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  1. Any type of jello, fruit and Cool Whip combination qualifies as "jello salad" in White Trash vernacular. For example, lemon jello made with ginger ale, pineapple, bananas and topped with a mixture of Dream Whip and pudding equals "that lemon jello salad" No?
  2. Thank you for the Danger Pudding recipe, but would you please explain the other three items on your fantasy menu? the strawberries im guessing do not have aged balsamico; is that chicken cacciatore made with ketchup and coke? and could the fudge conceivably be "cheese" and chocolate? i have a friend (just to boast) in a band named Velveeta Underground and the fudge might well interest him... kind thanks I am not the original poster, but I can tell you what strawberry pretzel salad is. Crushed pretzels and butter crust lightly baked followed by a layer of cream cheese, sugar and Cool Whip, topped with strawberry jello with frozen (never fresh) sliced strawbarries. Dee-lightful! But no balsamico
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