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Stew Leonard's


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I was down in CT yesterday getting some dental work, and I asked the technician, "So, what's new around here?" She told me there was a new Stew Leonard's down on Berlin Turnpike and I just about jumped out of my chair in excitement.

I spent about an hour in the store (spending $85, although I didn't really *need* anything). Definitely worth a visit if you're in the area. I'm outside Boston, and while I do have family in the Hartford area, I could see myself making a special trip to the store if I needed fixings for a party. I bought one of those insulated bags at the store to keep my cold stuff cold and even with a couple stops back to Boston, everything stayed nicely chilled.

My husband used to argue with me that we couldn't leave Boston because we have a Whole Foods, a Trader Joe's, and Target, all stores that weren't in the Hartford area, but now are. I need to revisit that battle. :raz:

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