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  1. Great idea. Think of how much money you'll save on the wine bill.
  2. When John F. Kennedy invited a group of Nobel Prize recipients to dine at the White House he stated that there had not been such genius present in the room since Thomas Jefferson dined alone. However, I have increasingly lost respect for Jefferson of late. I think there is a good argument to be made that had he lived long enough, he would have supported the Confederacy. I would like to dine with Jefferson's arch rival and distant cousin, John Marshall. And like Jefferson, he spent time in France, so I figure he would know his food.
  3. Your paragraph on the Morgan Library is about to become a historical footnote. The museum will commence major major expansion and new construction around the end of this month. The Morgan Cafe will be one of the casualties. Its space will be no more.
  4. ranitidine

    Dinner! 2003

    But the scallions were green.
  5. ranitidine

    Dinner! 2003

    Sandy made the following: magret with red-wine fig sauce couscous roasted asparagus arugula-endive-red onion salad Cheese plate: Morbier, Bon Grivois, Montomery cheddar, Amy's baguette Israeli dates, Greek figs, Turkish apricots, American Comice pears Wine: German spatlese riesling 2001 (Willi Schaefer) To come if appetite permits: passionfruit sorbet, ginger cookies, Turkish coffee Dinner music: Clifford Brown (talk about dying too young)
  6. ranitidine


    If any of you get up to Albany in the next few weeks, be sure to have the shad roe at Jack's Oyster House on State Street. Unfortunately, one can no longer wash it down with a bottle or two of Newman's Albany Amber, but it always makes a perfect end to a springtime day of business in our state capital.
  7. Cooking With Jazz in Whitestone, Queens.
  8. At 9th and 51st, the scallops in white wine sauce are delicious also.
  9. ranitidine

    It's Sunday

    Sandy asks if smoked trout would be an acceptable substitute.
  10. ranitidine

    It's Sunday

    Jackal--Kedgeree sounds delicious. We're going to have to make some. What's your recipe?
  11. ranitidine

    It's Sunday

    Fried eggs over light, fried in Devon double cream butter; John F. Martin brand bacon (bought at the Saturday farmer's market here on Roosevelt Island--should be available at the Wengerd Farm's stand at the Union Square Greenmarket); Sandy's biscuits, made with White Lily Flour and spread with Plugras and raspberry jam: Sandy's grits--the best I have ever had anywhere; OJ and coffee.
  12. A suggestion to my fellow jellyheads: Next time you are in South Florida, follow these directions. Florida Turnpike south to the end. US 1 south about a block to the first light. Right turn. Follow the signs to Everglades National Park. After several miles, you will come to a very large fruit stand called Robert Is Here. Inside, on the right, will be a selection of jams, jellies and preserves to make your dreams come true. Even key lime marmalade and grapefruit marmalade. And don't miss the rest of the stand with local and tropical fruits and unusual fruit shakes. Then continue to the National Park and, at the very least, walk the boardwalk at Royal Palm Hammock. Good chance your experience will turn you into a birder. Here is a link to Robert Is Here
  13. Please, more info. What are the hours and days open for this market?
  14. Sandy has been in bed with some sort of digestive discomfort with fever all week, so I am posting these comments on her behalf. She has long pointed out that, in an uncivilized city such as our Gotham, where one municipal administration after another cannot manage to have public toilets constructed, Starbucks provides the welcome amenities of a clean toilet along with an air-conditioned or heated (depending on the season) space in which to read or talk with a friend for as long as one wishes for the somewhat inflated price of a not very good cup of coffee. On balance, an urban amenity. On the downside, however, it has pushed out locally owned coffee houses in Greenwich Village. However, in other neighborhoods, it has provided a service that did not exist previously.
  15. Yes. He describes me as this way all the time. Ahem. Excuse me, Jason. When did you become a food writer?
  16. "gratuitously bitchy", "bitching and moaning"--Would Mr. Klc use such phrases in commenting on a male food writer?
  17. I read the excerpts in Klc's piece and I don't see what's so terrible about them. What's wrong with noting that people who can afford to pay a dollar for three ears of corn may very well be elititists or that a city where GW Bush, Dicks Cheney and Armey, Donald Rumsfeld, Bill Frist and Dennis Hastert are the leading celebrities may have second rate food also?
  18. Steve--The only Hudson County I know of is on the other side of the Holland Tunnel, in New Jersey. Is it possible that the dairy you refer to was in Hoboken?
  19. Please explain to me how making me wait in the lounge when there is a table ready is for the betterment of my experience.
  20. I usually avoid light beers like the plague. However, I've drunk some Sierra Nevada Wheat Beer this week (only 4.4% alcohol) and have found it to be very refreshing.
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