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KGB & L'Agrume in Paris


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Recently I had dinner at these 2 restaurants and Mets Gusto,touted as the best 2009 bistrot by Pudlo guide .It was an excellent way to see the difference between the good and the lousy.Tells you that guide books are not always reliable

KGB(6th arrondissement).The name stands for kitchen gallerie bis .Its an offshoot of Ze kitchen by its chef W Ledeuil.Its very well done fusion cuisine, the inspiration is modern french with asian influence.The result is delightful such as the appetizers of 4-5 small mouthfuls,followed by wild duck with various cooked vegetables.Count on spending around 50 a la carte.

L'Agrume(5e arrondissement).Small and new in 2010, and one of the best family run restaurants.Mme is the hostess and Mr is the chef,working in an open kitchen.I opted to sit at the counter overseeing the kitchen and conversed with him while he was cooking.Nothing was precooked and it was done in front of you.

I opted with the tasting menu ,consisting of 5 plates.I started with oysters cooked with foie gras,a wonderful combination ,followed by an el dente fish risotto and then by roasted rouget with fenouil to die for.The last dish was brochette de caille with sweet onion and raisins.Deliceous ,despite the fact that i hate onions.

Panacotta of fruits rouges ended this amazing meal.Total cost 35 euros.An unbelievable bargain.

I am sure that in the future it will be very difficult to get a reservation

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