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  1. I can't add anything original to these comments, but feel compelled to join the chorus thanking Steven (and Jason) for creating such an amazing space for exchanging knowledge and fostering lasting personal relationships. Along with so many others here, I've made enduring friends through eGullet, and gained an amazing education about food and drink as well. I can credit eG with leading to a few professional opportunities as well. I'm thankful for the contributions of so many people here on this site over the years, but most of all to those that did the heavy lifting to build and maintain it.
  2. With the ubiquity of cell-phone cameras and easily-pocketable point-and-shoots, it seems to me that people are taking pictures of practically everything these days, and posting them immediately to Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, wherever. There's little self-consciousness about flashes, about whether bystanders actually want to be in your shot, especially when it's being posted publicly... I find much of that quite annoying, and that's usually just people taking pictures of each other. As many have already stated, it's more a matter of courtesy and consideration: if you can do it without both
  3. In the flurry of (late-night) posting I somehow left off the Haloumi photo, that was the fried cheese - perhaps we can get a more Zahavified description from Jim or someone... I'm not sure whether some powerful admin can go back and revise earlier posts to integrate all this info, but if not, maybe I'll just make a new post that intersperses photos and descriptions. I'm looking forward to seeing and hearing about the pot-luck on saturday. I'm sorry to have missed that, and brunch on sunday, and general mingling and socializing. I hope all the visitors enjoyed Philly!
  4. It might be a little too late... but we'll see what time it is when we finish up at Zahav. If we can make it, I'd be up for it! They're usually open until midnight-ish on fridays in the summer.
  5. Didn't have the good camera with me last night - but I promise to bring it to Zahav! But I couldn't resist a quick iPhone snapshot during our stop at Capogiro: Yep, that's Ramos Gin Fizz Gelato. I can't say it tastes just like the cocktail, but it was good! I love their bitter chocolate gelato, but I might actually prefer the sorbetto, when they have it. It's a pure, direct chocolate bomb... (Paired here with Cactus Pear... ) So, note to other visitors, get to a Capogiro! There are several: 13th and Sansom 20th and Sansom 3925 Walnut in University City (West Philly) 1625 East Passyunk
  6. Percy makes a good point: if you're in the mood for an upscale meal, Sbraga is a good choice. FWIW, we've also been loving the food at Vernick lately if you just want a non-thematic, just plain great meal! Also of potential interest: Vedge is an excellent vegetable-centered restaurant. It happens to be completley vegan (or "vegenough" as the owners put it) but that's almost secondary, the food is delicious. It might be tough to get a table on short notice, but you can usually find room at the bar, if nothing else. I wish we had all of you here for about two weeks, we could put a better dent
  7. Esquire just called Philly the "Late Night Capitol of the US" which seems odd to me, as much as I enjoy most of the places they listed. I guess I take it for granted that you can get something good to eat at midnight at a LOT of places in town. After 1 am, the pickings are slim... I think it's largely due to our excellent "bars that serve good food"scene. Those places are more often referred to as "gastropubs" but that doesn't seem quite right, in that the majority of places in Philly are less expensive, and less fancy, than that term implies, especially in other cities. In Philly, it's us
  8. I plan to, so we'll give you an update! Ramos Gin Fizzes for everyone!
  9. Oh, right, and Chinatown, which is right out behind the Reading Terminal Market, has more to offer than just Rangoon. Slightly unusual spots include: Dim Sum Garden, featuring Shanhhainese snacks, most importantly Shainghai Juicy Buns, or Xiao Long Bao, what we tend to call "soup dumplings." But all the dumpling-ish things are pretty great, as are most of the noodle dishes. Dim Sum Garden is right behind the RTM, on 10th St, near Arch, in a dismal-looking littel storefront, usually with a bus parked out in front of it. Some former workers from Dim Sum Garden opened Sakura Mandarin at the co
  10. Oh right, and drinks! You can most often find eG folks lurking around Southwark, at 4th and Bainbridge, or the Franklin Mortgage and Investment Company on 18th, between Sansom and Chestnut, or at Village Whiskey at 20th and Sansom. If you're up in Fairmont/Art Museum area, we'd be at Lemon Hill, or if you're a beer geek, Brigid's (especially for Belgians), or maybe London Grill. In Chinatown, there's Hop Sing Laundromat, if you're into the secret speakeasy thing, or The Trestle, if you like to drink cocktails accompanied by Go-Go dancers (no, not strippers, Go-Go dancers!) If you're into bee
  11. I'm bummed that I'll have to be out of town on saturday and sunday, and be working during the day friday, but I'm looking forward to seeing you folks on Friday night for sure, and if anyone is in town thursday night (tonight) and looking for fun, get in touch with Katie, or even just post here, and we'll do our best to entertain you! If you find yourself with time on your own, Holly posted an excellent list of Philly-centric destinations, I wouldn't dare challenge that list - oh wait - I WILL on one point! If you're in Philly doing a Philly food tour, don't spend calories and stomach space o
  12. They're open for lunch and dinner every day except Monday (closed all day) I'm not sure how late they're usually open, but I went by last Sunday mid-evening and there was a "Sold-Out" sign out front, so there may be a finite amount of dough, and on busy days you may need to get there a little earlier than others! I dropped by at about 5pm on a saturday, and they were doing a steady business of eat-in and take-out. I don't think that a classic Neapolitan crust like this survives very well in a box, ideally it should be eaten immediately, but I guess the reality is that many people think of p
  13. $170 USD. So much more reasonable - wonder why they are unavailable - perhaps too popular? I noticed that the SideKic indeed seemed to be chronically unavailable, with no indications of it coming back in stock, so I emailed the company. They replied that they just can't keep them in stock, and that they should be available again soon. And sure enough, after checking a few more times with no change, suddenly they were back in stock, I ordered one, it showed up today, so they do exist in the real world. So it's not as dire as the Amazon language makes it seem, they do appear, then sell out,
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