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  1. You think they're clearing out the plastic ones to make way for the metal ones (KSMMGA)?
  2. This is what happens, Larry, when you [find a stranger in the alps].
  3. I have the exact same one. Got it off eBay for less than $3. Love it. Edit: Here's the original: https://www.suckukstore.com/collections/kitchen/products/key-bottle-opener
  4. I'm currently using mine to keep a batch of chicken stock warm to sip on while I'm fighting my annual sinus infection.
  5. Vapre

    Food Movies: The Topic

    Absolutely this. Gentle. If you need a 'detox' from troubles, this is definitely a good antidote.
  6. Nice! I am hoping they release the max as a 3Q, I already have an 8Q Ultra.
  7. Nice. How about Staghorn Sumac, y'all use that? It's pretty great and nearly identical to what you can get in a middle eastern market.
  8. Do you use the whole berry or just the flesh around the seed? How/what do you do with it?
  9. I'm pretty happy with my FirstBuild Paragon.
  10. So Edward Lee is coming to The Shack on 1/30 and 1/31 but they are already full up on reservations. Bummer!
  11. Too funny, I laughed when I saw that pic. We have them in the lab, too. Edit: Sharps containers, not Nanos.
  12. What's a good everyday sipping bargain bottle these days?
  13. Vapre

    Anova Nano --- New

    I get it, I thought about the Joule. I love the different heating element technology they use but the phone-only connectivity was the dealbreaker for me. If they ever release one with physical controls, that’ll be a different story.
  14. Vapre

    Anova Nano --- New

    Ok I must have a semi-defective unit, then. This is my third (!) nano I have been through for various issus. To give you an idea of the noise, this guy has it too, you will hear it when he fires it up in the video review @blue_dolphin posted from SV Everything*. I love my kickstarter precision cooker, even though I have just about worn out the temp wheel and I had to wrap the base in teflon tape to keep the skirt on. It has been a champ. You have the same in red, right? * here it is again:
  15. I started reading this thread and got super excited about Pikesville, but more recent replies indicate it is no longer a bargain bottle, correct?