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  1. Just had one yesterday for dinner. My mother wanted to cook shrimp scampi. Her recipe called for pasta, sauteed shrimp, a dozen cloves of garlic and white wine. She didn't want to use the wine, so she found an alternative. Somewhere on the Internet it said that apple cider vinegar was a good substitute for white wine. After the shrimp were sauteed, she dumped a cup of apple cider vinegar on them -- and that and the garlic made the 'sauce' to pour over the pasta. It was a sad end for those poor innocent shrimp, but on a good note -- I had no problem staying on my diet.
  2. What a wonderful blog. I am awed and inspired by all of the pictures and things available to you. I have always wanted to enjoy a just-caught red mullet and have read that they taste somewhat akin to shrimp. Is that true? Also, my favorite line in this entire blog was, "If I want XXX, then... unless I go to Italy." That tickled me. You do a great job of juggling the love of cooking, shopping economically but tempering that what is nearby to not overly burden yourself since you want to spend quality time with your children. Bravo! And thank you so much for blogging and showing us a glimpse of your world. Now, just to appease the audience, we need a picture of your pretty self driving a convertible around a mountain road with a scarf and sunglasses
  3. What a great mix of cultures you have had the opportunity to experience. Really looking forward to your blog.
  4. PopsicleToze

    Chicken ribs

    Further down in the same blog it explains the origin of the name 'chicken ribs'
  5. PopsicleToze

    Chicken ribs

    This site talked about Korean chicken ribs, and they didn't know why it was called chicken ribs either but said it was the whole chicken cut into pieces. Here is the site with pictures of the dish.
  6. The first time I did it, it was okay and pretty fun, but the next two times (the third being the last), it didn't come out right. I did a lot of internet searching, and the culprit (besides me) seemed to be the temperature the milk was brought up to by the dairy before it is sold. There is a safe spot, but then each dairy seems to bring their milk up beyond that just to be safe, and there is no way to find out that EXACT temperature unless you call and ask the dairies, and then you have to trust them that what they are saying is the truth. The thing that was bad, was that I bought three different brands of milk, and I didn't remember which one I used first, the only one that worked because I did the batches on different days and at first chalked it up to flukes. I'm thinking that the milk you're using was brought up to too high of a temperature to work on your cheese.
  7. Myth might be too strong of a word, because if something has been around good food for centuries, then there is a fact basis behind it. The onions and carrots give it sweetness, and that is important to balance acids, etc. However, that being said, the only one of the three I add to my stocks -- onions. To my taste buds, a stock made without onions is not as good as one made with them. The onion peels add great color, too. Also, I still add peppercorns, bay leaves and thyme. I don't know if that is important elsewhere, but it enhances the flavors of what I cook, and even though I add them later, adding them early on in the stock-making process produces a layering effect that does enhance the flavor of the final dish. Carrots? I may or may not add these, usually not -- but if I have some lying around that need to be used, then okay. Celery? It never hits my stock pot Edited for typo!
  8. I cannot agree. Compare the ingredients: Your own stock: Chicken, onions, celery, carrots, parsley, thyme, peppercorns and water. Minors: Chicken meat and natural chicken juices, salt, chicken fat, monosodium glutamate, sugar, dried whey, hydrolyzed (corn and wheat gluten, soy) protein, natural flavoring, yeast extract, natural extractives of turmeric and annatto. Better Than Bullion: Chicken meat including natural chicken juices, salt, sugar, corn syrup solids, chicken fat, hydrolyzed soy protein, dried whey, flavoring, disodium inosinate and guanylate, turmeric. Tim You shouldn't agree, because you are absolutely correct. No matter how many times people tell us that BTB is as good as homemade, well, that just doesn't make it right.
  9. PopsicleToze

    Celery leaves

    Ditto. They are also very, very good in Bloody Mary's, especially the young tender ones in the very middle of the stalk. Leave the leaves on the top of the inner ribs and use the rib with leaves on top as a drink stirrer. Also, I've read that they are very similar to lovage, which was extremely popular in the times of the Roman Empire.
  10. PopsicleToze

    Dinner! 2011

    Shelby, great food, and I am so glad you were able to taste fresh figs. Were they everything you thought they would be?
  11. PopsicleToze

    Dinner! 2011

    Wow, Paul. That dove looks divine!
  12. Gosh, that looks great, Peter! I especially love the picture of your daughter holding a lobster. Gotta teach them early
  13. It's a lovely thing you are doing and sounds like great plans on what to prepare. One other thought -- you could do one or more batches of homemade cinnamon rolls and put them in the disposable baking pans so that the family can freeze them. They're great to have on hand for weekend mornings when no one wants to get up early and cook. Best wishes fand hope to your friend.
  14. And that might be a tad understated... I'm so heart-broken. Look at my little shriveled up pickles today. I can't imagine how bad they will look in a few weeks. So totally my fault for being ignorant and using the Persians. The only pickles I've ever done were bread and butter pickles and wanted to branch out this year. That might not successfully happen. Does anyone have a tried and true dill pickle recipe they would be willing to share? I was hoping for something with a little bite and crunch to it.
  15. PopsicleToze

    Dinner! 2011

    Good catch I usually buy the Louisiana brand, but the store I stopped at only had this brand, so I got it. Zatarains is good, but I think you're right that Louisiana brand is better.
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