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  1. Well, done... too busy in the end to get there.
  2. Oh, that's interesting... A quick look at the website reveals it to be Grady Atkins. The 'Degustation' menu doesn't really excite. Carte looks better though. We may pop along this weekend and let you know.
  3. A change of editor if memory serves...
  4. I can only echo the criticisms to the effect that it is a hackneyed, lazy piece of work. But I did have a beautiful schadenfreude moment with the naff macarons. Delightful.
  5. One can only hope it is the former
  6. JeffR

    Roasting a Chicken

    I can only mirror the earlier admiration for Thomas Keller's "Poulet Roti," Bouchon recipe - faultless.
  7. We ate there last Saturday and were singularly impressed. A kir was served up with incredibly cheesy puff thingys. Sweetbreads and pigs head to start - both excellent. I had more pork as a main - cheek, loin and belly, with spring cabbage and pureed spuds. What I took away from the dish was just how perfect everything was. Not an earth shaking combination but I would give a half my next jobs fee to know exactly how they managed to achieve that crackling. The OH had a rib-eye the likes of which we hadn't tasted since in NY last. The sear on the beef was a tangible texture without the carbon taste that can overpower the flesh. We finished with a very nice panacotta with gooseberry coulis and walnuts and a strusel tart, both of which were as technically correct as they could be. This lot was washed down with a bottle of Chateauneuf and desert wines for about 120 exc service. It was the sort of meal that grows in stature with recollection.
  8. I use a King (1000/6000) combination stone (at about 20 quid a pop from http://www.axminster.co.uk ) for both western and hocho knives - good value, I thought. If you're a bit more descerning (than I) try http://www.fine-tools.com/japwas.htm
  9. JeffR


    Thank you, Dave. We have reserved a table. I'll be sure to write something on our return.
  10. JeffR


    We (OH & I) are planning a a trip to the pyranese for a few weeks this summer. In between the walking it would be lovely to eat well. We'll be in Pau for a day and then on to a little place near Cauterets, in all probability. If anyone has some recommendations I'd be very grateful. I do recall eating at a little place near the square (?) in Pau some years ago that was delightful but am at a loss to recall its name. J
  11. The shy lady that came on to "Help" Fanny Craddock
  12. I have a few recipes from MPW that uses Heinz`s finest. He is also has a leaning towards salad cream!! John Campbell uses tomato ketchup in his spiced lentals recipe (Formulas for Flavour) For what it`s worth.........Chris Horridge, what a cock!!!!!!!!!!! ← And dare I say hypocrite? Unless he's making his own pop rocks, Mr "no lactose, no sugar" has sugar, lactose and corn syrup in his dessert
  13. I have used a (ganache) damming technique with semi-set fruit mixtures with varying success - The ganache provides the shell adhesion and the gel the flavour burst. I like the idea that some of the flavour of the filling should infuse the gerbets but its sometimes a tricky balancing act. And was experimenting using a touch of xanthan with a mint puree recently - better to extract and set IMO - in terms the mararon, that is - though a gel/curd combination seems a good one. [edit] Incidentally' I just received an order of 18 macarons from Herme yesterday (he's started delivering to the UK, at last). They arrived somewhat the worse for wear, but when informed I was offered to sent a box of 24. How lovely! The passion fruit and chocolate were sublime.
  14. Not wishing to demean the involvement of either the contestants or at least one of the judges, it seems to me a vile program, epitomising the awful lack of standards debated in the British media of late. From the outset there seemed in it little that was true. Shame on you BBC
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