies. In the absence of valid testing and governmental labeling requirements for the presence of rBST in milk, the only milk that is guaranteed to be rBST-free is organic. While we reaffirm that we will not participate in the scientific debate over the use of rBST in dairy cows, we have engaged in a comprehensive review of the milk products we use, resulting in:

* The introduction of organic milk as an alternative milk ingredient in all our company-operated stores in the U.S.

* The introduction of organic yogurt in the majority of our company-operated stores in the U.S.

* The introduction of single-serve flavored organic milk in the majority of our company-operated stores in the U.S.

* The decision to continue to offer organic soy milk as an alternative to cows' milk in all our company-operated stores in the U.S.

Although consumer demand for organic milk in our stores is low, we will continue to offer organic milk to our customers.                        

Starbucks is continuing to look more broadly at sustainable dairy practices. As we do this, we will look to align with dairy suppliers who follow sustainable dairy practices, are consistent with our guiding principles, and meet our standards for quality, service, and value.

Edited by Kikujiro (log)
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