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  1. I hope you can get it charging again, hopefully another cable/charger combination helps. Remember that you can check the battery level in the app. See my earlier post: My current Paragon troubles are as follows: On a couple occasions, I have set the probe for 185F in a gallon of milk for the initial heat-up for yogurt. Both times it has hung around 180 while the milk boils furiously. I'm a little befuddled by this. In the past I'd get the unit beeping at 185, correct milk temp, and no boiling/boil-overs. The probe was around 35-40% battery, maybe a recharge will help. If anyone has any other ideas or similar troubleshooting experience, let me know.
  2. Just got my copy today. I am hoping to get into more complex fermentations and black fruits/veg this year. This, combined with the Noma guide to fermentation (as well as both of Sandor Katz's books) will provide a good starting base. Anyone else get a copy yet?
  3. Eventually, yes. Maybe not for another year or two. Right now it sounds like they're working on 2 Searzalls, one with increased surface area and one that's souped up and should probably only be used outdoors.
  4. Here's to hoping Booker & Dax can produce an affordable one.
  5. The manual looks like Korean/English. OCOO-2700PRM user manual.pdf
  6. Here's one link: https://www.livescience.com/sanitizing-medical-masks-for-reuse-coronavirus.html
  7. Nice, have the original ed., but I can't pass this up.
  8. Just plug it in where the washer/dryer or stove goes* *do not do this
  9. Oh man, I gotta try those. I know the Paragon isn’t perfect, but precision induction is part of the future of cooking.
  10. I was digging around old PDFs and found the app UI mockup proposal they sent out to backers during the v1 Indiegogo for those of you interested. 1B App_Paragon UX|UI_R4.pdf
  11. My FirstBuild app always opens on the ‘Feed’ screen, but then I tap ‘Products’ and get the Paragon listed w/battery level. See attached screenshots. Edit: you’ll want both the base induction unit and BT probe turned on for this to work.
  12. I pretty much only use it to check the probe battery level.
  13. There's always the Paragon... https://www.rcwilley.com/Appliances/Small-Kitchen-Appliances/Other/111161703/FirstBuild-Paragon-Induction-Cooktop-View
  14. Not a lot out there. Dave Arnold is a good resource. Here's a primer he wrote up: http://www.cookingissues.com/index.html%3Fp=78.html
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