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  1. I wonder if it is too late to comment for your benefit. You didn't give much to go on as far as price range or if you are dining alone. Despite the college presence, the area is basically suburban and dining is generally not of the calibur one can expect if eating more toward LA. I've found most places generally pedestrian, but at least there is some charm in the Claremont 'Village' area, immediately next to the colleges, and there are some independently run restaurants. I have not eaten around there enough to be definative. My relatives there are divided between the adventurous aunts and the
  2. I've also eaten at Versailles on the way to the airport, but I went to the one north of the airport at 10319 Venice Bldv, Culver City. The Cuban garlic chicken is awesome, mostly because of the garlic mojo and all the rice, beans and plaintains on the side. Chicken itself a bit dry, but I'd love to have it again, or to try the pork if it has that amazing sauce. You can buy the sauce at the restaurant, has anyone tried it bottled? http://www.versaillescuban.com/locations.html
  3. La Super Rica is the type of place I would eat at almost everyday if I were in the area. I most often get the grilled pepper 'stuffed' with marinated grilled pork and cheese. This is a fresh fleshy triangular shaped pepper that I am used to calling a poblano pepper. The chilequilas look outrageously good, but I've not yet tried them. Ditto the vegetable tamales. Poblano pepper pic: http://tasteoftx.com/recipes/chiles/poblano.html
  4. I think you choices are good and make much sense for ease and convenience. I'm sure you won't walk away disappointed at Slanted Door or Yank Sing. I eat at both regularly and the proximity to your hotel will make for a relaxed visit (I work right there.) A16 is probably a better choice for lunch than dinner as dinner it is a madhouse. Try the proscuitto and burata appetizer, that burata is amazing!
  5. The grilled sourdough burger is really great when you are starving and want a huge juicy burger. Haven't found anything else than the burgers that I like there, except they occasionally have a decent pulled pork special. I like In-N-Out too, but they don't compare--Taylors is more like real food as opposed to fast food.
  6. I went by around 3:30 on Friday and had to wait in line with 30 people ahead of me. After 10 minutes only one person came out with a box, so I didn't have time to wait any longer.
  7. I am shocked that you were sent to Popolo, but that is the kind of place a bunch a businessmen who didn't care what they ate would be sent. I think it survives for being kinda cheap and you can do work things for someone's birthday or something at lunch for 12 or 15 with no problem, which is how I went. I didn't think anyone would go there for dinner. Too bad as you were only a block or two off of Beldon Place (but it might be difficult to seat your party.) You were also within 1/2 block of Medicine Eatstation, a really exciting new place based on Zen temple foods (of course all modernized) an
  8. I don't consider that a good deal, but perhaps you mean good value and I get that. Thanks for posting about the course deal. A couple other 3 course deals to keep in mind: Cosmopolitan Cafe, 3 courses $25 - only from 5:30 to 6:30 PM M-Sat, closed Sun You get about 3 selections in each catagory. Portions are generous. The romaine salad with warm polenta croutons is terrific, but the fennel citrus with Vella jack is also excellent. They change the dishes up a bit but the salmon is always tasty, had a excellent lamb pot roast once. Insanely delicious butterscotch pudding and one time a trio of c
  9. I work nearby and go fairly often. But not for taco's, there is a taco truck a block from me that has just about as good of tacos and I can get 2 for 2.50. I didn't like the quesadilla mijita at all too rich I only ate half. The best thing is the breakfast. I like the Chilaquiles with an egg over easy on top. Spicy sauce, mild beans the perfect foil and a nice egg. They often have a special of 3 rolled crispy chicken taco's for $7 and they are pretty good. The best thing I ever had was the Tostada Tinga special but I only saw it once and they acted all strange with me when I asked about it. I
  10. Perhaps you didn't read it because it was from 2003 and stale anyway. I quite like the SD and wouldn't hesitate to reccomend it if price is not a concern. I used to eat there when it was a small place in the Mission, alas the prices are so high now but he has also cultivated organic suppliers for these ingredients where less was available before. I notice I do steer clear of certain things that you can get same or better elsewhere like the imperial rolls, unless I am having a noodle bowl from the afternoon tea menu: grilled lemongrass pork over rice noodles with imperial rolls, cucumber and m
  11. The San Luis Obispo/Paso Robles area, off 101, and close to 1, has a glut of reputable wineries. I've stopped in a few some years ago, but don't recall. The venerable Edna Valley won the weekly's BEST OF: Edna Valley's tasting room hits the mark: In our voters' minds, this Edna Valley pioneer makes wines second only to Wild Horse, as it did again this year. But when it comes to the spectacular, panoramic view can you think of another Central Coast tasting room that equals it Edna Valley Vineyard is like an Olympic archer; it hits the bull's eye every time. According to tasting room manager P
  12. Morrone was opening Chef at Aqua and it was his signature fois gras tuna tower as well as was (is?) the very special ahi tartare, which he once told me he can't recreate because it was 'sold' to the restaurant. Mina was his Chef de Cuisine and became exec chef when Morrone left.
  13. This is the Thai place on Market street near the Safeway, same side of Market, 2 long city blocks up (link has pic). Thai House 2000 Market http://www.ktvu.com/restaurants/1894318/detail.html
  14. I have had the ribs and Powells and thought the sauce was very good, the ribs good but fatty. I don't really like those overcooked sides that comes with soul food, so I can't really say about that. Ditto the fried chix, I can't bring myself to order that in a restaurant, so I only eat it when I make it.
  15. I saw Emeril do a Caldo Verde on an old Foodtv show and it turned me into a total convert. Very simple to do. The recipe used to be on the website, but now there are several different ones. I thought I'd post this because the seasoned oil you make at the start is a nice touch. Caldo Verde In a large pot heat: 2-3 Tbsp of good quality olive oil 2 whole cloves of garlic 2 bay leaves, broken in half a good pinch of hot red pepper flakes Let sizzle in the oil a bit and add: 1-1/2 cups chopped onion Stir for a few minutes until tranclucent but not browned. Add: 6 small to medium potatoes, peel
  16. Well you can take the Geary bus ($1.25), that is fine. Geary is ok in the day, if I recall, but most of the tenderloin area north of market gets pretty ugly in the day and I wouldn't ever go in there at night. I'd take the bus or approach it from the Van Ness/Polk street side. I found an address for Pagolac which is mentioned in the Bay Guardian this week by a writer who ate the 7 courses of beef dinner ($13.95 each) there... Pagolac 655 Larkin 11 am-10 pm 776-3234 Also in the same issue a write up on a Turkish place in the immediate area, inexpensive and good, ya might wana check it out.
  17. Can I ask what hotel or the cross street? If you are on the other side of the Tenderloin, you won't want to walk through it to get to Larkin at night for sure. Don't do it
  18. My 2 cents here. I agree that renting a car and driving down to SJ is a huge (and not pleaseant) shlep that will add greatly to your costs, so I'd only do that if you are really on a mission. (That said, I'm making a beeline the next rare occasion that I'm down there). There's a pretty large Vietnamese population here in SF concentrated in the tenderloin. Larkin street is the main drag for restaurants and is on the edge of the tenderloin and not too scuzzy. Larkin street extends West from the SF Civic Center so you can begin or end your restaurant trek with a visit to the new Asian Art Mus
  19. nutcakes

