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  1. Le pre aux clerc in downtown Dijon.Outstanding value for the quality of the food and setting.I had dinner there a few months ago
  2. ITs interesting to note that The new york times in a recent article found Jadis as an excellent value restaurant
  3. Exactly right .Mets Gusto is the one that's pretentious and at best average for what one pays ,specially compared with the other two
  4. Recently I had dinner at these 2 restaurants and Mets Gusto,touted as the best 2009 bistrot by Pudlo guide .It was an excellent way to see the difference between the good and the lousy.Tells you that guide books are not always reliable KGB(6th arrondissement).The name stands for kitchen gallerie bis .Its an offshoot of Ze kitchen by its chef W Ledeuil.Its very well done fusion cuisine, the inspiration is modern french with asian influence.The result is delightful such as the appetizers of 4-5 small mouthfuls,followed by wild duck with various cooked vegetables.Count on spending around 50 a la carte. L'Agrume(5e arrondissement).Small and new in 2010, and one of the best family run restaurants.Mme is the hostess and Mr is the chef,working in an open kitchen.I opted to sit at the counter overseeing the kitchen and conversed with him while he was cooking.Nothing was precooked and it was done in front of you. I opted with the tasting menu ,consisting of 5 plates.I started with oysters cooked with foie gras,a wonderful combination ,followed by an el dente fish risotto and then by roasted rouget with fenouil to die for.The last dish was brochette de caille with sweet onion and raisins.Deliceous ,despite the fact that i hate onions. Panacotta of fruits rouges ended this amazing meal.Total cost 35 euros.An unbelievable bargain. I am sure that in the future it will be very difficult to get a reservation
  5. It's smart to read comments from real people and choose where to eat.I have not been back to le bistral in a while,maybee its time.Actualy ,if you're still in Paris you should not miss L'egrume (5e).What a place,I have been there twice .
  6. THis restaurant is across from the palais des Ducs and faces an open plaza with a fountain.ITs in an 18th century house with widely spaced tables. WE were greeted graciousely and given a nice table by the window. WE chose the 49 euro menu.Within a few min we had a beautifully presented amuse bouche,an iterplay of various flavors and colors.My entree was quenelle de brochet maison.A deliceous local specialty. My main was wild boar with jus au vinaigre and caramelized quince.IT was tender and very tasty.THe wine list had wonderful burgundies that were reasonable.I chose rice pudding for dessert .However it was preceded with predessert,an assortment of various goodies and the whole dinner ended with gourmandises.All through out dinner we were constantly asked whether everything was fine.The treatment was equal to a 2 to 3 star restaurant.Michelin has given 1 star to this restaurant. This was truly an unbeleivable value.I asked Jean pierre Billoux ,the owner chef as to why ho offers such an excellent rapport qualite/prix dinners. He said its local economy,implying that there is strong competition in Dijon.
  7. ITs truly amazing that my experience and PhilD's are so different from Ptipois and Julian's..I respect their opinion.I expected the same response as they had and as i have received in the past in previous 3 stars.Therefore the only explanation is the recent new management.
  8. I think Lameloise treats known customers and house guests much better than 1st timers, for instance: -WE waited about 12 minutes before our order was taken,while they were fussing around others that were seated after us. -The white wine was opened 20 minutes after beeing seated,even though I indicated that we drink white wine ,rather than an apperitif. -The red wine was tasted just before the meat dish -I indicated to the waiter,when the meat plate came that I was waiting for the 2d bottle of wine ,since the 1st one was defective -The 2d wine was highly tannic and closed.I said so .At this stage I wanted to start my meal ,as it was half cold. -My actions were visible and audible to the servers and even to next door diners and I am sure mgt was aware of it or should have been.Therefore in a 3 star restautant one does not make a big fuss of complaining .The maitre D's role is to observe and take action. at the end of the meal mgt came with the usual thank and PR.No questions about how the meal was.It was pointless to complain at that stage. I did not want a digestif on the house -ITs amazing that with an army of servers the above happened.Its indicative that sometehing is wrong.Probably the new management. Incidentally the above experience cost 295 euros for two or $450.
