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Cedar plank salmon on electric grill

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I thought I would share this recipe with you. I use a PowerChef electric BBQ because of the consistancy it has. I've tried doing cedar plank salsom on my old gas grill but found the plank had to be soaked overnight and great attention had to be paid during the grilling process to keep the cedar from catching fire. Plus, I found that the smokey taste never really penetrates the fish as much as I wanted.

With the PowerChef grill I simply cut thin strips of cedar and placed them between the rows of top elements so that they are sitting on the bottom row of elements. Then I place the salmon steak directly on the grill/sticks with skin down. The elements are never hot enough to catch the wood on fire but they cause a constant smoke to be emitted. And, because there are several sticks, the smoke penetrates the salmon as it moves upward instead of relying on going 'around' the traditional plank set-up.



- salsom steak

- cedar sticks

- canola oid

- salt

Place several strips of cedar sticks (cut to correct size) on PowerChef grill. Turn on grill to preheat for 8 minutes. Lightly oil salmon steak fillet on both sides and place skin down on grill. Grill without flipping until done (for me, salmon is done when the white 'cream' rising to the top).

I've also used this method to do ribs and chicken. I'm pretty sure you can do it on any food you want to add smoke flavour to.



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