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  1. @heidih Thank you for your reply. I'm very much intrigued about Hawaiian Hurricane popcorn) Never met it before, sounds very special! @TicTac Thank you. My product is only seasonings in the jar. The consumer makes popcorn himself at home, and adds my seasoning on popped popcorn, to flavor to it. About crispy part - there are tons of recipes in Internet for homemade caramel popcorn, but in all of them you need to bake popcorn after covering with caramel in the oven for about 30-40 mins. Otherways popcorn comes chewy, sticky to fingers, and in a shape of one ball. So, it took time to find the recipe, where popcorn after be covered with caramel or something, stays crunchy without being baked in the oven, and I’m satisfied with my 2-mins-1-effort product & method. @Kim Shook Yes, ma'am, correct. I’m thinking to start with eCommerce, as Kickstarter and Amazon.. Entering offline supermarkets requests a powerful contacts and marketing budget, so it's only workable the after concept has been proved with convincing sales. Thanks, SharkTank Thank you for your feedback. It was inspiring, to read you @weinoo Thank you for your reply. Like your idea, it’s bold but efficient, cuz the demonstration part of my product is must. It's not only about taste, there are many nice seasonings on the market... But about the method - solving the problem in 2 mins with minimum efforts. Thank you for a good tip! @blue_dolphin Thank you for your reply. Looks like the perfect way to find first consumers was found
  2. @ElsieD Thank you for your sweet words! Yes, I did try, it works for popcorn made in a pot, and in this case, you don't need an extra step with microwave. The easier - the better! @Okanagancook Thank you for your feedback. I did some research: popcorn manufactures & cinemas use a proportion like 50-86% of the sweetener to the weight of corn before it has been popped. I have no photos, sorry, as it's a very first step.. But I can tell about tastes. As I live in Belgium, and the Belgian chocolate is a subject of our national glory, I like to play with sweets, and my favs are: - Dark chocolate with cayenne, - Classic: caramel with sea salt, - On the way: Pina Colada (rum & cocos) and pinda nuts.
  3. @pastrygirl Thank you for your good points, I'll think about it... Love your idea to increase the ways of using the product. Here, in Belgium, we like sweet toasts, like ones with Nutella or hagelslag ("shit of mouse" - small pieces of chocolate). At least, it may be used with toasts... And I like the idea about pasta… It was a very good point, thank you! @Katie MeadowThank you for your feedback. It's a good point about limited target auditory.. So, I’ve tried to use it in cooking pot - it works, too!
  4. Dear guys, Thank you so much for all your answers, I can't tell you how much they are helpful. Lots of points, I didn't think before! So, I did try to use my seasonings in the cooking pot… and the result was even better, then in the microwave. Also, then you miss an extra step... What an interesting turn!
  5. Hello, folks, thanks for reading. My husband thinks, I should start selling my popcorn seasonings (which I make for my family), it’s a good product. But I'm not sure if it’s interesting to other people... So, what do you think, guys? Our story: We’ve bought an air popper machine, but popcorn came out pretty tasteless. Then, we’ve bought different “popcorn seasoning” mixes... But it always ends with all the seasoning at the bottom of the bowl. Then, we've added butter, oil and so on before seasoning... we got soggy, chewy popcorn. Lot’s of disappointments… When we almost gave up… the magic happened! I figured out the way to make seasonings that: Stick to popcorn, but not sticky to fingers (or T-shirt , Easy to apply, May be pre cooked in bulk and stored… And popcorn appears crunchy, tasty, thoroughly covered with seasoning. Sounds good, yep? Now, when I want to treat myself - I only need 2 mins to turn tasteless popped popcorn to a real treat. The only moment - it request 1 extra effort: after you toss it over popcorn, you need to microwave it for 1 min, and stir after. So, I was wondering, if you like popcorn like myself - would this seasoning be interesting for you to purchase? Are you ready for a little extra work (microwave & stir) in the goal to flavor popcorn, or it feels too much effort? As I have no experience in manufacturing and retail, your answers would help me to make a very important decision - to dive in or not... Thanks in advance for your answers, it means the world to me.
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