  9. Ken.You have made many assumptions and passed broad judgements.You assumed I was an inexperienced person, probably American.When discussing a restaurant I like to stick to the issues.Any how just for the record ,french is my native language and i discussed with the sommellier what I wanted ,using wine lingo .I am familar with quite a few of the wines on the list and I wanted to see whether Lameloise had any new insights about an up and coming new wine maker.Incidentally the wine was defective and he made me taste it just before food was beeing served
  10. Ken.Thanks for your comments about Lameloise.You seem to have many years experience with them and are quite familiar with their operation. I was looking forward to my dinner and I related my own personal experience ,whioh to be honnest is not acceptable in a 3 star restaurant. For instance ,after describing exactley what I wanted to the young sommelier,he opened the red wine just before my meat dish,so,since it was poor,I rejected it. Then when i was almost fiished eating, The new wine came ,unfortuately ,very tannic and closed.The fact is the sommelier did not know his wines. In terms of the food .IT was definetily heavy ,however it was very well prepared and tasty. Perhaps for some people its OK ,but for someone who eats all the time in FRance .IT WAS HEAVY.However its intersting ,because it shows how people use to eat and how tastes have changed. AS you see perfection does not exist.You're lucky that you enjoy yourself each time you go there .Since they know you ,perhaps you get that special treatment and that makes a differnce.Any how keep on enjoying yourself.
  11. This evening, I just had dinner with my daughter at Lameloise. The service was excellent with all the employees having worked there for many years and the food was traditional Burgundy, it was tasty but way too heavy. I had the two classics, the pomme with escargot to begin and pigeon with truffles as my main dish. I had to walk around the block a few times to begin the digestion process following dinner. I had a long conversation with the new management who informed me that the majority of the clientel is foreign, namely American and today on a Sunday it was 2/3 full. After a long discussion about the wines with the sommelier concerning the wines I was seeking, I was dissapointed with the recommendation and had to send it back, the replacement was not great either. This was my experience today and I don't understand all the high praises that people keep on lavishing on the place. Although, to be fair, this was my daughter's first experience at a three star restaurant. She enjoyed the experience and especially a few of the minor details including her entree which was more creative than my entree (escargot prepared with fresh basil, swiss chard and onions and wrapped in a wide pasta), and the pre-dessert which was an exotic fruit mousse. She also enjoyed the chardonnay that I had chosen to pair with her dishes-crisp and fairly well balanced. For her entry, she enjoyed turbot on a calamari risotto with chanterelle mushrooms, fried onions and a carmelized onion reduction-tasty but also heavy with lots of butter.
  12. Recently I went back to these restaurants.I was curious what effect ,if any a new york times article could have on a small restaurant in Paris. L'epigramme was full,although to be expected on a friday night.The food was excellent with the same emphasis on ingredients and sophisticated cooking.Service was efficient and professional and prices were the same.About 1/3 of the customers were American.I asked the owner about the effect of the article .He said that often the majority of the diners are American and that he was pleased. Le Gaigne.THis was packed on a tuesday night with 2 turn overs for each table.The food was quite bad .Most dishes had very little flavor.IT was one of my worst meal in recent memory.Wine list was good and the service harried.All diners were American . INtersting to note that one kept his standards,while the other is thinking of early retirement
  13. MY experience 6 months back was average and that's the reason why i never reviewed it.Could you elaborate a bit as to why it was terrible.
  14. Fattal,main street paterson could be another option.You have a large menu to choose from
  15. With felice gone ,egullet is losing another excellent source about what's going on in Paris.She had the advantage of beeing a Parisian.Some one who kept up with the everchanging dining scene with her special insights. She was always truthful and helpful.I look forward to her future contributions to egullet Bonne chance Phyllis
  16. I am glad to see that John is still contributing to egullet. Prior to his tenure i used to go to as many new restaurants as I could after doing a lot of research and my satisfaction level was around 60%,but then someone by the name of John Talbot appeared with reviews of most new restaurants.To my surprise my satisfaction level went to 90% after I followed his recommendation.I think that the Paris chapter was lucky to have him.
