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  1. 1 hour ago, teonzo said:

    No problems if you freeze them after cutting.

    Beware that yeasts cells keep dying while in the freezer. This means that proofing times will be longer than usual, and the more time they stay in the freezer the longer the proofing time will be. After about 4-6 weeks you start going in the risk zone.

    So it's better if you prepare a batch worth for 1 month and not more. If you want to be sure add about 10-20% more yeast to your recipe.






    Thanks. I’m going to try this weekend. 

  2. Our weekend routine is to pick up donuts, from either Dunkin (chocolate long johns) or a local shop (fancy donuts). I’d like to make long johns at home but I only need 4 at a time. I’m wondering if I could roll, cut, then freeze some of the dough. I’d thaw overnight in the fridge and fry in the morning. What say you?


    first hit in a google search recipe for reference: https://www.allrecipes.com/recipe/87673/long-johns/



  3. 22 hours ago, paulraphael said:

    Forno Rosso was pretty good! 


    Definitely some well made pies in the Neapolitan tradition. After reheating in the oven they had dried out a bit, as predicted. This made the crust less interesting, but it also made the slices easier to eat (none of us is such a traditionalist that we use a knife and fork). 


    These were definitely the best pizzas I've had in Chicago. In Brooklyn they'd get probably get a B or B-. A bit heavy on the cheese, and the crust, while more flavorful than the usual Chicago cardboard, isn't exceptionally so. My guess is that they retard the fermentation long enough to get some flavor development, but that they don't use a natural starter. I'm finding it hard to go back to commercial yeast pizzas after getting spoiled by places like Robertas. 



    Glad it worked out for you.

  4. On 12/17/2016 at 9:18 PM, Alex said:

    Hi, Marmish. Glad to know you're still around. Thanks for the Forno Rosso recommendation. I'll make it a point to get there next time I'm in town. The Randolph location is just down the street from J.P. Graziano. (Paul, if you go to Graziano's, remember that they do close early (4 or 5 p.m.). Get the Mr. G sub.)

    Thanks Alex! I pop in every once in awhile.  Hope all is well with you.

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  5. When I make s'mores indoors I layer the chocolate on the Graham cracker, top with the marshmallow and broil the whole thing in the toaster oven, then top with the other Graham cracker. And in the last two days I have made the pots de creme and bananas foster. Delicious. Not helping the diet, but, delicious nonetheless. :)

  6. I made the birthday cake. I thought it was really good. DH described the frosting as "elevated grocery store frosting" which is exactly the intent of this cake. It had that American buttercream taste, but a smooth texture and wasn't sickly sweet. I didn't use clear vanilla so I tinted the frosting a bit. My crumb also didn't really "crumb" but that was totally my fault for not following directions.


  7. I thought of making smaller pies. I'll have to root around and see if I have any smaller pie dishes. All the ones I use regularly are the 10" Pyrex kind.

    I do have some largish ramekins that I could use to make individual pies. Last time I used them to make a blueberry crumble without crust. (they were in my eg food blog)

    Maybe a large muffin tin?

  8. I have given Bittman's How to Cook Everything and Dorie's Baking from My Home to Yours. One of my favorite gifts that I have received was a cookbook in a basket with some of the ingredents for the recipes that one would be less likely to have on hand.

    I love this idea. The combo I would want is a Bobby Flay cookbook, along with a basket of all the different dried chilies that he calls for.


    Oh, I like that idea. Can we add more suggestions for combos?

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