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  1. Here's one link: https://www.livescience.com/sanitizing-medical-masks-for-reuse-coronavirus.html
  2. Nice, have the original ed., but I can't pass this up.
  3. Just plug it in where the washer/dryer or stove goes* *do not do this
  4. Oh man, I gotta try those. I know the Paragon isn’t perfect, but precision induction is part of the future of cooking.
  5. I was digging around old PDFs and found the app UI mockup proposal they sent out to backers during the v1 Indiegogo for those of you interested. 1B App_Paragon UX|UI_R4.pdf
  6. My FirstBuild app always opens on the ‘Feed’ screen, but then I tap ‘Products’ and get the Paragon listed w/battery level. See attached screenshots. Edit: you’ll want both the base induction unit and BT probe turned on for this to work.
  7. I pretty much only use it to check the probe battery level.
  8. There's always the Paragon... https://www.rcwilley.com/Appliances/Small-Kitchen-Appliances/Other/111161703/FirstBuild-Paragon-Induction-Cooktop-View
  9. Not a lot out there. Dave Arnold is a good resource. Here's a primer he wrote up: http://www.cookingissues.com/index.html%3Fp=78.html
  10. I'm in C'ville more than Richmond but I will let you know next time I'm over your way.
  11. It's not cheap (nothing by Vitamix is) but I recently got their scraper after tearing up a few spatulas on the blades trying to get the last bits scraped out. It won't get everything but it works pretty well, better than regular spatulas. https://www.vitamix.com/us/en_us/shop/blade-scraper
  12. While we're talking preserved lemons, I have little to no experience with them and want to start. I've read in various places where some folks use just the preserved skin while others use the whole preserved wedge. Pretty much everyone agrees that it's best to rinse it off first due to saltiness. What's everyone's experience with this?
  13. Very nice, and if you have an immersion circulator/bath setup you can put small jars (SV egg bites, custard), etc in the mesh basket for easy in-and-out.
  14. I've had pretty good luck w/the Serious Eats Pork Belly recipe https://www.seriouseats.com/recipes/2013/10/sous-vide-pork-belly-bun-pork-braise-mayonnaise-quick-pickled-cucumbers-recipe.html
  15. Vapre

    Dinner 2019

    Maybe it's the same joke. The physical copy (it's at home, I am not) is 240 pp. and the index references something close to p.665.
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