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  1. Heavily French influenced American I guess. Check out the menu (on their web site).
  2. Lumiere in West Newton. 1293 Washington Street. 617-244-9199 The Chef (Michael Leviton) is pretty damn incredible. http://www.lumiererestaurant.com/ Highly recommended.
  3. Top 5... 5) Plenty of bar mop towels. 4) Chinoise. 3) Frozen butter. 2) Proper mise. 1) Frozen demi-glace ("secret" ingredient in many a dish).
  4. "The best argument against democracy is five minutes spent with the average voter."
  5. malachi

    Tomato Sandwiches

    Lunch today... Two thick slices of grilled Pugliase rubbed with garlic with EVO brushed on one side, topped with chopped tomatoes from the garden (a mix of snow white, green grape and a red pear of some sort) with fleur de sel, pepper, EVO and some basil chiffonade. heaven...
  6. Perhaps you can clarify what you mean by this.
  7. malachi

    Dinner! 2003

    Spent a big chunk of the day pounding 7 foot steel fenceposts into the ground and it was 110 degrees out. This resulted in a rather simple (and cold) dinner. Spicy Gazpacho garnished with Crab, Avocado, cilantro and finely diced vegetables. quite tasty actually
  8. Oh! Do a Vancouver eGullet event in mid to late August!! I'll be in town and would love to attend. Living where I do I really have no chance to attend such an event normally.
  9. malachi

    Worst Beer Ever Tasted

    Worst Mass Market Beer: Natural Light Worst Microbeer: Dixie White Moose Worst Import: Corona Light Worst "good" Beer: Piraat
  10. I've heard the same thing said of Nebbiolo, and of Sauvignon Blanc, and of Sangiovese, and of Grenache (among others). And yet (somehow) wines like Petrus, and Tignanello, and Guigal's Chateauneuf-du-Pape, and Banfi Brunello di Montalcino, and Pian delle Vigne, and Lafitte, and Cloudy Bay and Scavino Barolo Carobric turn out to be great wines -- even though they're made from "inferior" grapes. And don't even get me started on underappreciated grapes like Corvina or Tempranillo or Carignane. It's mostly just fashion. Merlot is just the new Zinfandel (and I fear that Petit Syrah could become the new Merlot). Does the world not include Spain anymore? Or, for that matter, Australia? How about Italy?
  11. I prefer the comparison between Chardonnay in the US and India Pale Ale in the US. In both cases, the majority of producers seem to be focusing on one of the flavour components and pursuing the "more is better" philosophy. They have, as a result, entirely lost sight of any concept of balance in flavour. None the less, the US population as a whole seem to happily embrace this new style, resulting in ever-more extreme versions and ever-increasing sales. Sigh.
  12. malachi

    Dinner! 2003

    (Continuing my Brazilian/Afro-Cuban theme of late) Mahi-Mahi poached in Spicy Coconut Milk with a sweet corn, chili, avocado and blood orange salsa) White Bean and Chorizo Stew Dirty Rice Grilled Squash Victory Golden Monkey Ale
  13. A "blank slate" is hardly an insult. "Insipid" is an insult. I'll clarify... saying "merlot is bad" is stupid. There are great merlots. Many people have decided they don't like Merlot (as a wine) based on their experiences with the current common style of Merlot wines produced in the US. Thus... "blank slate" as in "without anything written on it" as in "nothing to judge." Merlot is a grape -- it can be made into great wine but currently in the US is (to a large extend) made into crap. Oh - and Andrew Will's Merlots are quite good (though no Angelus).
  14. Merlot, as a grape or as a varietal, is a blank slate. Many American Merlots, however, are best described as insipid, one-dimensional, boring and characterless wines that demonstrate none of the arts of a winemaker.
  15. Roasted beets (perhaps with some nice greens)
  16. That link doesn't seem to work (for me at least). Edit: not shocking as it seems to be to an email on Hotmail?
  17. malachi

    Dinner! 2003

    Brazilian Braised Country Pork Ribs (pork ribs braised in coconut milk, chicken broth, tomato paste, blood orange juice, red onion, carrots, garlic, ginger, kosher salt, chili piquin, habanero, dried shrimp, toasted ground cumin and sherry vinegar) garnished with toasted peanuts, avocado and raisins Rice Black Beans Greens Maredsous 10 (belgian Tripel) and more homemade Scharfenberger truffles for desert (grin)
  18. malachi

    Mr. Taco

    Actually, I believe it was changed as a result of the restaurant being sold and the original owners wishing to retain ownership of the name.
  19. Cheater = smart in many cases.
  20. malachi

    Best places in Napa

    With the obvious exception of French Laundry (on hiatus I believe).
  21. malachi

    Mr. Taco

    Due to legal issues, I believe the name has been changed to "Redrum Burger". edit: I cannot spell.
  22. The easy (cheater) solution is to (as mentioned above) make a bechamel sauce (with roux), then stir in a small amount of tomato paste. Voila.
  23. malachi

    Dinner! 2003

    Pan-fried Spencer Steak with Port wine pan sauce with green peppercorns enriched with demi-glace Corn on the Cob Tempura fried Squash Blossoms (stuffed with herbed ricotta) Homemade Scharfenberger Truffles
  24. malachi

    crema coffee

    How many hundreds of thousands of Americans eat at McDonalds each week? Popularity does not indicate quality.
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