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  1. This is essentially my point as well. Let me be clear, though, as someone who has in the past been in the unfortunate position of having had a business be less successful than I hoped, that I'm not looking for Eric to come on here and bare his soul. It can be a shattering experience, and he has every right to his privacy -- both for legal and emotional reasons. I don't, though, think it's asking too much for him to let us know that the place has closed.
  2. Their website still lists the Verona location as open. What's the deal here? What happened?
  3. Your best bet is to contact the tree services and firewood suppliers in your area. I have a double-barrel 55-gallon drum smoker that I built myself a few years ago, and that's the route I went after spending way too much time trying to search out a source in other ways. Speaking of which, we're having our annual bbq party this year on June 21. Should be about 75 people; the menu will include 15 racks of St. Louis-style ribs, 3 12-15 lb. pork butts and about five chickens. Oh, and a keg. Can't forget the keg... ETA: If you want to do wood through the mail, you can try these guys. It may get expensive though; wood's heavy stuff: Barbecue Wood
  4. Thanks. You'd think that someone in the know might, at the least, be interested in clearing things up. ← Drove over there a couple minutes ago and the place is indeed dark. More ominous is the fact that the hot dog paraphernalia's all been removed from the front windows. Looks as though they're done for good.
  5. Thanks. You'd think that someone in the know might, at the least, be interested in clearing things up.
  6. I've always thought "strange women" were some of my favorite bars' best attractions.
  7. So is it not a sure thing then that it's gone for good?
  8. That's too bad; I liked the place. Condolences, Eric.
  9. Hi all. Looking for advice from those in the know about the best way to barbecue a chicken (or two) -- whether whole or broken down. Brine? Rub? Sauce/no sauce? Temperature? Time? I'll be using a Weber kettle, most likely, and cooking with indirect heat over hardwood coals and hickory chunks, since my smoker will be dedicated to ribs and pulled pork on the day in question. All thoughts and suggestions appreciated.
  10. Short notice here, but work is sending me to San Antonio for one night, tomorrow. I will not have a car, so I'm confined to what I can hit by taxi, but is there a must-go bbq joint in San Antonio I should hit?
  11. I have no comment on your post, but I'm a huge fan of your avatar.
  12. I had one of the most infuriating meals of the last year at Craftsteak; I feel an obligation to point you to my recap of the experience so, if you do go there, you do so with eyes open: JohnnyH on Craftsteak
  13. Don't eat at Craftsteak unless you like paying through the nose for a salt infusion.
  14. Gotta pay the tax man too, unless FN grosses the winnings up (which I seriously doubt). Might as well cut your $10K in half right there, before giving anything to the assistant.
  15. As far as I'm concerned, advertising and editorial are and should always be church and state (or is that state and church?). Readers are owed an honest opinion on the restaurant, as well as an honest reporting of all the news, regardless of its impact on advertisers, and regardless of how much money the subject of a particular story may have spent.
  16. I can't speak for Steven, of course, but I can point to several studies to support his contentions. See this 2007 article in the New York Times. It concerns, among other things, the results of a 1986 study of identical twins separated at birth -- the gold standard for genetic studies (the study was published in the New England Journal of Medicine): Another piece in the Times (this and the preceding column are both by Gina Kolata; article here) talks about Rockefeller University obesity researcher Dr. Jeffrey Friedman: One more from Kolata: ← Point taken, but Steven's quote had to do with diabetes -- "I think the whole diabetes thing is a major hoax," he said. "They are overdiagnosing it." -- not obesity.
  17. I, too, found the article interesting, and I'd like to take a second to congratulate Jason -- his is quite an achievement. FG's claim that diabetes is overdiagnosed seemed defensive. As a former journalist, though, I'm perfectly willing to concede that the comment may have been part of a larger thought/comment of his that the author cherrypicked for exactly that reason. That said, and in the interest of giving Steven the full benefit of the doubt, I wonder if he would mind pointing out what evidence he relies on for his statement.
  18. I don't get this. Why will I ever feel badly about not being able to get into Ko, if I get treated well at Ssam Bar? Is my sense of entitlement as a New Yorker supposed to be so great that I'm supposed to abandon a place if it doesn't do me every single favor it conceivably could, but rather only a lot of them? I think that people who EXPECT special treatment should go fuck themselves. ← word. ← Yep.
  19. I'd prefer a Wegman's, but I suppose that's too much to ask for.
  20. I'm throwing in my vote for Nathan's fries. Totally different style than those mentioned above, but damn are they good.
  21. JohnnyH


    Whoa! A split bird at 450 for 90 minutes? How did you not end up with charcoal? I cook chix this way as well, and they take less than one hour at 375 after searing. Am I missing something?
  22. Just jumping in here for a moment to note that at least some of the people Jackal facetiously listed are, in fact, part of the service staff's tip pool. Carry on.
  23. Thanks to all for the replies and the advice. I can't swing the EdgePro right now, much as I'd like to, but I found a brand-new (in box, sealed) Spyderco Sharpmaker 204 on eBay for $39. Should be here later this week.
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