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This is one of my favorite breakfast which is called Mamuniyeh.

It is a Semolina type pudding originated in Aleppo as mainly a breakfast treat.

The original version is served with Kaymak (a type of clotted cream), Pistachios and Cinnamon spicing.

The day to day version is served with Aleppo white string cheese which melts on the Mamuniyeh.

You eat it with Arabic flat bread, no forks or spoons.


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Thank you.

The recipe is pretty straight forward.

No need for measures!

You fill your pot with 1/4 inch or 1/2 cms of fine Semolina and bring on open fire to toast very lightly.

Once toasted which is mainly to remove the humidity, you add 3cms of water or 1 inch. Correct measures are useless.

You want the semolina to absorb the water as much as it takes. If you have too much water, you can prolong the cooking and if the Semolina is not cooked then you add more water.

1- Semolina needs constant stirring

2- Semolina should bublbe when you stop stirring


When the Semolina is toasted, it is extremely hot and when you add hot water, try to keep the lid on top of the pot with one hand and pour the water from the hot kettle in the other hand as the water will do 2 things:

- The water will raise the level of Semolina

- The Semolina will splash all over the place and you will curse me!

After you finish adding the water with as little splash as possible, you stir and cook and add as much sugar as you like.

We have it very sweet so err on the side of sweet.

Also add ground Cinnamon to the mix (to taste).

You will know that the Mamuniyeh us done when you can draw you finger on the wood spoon and you will burn your finger as sugar + Semolina = Heat. So you draw your finger on the back of the spoon and if the line stays clear and the Semolina is not dripping all over your shirt, then you are done.

In case you have left overs, put in the fridge when cooled. Mamuniyeh is reheated by adding a mini splash of water to get the viscosity back.


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