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  1. Anyone been to Woodfire Pizza on Gabriola?
  2. IGA, $4.49 per pound, for whole, head-off, gutted fish. Quality excellent.
  3. Most of the information you are looking for is covered in Michelin's Green Guide to Paris.
  4. Are there any decent Chinese (non dim sum) restaurants in Chinatown?
  5. From April 18, 2010 NYT: JADIS For the last year, the bargain-hungry have traveled several Métro stops (and a long walk) past the Eiffel Tower to the 15th Arrondissement, following fawning reviews for Guillaume Delage’s food at Jadis, a fine deal at 25 euros for lunch and 32 for dinner. What does it say about the state of the world that a friend who dined there last fall reported seeing an American publishing magnate at one table and a Goldman Sachs honcho at another? That the food is that good. Jadis looks unassuming enough, with cafe tables and retro posters. The menu, too, speaks bistro. Mr. Delage, 30, may have cooked with Michel Bras and Pierre Gagnaire, but he wants to reassure people who might not normally venture to a gastronomic restaurant. Once their order comes in, he gets to tweak the classics respectfully. (“We detour things,” he said at the Omnivore Food Festival in Deauville in February.) Hence, a lunchtime appetizer of rich crab mousse found the traditional pink disc quietly updated by its bed of julienned watermelon radish. Next, a bowl of jus-braised leeks and salsify was set in front of me, brown on brown on soft. “Merci, but I ordered the ... ” Just then, a narrow rectangular plate bearing classic, perfectly executed skate — brown butter, lemon, capers, a dash of piment d’Espelette chili — was placed alongside my fork. Deconstruction? Whatever. It worked, on every level. I was delighted with the lightest dessert, a citrus “minestrone” — stained-glass sections of fruit and candied kumquat enriched with tiny peaks of lemony pastry cream and a curving orange-flower marshmallow. As I was paying, Mr. Delage began putting away napkins he’d been folding. Small is beautiful. Jadis, 208, rue de la Croix Nivert; (33-1) 45-57-73-20; www.bistrot-jadis.com. Lunch, 25 euros; dinner, 32 euros.
  6. I'm guessing he thought Mets Gusto was lousy.
  7. Horrors! The second penne from the top is plated differently from all the others.
  8. Worzel, I assume you are going to Victoria, British Columbia's capital city, which is located on Vancouver Island. There may already be another thread for Victoria, but here are a few suggestions: Stage Wine Bar ph: 250-388-4222 Pizzeria Prima Strada ph: 250-590-8595 Zambri's ph: 250-360-1171 Brasserie L'École ph: 250-475-6260 Paprika Bistro ph: 250-592-7424 To the north of Victoria, but well worth the drive: Deep Cove Chalet ph: 250-656-3541 Each of the above has a website if you want more info.
  9. MG is a food fad that seems to have passed by Vancouver.
  10. Surprisingly, the Mariage Frères in Tokyo provide a better experience than the maison mère in Paris; they are cleaner, the quality of the food is higher and the service is better.
  11. I ate at Le Gaigne in February this year and enjoyed a simple meal in a restaurant full of locals. Everything was good, except for the desserts, which were amateurish, but I wouldn't call it cutting edge cooking by any means.
  12. Parkside has morphed into L'Altro Buca, Gastropod is now Maenam and Val d'Isere in Whistler has been closed for years.
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