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  1. Flipped through it. I think it’s pretty good, a lot of Indian and Asian fusion going on that I hope to try out. If you need a pasta book, you could do a lot worse.
  2. Picked up the cookbook, haven't looked through it yet, though.
  3. I think the manual paper is some sort of special stain-resistant paper?
  4. My local university had the multivolume set when it first came out, I was one of the first to thumb through it. This is a good distillation. If you like to bake bread, it will be a good addition to your library. I'm more into cooking than baking but I dig the MC crew's work (I also flipped through the first MC and have MCAH).
  5. Yes, they are talking about the Lodge Combo Cooker. yeast - “we use instant yeast exclusively in our recipes and recommend you do, too”
  6. Thanks, I'll have more time to look through it tomorrow. Ask me anything. Edit: at work now, will be more useful tomorrow.
  7. Modernist Bread at Home – Modernist Cuisine Gallery (modernistcuisineshop.com) and my wife emailed them about my birthday being today
  8. Couple caveats - 1. My wife ordered directly from the MC site, and 2. she emailed them to see if it would arrive before my birthday (today), which it did. I was really surprised. I told her they weren't shipping out 'til March. Good on her.
  9. It’s shipping before March, my copy arrived yesterday
  10. I have the Cuisinart Griddler because it has a few different features/options (reversible flat/grill plates, swappable waffle plates [sold separately]). I've been pretty happy with it. It's smaller than a conventional griddle but it doesn't take up a huge amount of space.
  11. The current offer is $1,000 off, I hate to think what it costs.
  12. Dave basically set himself on fire with his 'St. George and the Dragon(?)' art project, yes? Crazy. Still my favorite maniac. I share your canister rant. This should be a thing.
  13. This one will give you big chunks like you're looking for, but like @AlaMoi said, you're gonna want a long piece and good pressure. It is sizeable but will lay flat. I'm pretty happy with mine. Norpro Stainless Steel Potato Grater, 1-Pack, Silver (eG-friendly Amazon.com link)
  14. Just got a used ISI Pint off ebay 2 weeks ago for ~ 20 bucks, if you feel like rolling the dice.
  15. Yes, in a non-culinary sense. I use it in a grow tent attached to a small ceramic heater. It keeps the plants at an even temperature. I'm pretty happy with it. When you are setting the temperature, the range, and other options, don't forget to hold the 'set' button again for about 3 seconds or it defaults back to factory settings. As far as using it in a kettle, it could work I suppose. The range is -50°C~120°C / -58°F~248°F.
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