    Roasted Cauliflower

    I roasted rinsed canned chickpeas right in with the cauliflower and onion wedges. 2 nights ago I roasted at 450 for about 35 minutes. They are not dry and crisp like wasabi peas. They are crunchy on the outside and regular inside. First toss all with a little olive oil. Then, I mixed a nice curry with a sweet ground garam masala (Penzy's) and lightly sprinkled the spices, salt, pepper on. Hit with a little lemon juice after it comes out of the oven. Even when we finished dinner, we nibbled on all the remaining chick peas. I'm sure cooked dried beans would be even nicer. Cumin spiced w
  20. Geeze, I finally looked at the dates. Apologies for reviving this tired old thread. Why is it highlighted on the front page?
  21. Apologies to Frye with last few pages (which I finally skipped, it looked like pages were growing with 'chat' as I was reading this). I don't know if there is any point in going back to CF discussion now, but... I have done mystery shopping for CF, so I found Frye's comments interesting. I do believe that SF has a service disconnect that causes long delays and errors. Each section is trained and scripted, yet do not work well together. I took a couple kids once as a treat, and one didn't get served her meal until we asked for the check; no water or drink orders either. It's improved since
  22. nutcakes

    Roasted Cauliflower

    I first tried roasted cauliflower a few years ago in a mixed roast vegetable tray from a Jamie Oliver recipe that looked appealing on a Naked Chef episode. The tray of vegetables sits under a marinated leg of lamb that's roasted on a rack so the juices drip on the veg. The tray roasted vegetable combo did not survive on the website (although the lamb did), but it was composed of potatoes, cauliflower, carrots, onions, garlic and chick peas, maybe even sweet potatoes, iirc. And seasoned with s&p, evoo, and sweet garam masala spices. Delicious. But the cauliflower and chick peas really
  23. Haven't been to Langers in 10 years, don't get to LA much, but what stands out in my mind was the incredible bread they make the sandwich with.
  24. Girl Chow, Hopefully you have got the idea that to eat near the Wharf is generally a bad idea. North Beach is only a mile away, so why don't you do L'Osteria for lunch instead of dinner? They serve all afternoon, so you can stroll around NB before or after. You can get an assortment of small dishes, maybe one of the excellent small pizzas or the sandwiches on their house made focaccia. The small listing of specials are usually great. This is a small unassuming storefront--not really a destination dinner spot. They do a cocktail I like called the Shakerato (campari with orange, shaken wit
  25. I am surprised by the lack of enthusiasm about silpat. I have heard praises from bakers sung for ages, and finally broke down and bought 2 on sale. So far, I am really happy with the results, and am producing the best and most consistent cookies. I'm mostly making a large (4"diam) molasses crinkle cookie and various biscotti. Also have made a type of sugar cookie that you chill and slice. Random others. The baking seems more even, and of course, nothing sticks to it. Plus you don't grease the pan, and your pan is clean in the end. I have never seen them made for putting in cake pans. Y
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