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  1. It’s stickied at the top of the Kitchen Consumer section if this is the one you’re thinking of:
  2. I’ve spent a couple days with it, she’s a very engaging author and the recipes are very practical for a home cook - bagel recipe is for 6 bagels which fit on a quarter sheet which fits in the fridge, for example. There are recipes for bagels, cream cheese, lox, etc.
  3. I’ve enjoyed my Nesco Gardenmaster (FD-1018A) recommended in this wirecutter review: https://www.nytimes.com/wirecutter/reviews/best-food-dehydrator/
  4. I mean, the book lives up to its title.
  5. Tyler’s grape jelly + mayo spread makes my eyeball twitch.
  6. Same, had it for a while and find it very useful for scraping out the last bits from the odd corners of the vitamix carafe.
  7. Some IP models seems to be more prone to ‘burn’ errors - it’s what stopped me from getting a Duo Evo Plus. I liked the flat bottom inner pot (with handles!) but a lot of users said they were getting that error.
  8. CSO. Finally got the spouse to enjoy using it, too. Will be getting the APO or whatever the next gen steam toaster oven is in the coming years.
  9. Campaign succeeded and there’s 6 days left. Grab one if you’re so inclined.
  10. Flip through the index, especially ‘S’ Host's note: this was moved from the Cookbooks 2021 topic.
  11. I agree. But they look real pretty.
  12. Vapre


    Super Bag in the Super Lab.
  13. Yeah, I had it on preorder. It covers some good fundamentals with a few different techniques thrown in. There’s a lot of microwave usage. I listen to his podcast and since the pandemic/cooking at home and for family he’s been using it a lot. He helped develop a line of microwave dishware (Anyday) that looks good and works pretty well. I threw some of my covid stimulus at a set.
  14. I hear you, fellow Low Quality Individual.
  15. I have the V1. I dig it. It works pretty well, I use it primarily for marshmallows for s’mores and for reheating pizza. I am looking forward to the pro due to MAPP use, should burn hotter/faster. Will be selling V1 if the pro delivers.
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