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Square 1682


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Had dinner with friends at Square 1682. We first enjoyed some delicious cocktails at the bar. The decor of the bar area and the restaurant upstairs is somewhat unique and has a cool hip feel if you are into that kind of thing.

We sampled various items from the menu, including:

Lobster Tacos


Grilled Octopus salad


Lemon Scented Hummus




Serrano Ham


along with other goodies not pictured such as oysters, bacalao, and civeche

enjoyed with a 2006 Kistler and a 2004 Ramey Ritchie Vineyard



Entrees of Braised Oxtail and Mofongo


Black Cod w/Porchetta


Amish Organic Chicken w/spicy pasta




Short rib and tuna


enjoyed with a 1975 Mouton Rothschild and a 1982 Cht La Lagune



We also enjoyed desserts including amazing apple fritters and chocolate bread pudding with a 2007 Ben Rye


The overall experience was good - friendly service, good food, though not as stellar as you sometimes find in the city that has spoiled us.

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I've recently been staying in this hotel a lot and I have been ordering room service specifically from the actual restaurant menu rather than the room service menu (with a slight surcharge). I have really enjoyed everything I've tried from there with my favorite being the Cod Wrapped in Porchetta. Also I have had the chicken mentioned above as well as the short rib and tuna.

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I went a couple weeks ago with two friends. Overall we really liked it. Specialty cocktails were nicely prepared and seriously, I must give props for their breadbasket. The selection, especially the flatbread, was delicious.

I loved the grilled octopus small plate, was not so thrilled by the tuna and short rib "large" plate. The hoisin sauce overpowered everything else on the plate to the point it was not that enjoyable. However, the apple fritter dessert is seriously worth saving room for.

One of my friends did 4 small plates and seemed to have the most positive experience overall, so I'll probably stick to small plates on any return visit.



| South Jersey Foodie |

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