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  1. The Food Lab: Better Home Cooking Through Science by J. Kenji Lopez-Alt should be arriving sometime in 2013. It has been in the works since 2010, so I'm anxious to see what new material he will offer compared to others who have already tackled the topic of food science.
  2. Just came home and was able to catch the France and New Jersey episodes on my flight (Thanks United!). Does anyone know if there are transcripts I can read somewhere?
  3. bao

    Rachael Ray

    It's funny that you mention Sandra Lee in correlation to the 50's because I have cruised by her show a few times and thought "What's up with the 'Leave It To Beaver' set?" After pausing to see what her niche was I realized, "Oooo... this is the crap I grew up on. Now I see why the set is the way it is." I'll have to take a look at that book. Thanks for the heads up!
  4. bao

    Rachael Ray

    One word: Overexposed Anyone as overexposed as RR, Emeril, & Bobby Flay will get hit from all directions. No one at FN can convince me that saturating the airwaves with any one of these hosts along with cookbooks bombarding any visitor to the local bookstore is gonna wash too well with anyone. Think about it, any Hollywood celebrity who is as overexposed as these wannabes is subjected to the same public scrutiny. Even for those that worship these folks (and I am not one of them), there is a such thing as too much of a good thing. Seems FN doesn't believe in this and it frustrates peopl
  5. Oh my! The first time I saw in teufels küche I thought it was a spoof. I had to see a few before I realized it was a real show. Utterly ridiculous!
  6. A lot of us agree with you there, myself included. It's turned into a giant infomercial.
  7. I would've liked to have seen more of Brook.
  8. Am watching this right now... they just showed AB... his comments on Keller: "When you're cooking at this level, every single plate that goes out could be the end of your career."
  9. [Moderator's note: The next three posts were merged into the main thread on the Kitchen Confidential TV Show.] Did any of you see this? Kitchen Confidential TV series I saw the preview for this series during a commerical break for Hell's Kitchen this evening. It came off cheesy to me.
  10. I honestly don't think the target audience the Food Network has in mind includes me. I would prefer it if they expanded on those with professional skills (no matter how dry they came across) instead of shoving all these drive-thru actors on the air. Yes, I think Hans is the best of the lot, but he probably won't win based on their desires. I suppose that's why they call the contest "The Next Food Network Star" and omitted the words 'cook' and 'chef'.
  11. Bad choice of words on my part. I believe a cooking show should show viewers "how" to cook. For one to have confidence in a candidate to the point of assigning them a leadership position leads one to believe they are superior in their skills and knowledge in that field. The best instructors are those who attended culinary school and know the "correct" way of doing something. A great example of this is the PBS broadcasts of Johnson & Wales. I really enjoy these and feel as though I am a student without the travel, tuition and supply costs. No worries that someone is passing off their
  12. I stumbled across this show last Sunday (6/4) and watched it. I was surprised to find I enjoyed it as much as I did. Now I know all the sad reasons why they push these non-foodies on the tube. Yes, I felt the exact same way... Susannah looks just like Rachel Ray. They made it a point to emphasize they are looking for someone fresh and new... so I was curious why she made it beyond the initial cuts since her twin has so much air time she's in the Emeril/Bobby Flay realm. My favorite is Hans. Unlike what the executives desire for their programming, I want to see someone who knows their stuff
  13. The Associated Press reports Rocco's restaurant to be sold or closed Judge gave investors the go-ahead to get rid of the failing eatery
  14. In regards to our eating habits and our society, I've heard many respected folks tell me we are uncivilized. I agree. Through food preparation and food discussions, I've found most people look for comfort food. They are not interested in trying something new, but rather migrate to something familiar. Something that they know is to their liking no matter what their background might be. How many people do you think order a completely unfamiliar dish on an empty stomach, dislike it and eat it anyway? How about if one has purchased enough ingredients to make a new recipe and it's not to their
  15. bao

    Springform pans

    I use Kaiser springform pans. Never had any troubles and they work effortlessly. Clean up is always a breeze. I highly recommend them! I've never tried the round pans with the loose bottoms... I don't even own one.
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