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  1. Vapre

    New Anova Pro

    Yeah it's a mystery why they took such a drastic step backwards w/Nova vs. Precision Cooker in terms of useability.
  2. Vapre

    New Anova Pro

    You're talking about the Nano here, right?
  3. Vapre

    Acorns & Cattails

    Just got a copy yesterday. Beautiful photos, good information. There's a couple things in here I can't wait to try out. Good job, Rob!
  4. Vapre

    Indoor Smoke from FirstBuild

    The Paragon is barely on the FirstBuild site anymore. That is a shame, I really like mine.
  5. You think they're clearing out the plastic ones to make way for the metal ones (KSMMGA)?
  6. This is what happens, Larry, when you [find a stranger in the alps].
  7. I have the exact same one. Got it off eBay for less than $3. Love it. Edit: Here's the original: https://www.suckukstore.com/collections/kitchen/products/key-bottle-opener
  8. I'm currently using mine to keep a batch of chicken stock warm to sip on while I'm fighting my annual sinus infection.
  9. Vapre

    Food Movies: The Topic

    Absolutely this. Gentle. If you need a 'detox' from troubles, this is definitely a good antidote.
  10. Nice! I am hoping they release the max as a 3Q, I already have an 8Q Ultra.
  11. Nice. How about Staghorn Sumac, y'all use that? It's pretty great and nearly identical to what you can get in a middle eastern market.
  12. Do you use the whole berry or just the flesh around the seed? How/what do you do with it?
  13. I'm pretty happy with my FirstBuild Paragon.
  14. So Edward Lee is coming to The Shack on 1/30 and 1/31 but they are already full up on reservations. Bummer!
  15. Too funny, I laughed when I saw that pic. We have them in the lab, too. Edit: Sharps containers, not Nanos.