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  1. Vapre


    how was the texture compared to traditional wheat noodles?
  2. 21 April 2011 pdf version here if you want it. Modernist Cuisine Errata.pdf
  3. Does the CSO need a burn-in period?
  4. Anybody use the Work Sharp Ken Onion edition? It uses belts of various degrees of abrasiveness. I’ve been pretty happy with the results.
  5. Y’all probably heard about this already, but in case you haven’t.
  6. I hope you can get it charging again, hopefully another cable/charger combination helps. Remember that you can check the battery level in the app. See my earlier post: My current Paragon troubles are as follows: On a couple occasions, I have set the probe for 185F in a gallon of milk for the initial heat-up for yogurt. Both times it has hung around 180 while the milk boils furiously. I'm a little befuddled by this. In the past I'd get the unit beeping at 185, correct milk temp, and no boiling/boil-overs. The probe was around 35-40% battery, maybe a recharge will help. If anyone ha
  7. Just got my copy today. I am hoping to get into more complex fermentations and black fruits/veg this year. This, combined with the Noma guide to fermentation (as well as both of Sandor Katz's books) will provide a good starting base. Anyone else get a copy yet?
  8. Eventually, yes. Maybe not for another year or two. Right now it sounds like they're working on 2 Searzalls, one with increased surface area and one that's souped up and should probably only be used outdoors.
  9. Here's to hoping Booker & Dax can produce an affordable one.
  10. The manual looks like Korean/English. OCOO-2700PRM user manual.pdf
  11. Here's one link: https://www.livescience.com/sanitizing-medical-masks-for-reuse-coronavirus.html
  12. Nice, have the original ed., but I can't pass this up.
  13. Just plug it in where the washer/dryer or stove goes* *do not do this
  14. Oh man, I gotta try those. I know the Paragon isn’t perfect, but precision induction is part of the future of cooking.
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