  17. pierre45


    It is quite common, unfortunately. It is reasonably well known. (There is a previous eG thread, with which these posts should be merged.) It received a favorable two-star review last year in the Times, and it even made the critic's list of the 10 Best New Restaurants of 2008. ← Ironically, it seems like the biggest gripe about Allegretti in many reviews has been from those that questioned the value and found it overpriced. Which makes it quite clear how relative value is... ← ITs good value relative to other similar restaurants in NYC.Its somewhat subjective but one gets a tasty meal around $40 to $60 and a good bottle of wine around $30
  18. pierre45


    The four of us had dinner recently at this restaurant that does not seem to be on anybody's radar.Its a small place with choices from the south of france and Italy.Its good value for NYC with entrees around $30 and appetizers around $15,dessert $10,also a prix fixe menu @$39. I started with the fish soup provencal .It came with rouille and cheese.It tasted quite authentic ,except for the lack of fish. My partner had grilled octopus,which was very good. The mains I tried were a delicious seafood tagatielle and a tasty and tender duck breast with a wine and pepper sauce.The wine list is quite good with many choices in $30 and $40 range.We drank a lively and refereshing Routas Rose,a cote de Provence for $32.The noise level however was quite high.Incidentally is this the case with most NYC restaurants? Overall, this restaurant is good value and I wonder why its not better known.
  19. Sounds interesting.Do you need a car to get there ? any thing else of interest,?
  20. Your describing under bistronomique the trend i outlined earlier.To be honnest it does not matter what a new approach is referred to.Someone comes up with a clever term to coin a phenomena.What counts is the new approach reflective of the change in our society.
  21. The current trend in Paris is informality,modern cuisine and reasonable cost.Modern cuisine could be traditional with a twist or with some creativity, and informality translates to small places with 1 or 2 servers.Wine is from small independent vineyards and also reasonable.So one eats well . For instances even in the 15 arrodissement you have some examples; i,e Afaria,Jadis,Le grand Pan, Le beurre noisette,L'os a moelle, etc ,etc.
  22. The new york times Mark Bittman wrote about Les Papilles,L'Epigramme,L'Itineraires and Le Gaigne in last sunday's edition.He characterized the Paris Bistrot scene as an improvement from the past with "reliable and affordable food ,inventive but not silly and in cozy and small places ".Its interesting to note that for the past year on egullet, we have discussed these restaurants.Some of the thoughts expressed here, support his viewpoints but I believe there were more insights and depth in our discussions. Its interesting to note that Mark Bittman went to bistrots that are family run and how suprised he was about how well orchestrated every thing was.
  23. and then I realized newer members may not know there are compendia on restaurants by arrondissement one can get at by searching.In any case, even though IrishAdventurer's friends may not want places in the 14th any longer, I'd suggest several relatively new and in my mind, very fine places, actually worth a trip: Le Bis de Severo 16, rue des Plantes 14th (Metro: Alesia) T: Open Tuesday to Saturday night A la carte 35-70 € (depending on whether you have the beef) L’Entêtée 4, rue Danville, 14th (Metro: Denfert Rochereau) T: Closed Sundays and Mondays Menu-carte 30 € at both lunch and dinner and a 20 € menu for 3-courses with no choices. La Cantine du Troquet 101, rue de l'Ouest, 14th (Metro: Pernety) No telephone/no reservations Closed Sunday nights and Mondays A la carte from 30-40 € L’Assiette 181, rue du Château, 14th (Metro: Pernety) T: 01 43 22 64 86 Closed Mondays and Tuesdays Lunch menu 25 €, evening menu 50 €, a la carte: 25-40 €. Le Jeu de Quilles 45, rue Boulard, 14th (Metro: Mouton Duvernet) T: Open for lunch only Tuesday-Saturday and dinner Wednesday and Friday A la carte 40-60 € (depending on meat chosen) And our member Julot, loves: Au Bistrot d’a cote 18, rue Lalande in the 14th (Metro: Denfert Rochereau) T: Closed Sundays A la carte 30-40 € ← An excellent list,except for l'assiette,where i had a disapointing dinner recently and i would add a favorite of John's, La Cerisaie,70 blvd E Quintet.Another one is Giufeli,129 rue de chateau.An under appreciated bargain .
  24. Eleven Madison Park. I have eaten there several times. I liked it the 1st time ,since than i found it to be quite uneven.Only the duck dish is consistently good.
  25. I should have known that John knows all about it.
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