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Pierre Herme's olive sables


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So I'm going to make Pierre Herme's sables aux olives noires.

I'm still wrapping my head around the idea of olives in cookies but the pictures look too tempting and the description is too mouthwatering.

The recipe calls for black olives and olive oil. Fruity olive oil and taggiashe olives. The specific type of olive seems more a suggestion than a requirement. The recipe does specifically call for avoiding Greek olives as they are "too dry." I bought Cobram Estate "premiere," extra virgin... deep breath... first cold pressing, 2006 Harvest olive oil. And I bought olives labelled Cerignola and Coquillos.

My question for you is this: Did I come close enough to the ingredients that are required for my recipe? With my limited baking experience this project has enough going against it already without inappropriate ingredients.

Does anyone have any experience with this recipe?

Thanks everyone and Happy Holiday baking.

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The olives should be fine

I actually baked some yesterday - Delightful

I finally got around to posting a picture of the sables aux olives noire that I made. I liked them. They were "sandy" as advertised which was fine and they were buttery and the olives were a nice (mild) salty contrast. Thanks for the advice.


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