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  1. Uhhhh...........

    I'm not a Iphone user. Matter of fact I don't have a phone--well I have a land line.

    But-tum....aren't Iphones kinda small? And prone to water and temperature damage?

    And aren't the screens kinda tiny?

    And wouldn't you have to wash and dry your hands every time you wanted to scroll up or down or use any buttons ?

    I'm not really sayin, but I'm just sayin....

    Ummm. You definitely aren't an iPhone user. :) I use my phone and/or iPad in the kitchen all the time. there's a thread around here somewhere about it. Some people use a ziploc for their iPad but I don't usually bother. I just set it on a counter I am not working at. When the side of the fridge was exposed, I hung it there - the cover is magnetic - but now the fridge is enclosed.

    I agree with Kerry. I want to be able to convert to weights.

  2. The school in question is 100% low income, so I doubt any increase in kickbacks is forthcoming to the vendor. All the students qualify for free lunch already. The other school mentioned in the article, Nettelhorst, is worlds away from Little Village. I tried to find the lunch menu for Little Village and couldn't.

    Also, here are the income requiremnents to qualify for free lunch:

    $28,665 for a family of 4

  3. some of the items we've made for the store lately :)

    chocolate cupcake with caramel sauce inside, salted fudge icing, and caramel cage

    oreo snowcap: a request by a customer to turn the "oreo fluff" dessert into something a bit cooler, oreo crust/starbucks liquor mousse, rough chop oreos, white chocolate cream and chocolate covered oreo ontop

    roses nutty cheesecake: an employee wanted this one: chocolate crust with chocolate amaretto cheesecake with a layer of caramelized nuts on the bottom topped with choc glaze with fleur de sel and more caramelized nuts

    lemon semifreddo (courtesy of my hero- david lebovitz- ready for dessert!) but made in square molds and cut into rectangles. components: sponge with lemon soaking syrup, homemade amaretti cookies, and lemon curd lightened with cream...and repeat :)

    xoxo to my eGers....keep up the inspirational work :)

    Yum. I'd love one of those chocolate caramel cupcakes especially!

  4. What's the best airport to fly into?

    I think most of us, if not all, flew into Buffalo. There is an airport shuttle that Erika and I took back to the airport for something like $40 pp.

    excuse me marmish: i do not see your name on the roster :( you better be going!

    and a shout out to steve and betsy...what gives? ;) i better see your names on there too, otherwise i will be extremely disappointed. perhaps steve can do a lil' demo on chocolate sculpture?! he did a WONDERFUL and very graceful piece this last week at a class. amazing.

    Marmish will have a new rug rat around that time so won't be able to attend this year. Steve has other stuff going on - so no Steve and Betsy. Can I hook you up with someone else who might want to share a room this year?

    Yep, it's true. I had every intention of attending, but am pregnant and due in June, so don't think I'll be up for traveling or being on my feet. Will miss you all and have been keeping an eye on the thread. Looking forward to the reports of all the fun I'm missing.

    New location? Do tell. Moving or second location?

  5. Oh, how could we forget the Take 5? Now that is definitely the best commercial peanut butter and chocolate candy bar! Pretzels, caramel, peanuts, peanut butter... Too sweet, but that's par for the course. I actually make an upscale version of that for my chocolate business, with salty caramel and natural peanut butter and dark chocolate. Yum.

    I really like the Take 5. It's surprisingly hard to find. I also used to like the PB Max, which I don't think is made any more.

  6. I bought a self defrosting upright. I do think things get icy. If I were buying one again, I'd get the other one.

    Could you elaborate a little? Does everything get icy, or just ice cream?

    Everything does. It's not horrible as things don't generally stay in my freezer for a really long time, but it's definitely noticeable and more than I would like.

  7. I am with Badianne, I freeze them in quart or gallon Ziploc freezer bags. I bet I have 30 bags of frozen herbs in the freezer right now. They retain their color and flavor, and some of them even their texture (which is creepy). When you thaw sage, it springs back to it's original turgor and totally looks fresh. Weird.

    Cilantro is the only herb that won't freeze that I've found. It just doesn't taste like anything, it loses all it's flavor. I chop leafy herbs (like basil) to the size I use most often. I freeze thyme on the stem and then just crinkle the frozen bag when I want some, the leaves fall right off the stem. Same with rosemary.

    While this method won't give you a fresh basil leaf, it will have most of the flavor of fresh if you use it in a cooked dish. I will use it in a salad dressing, too.

    I've tried freezing herbs in ice cubes with water, but I like the flavor frozen dry in a bag much better. Herbs freeze well in oil, but for the amount of herbs I freeze it's WAY easier (and more space saving) just to chop them and pop them in a bag. Plus I don't want to use that much oil in my cooking always. And I can use frozen herbs in rice without making it all greasy from the oil cube if I freeze them in the bag.

    Call me the bag lady.

    good to know about the sage. sage is the reason i clicked into this thread.

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