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  1. Save strangely they have happened upon Elephant (Marula) Fruit Liquor frome southern Africa recently...a lesser known drink called Amarula that is kick ass over ice! I know, I know, naught to do with a Southern Pig Pickin' but worth noting for the adventurous among you out there. - Weka
  2. "Green Splodge" pretty much describes it, though you might want to back out a bit with the focus. If you do, you will then be able to see "green splodge with blue roof". It's amazing technology, though. I spent an hour with my 15 year old last night, who pretty much won't do anything with me for an hour other than play tennis, looking at cities and landmarks. The Great Wall, The Kremlin, D.C., New York, all of the places in the world that I have lived, Mt Everest, tons of pyramid sites , Mt St Helen's, Danali, Everest. I am just stunned by the technology. I especially like putting in a new destination and "lifting off" (youngest son's term) to go to the next destination. Moscow to Los Angeles in 10 seconds-and the on board meals served are much better than any airline today. Last night they served grilled pork chops and corn with asparagus and watermelon sorbet for dessert. ← Excuse me, but how does one play tennis while looking at cities and landmarks? Pretty shoddy tennis match I should think. *Plimp* "look there's the Eiffel Tower" *Plimp* "There's the Louvre" *Plimp* "There's the very angry Gendarme running towards us with a tennis ball in his mouth!" All right maybe I shouldn't have opened that beer bottle. - Weka
  3. That would be very, very cool. ← Rachel - If that hotel fridge plan fails we might be able to stash it at our house in nearby Cary, North Cackal... - Weka *edited multiple times as my spelling ability has left the house*
  4. Would you like some delicious nutria or alligator meat for that VD business? It can't hurt, I don't think. ← Hmmm...I always wanted to try that large rodent! You bring it I'll eat it. This is one non-vege future vet. Alligator's not bad either - Weka
  5. I'll help out again with the realtime hush puppy production, if you like. - Weka
  6. You barely beat the deadline! That puts us over 100, I believe. There is room for more, y'all. Plenty of room. For the out of town guests or anyone who wants to help cook, we'll be having a "staff meal" at my house Saturday evening. Looks like fried chicken will be the main course. Lots of it! We'll have some biscuits, cucumbers and tomatoes, and whatever else we can rustle up while staying out of Dave's and Brooks' way. We can always use the two old burners in the loft, too. I'm sure Brooks wants some okra and tomatoes. I can do a couple of trays of ultra-simple peach cobbler, if I get some prep help. All in all, I think we'll have a touch of fun. ← I'll bring the okra, unless yours is just great . You should probably try to find a tomato or twenty, as ours have gone to hell. It'll be October before we see any more local ones. I'm bringing a few shrimp, some oysters, and maybe some crabs if they look good. I'm quite sure that we can find something to do with them. ← I have expertise in invertebrate medicine, specifically invertebrate euthanasia. It is a minor field of interest for a very small number of veterinarians. Really not kidding, but more importantly I like eating them all. - Weka *veterinary student*
  7. Hmm, I wonder if the Aug 12th date was a stealth tactic or an honest slip... This veterinary student is getting more and more excited as she catches up on all the posts she's missed and thinking she needs a serious intake of french bread early this coming week to meet the potential bread pudding demand, as well as, a serious number of eggs. Let's hope their isn't a temporary market absence as Debbie raids it for her dev' eggs. Hey all, I'm open to suggestions on variations from the traditional style - what all would folks like in their bread pudding? And please don't say okra! Cheers - Weka
  8. Weka - a diurnal bird from New Zealand...I am actually a dual citizen US and NZ The British ex-pat is my husband, no screen name. - Weka
  9. Working on some recruits from Virginia - really surprised that state is not represented yet. As soon as I get the headcount straight, I'll sign the lot of us up, or at least the first wave. You can add a British ex-pat to the party list too, albeit one currently hanging his hat in Cary, NC. I'd be up for another bread pudding contribution this year as well. No telling what else I might be able to help out with closer to the date, but I need to get a handle on my third year vet school schedule first. Can't wait! Friends, Fun, and FOOD...oh and a drink or two on the side as well :-) Cheers - Weka
  10. Monavano, Guess I was just lucky then :-) I will have to add breakfast at Kuba Kuba to the to do list too. Maybe I can just move in for a day of happy eating. My friends in Richmond had a distinct preference for the Thai Diner location they took me to but mentioned the other as well. Glad you brought that up. - Weka
  11. Brief Adventures in Richmond Culinary Scene The last couple of weeks I have been whizzing in and out of Richmond, (friend says I have made it my virtual train station) using it as my base for other travels. During that time I have had a chance or two to try out some of the local restaurants. My first adventure was Thai Diner. A unique environment squirreled away in an ever so typical strip mall…every table was hand painted by a group of Virginia Commonwealth University students. Bright swirls and whooshes dominate and part of the dining pleasure is rearranging the tables in the room in your mind s multiple of them line up to make bigger canvases, but somehow it never turns out to be the tables adjacent to each other. The theme continues onto the walls and is reflected in the lighting choice as well. The food is good! Make sure you temper your heat decision on your order, as these folks are for real. Medium is respectable in after burn, let alone hot. We had a green papaya salad, medium. Tasty, representative of the dish that we happily noshed while awaiting our shared mains. We split two mains between three, as we were lightweights that night. We sampled both a green and red curry and definitely sided with the latter. I’ve been to many Thai restaurants in my time including ones on the beachside in Thailand and Thai Diner meets mustard. Oh, and if you are keen on the cool drinks, try the iced limeade. I had driven 12 hours that day so avoided the alcohol for fear of head meeting table. However, they have a selection of bottled beers, with Asian ones well represented. Then last night I went to Kuba Kuba. And let me say, I will be returning and going there first choice next time I am in town. We went for dinner. Kuba Kuba has a diner slash specialty grocery store environment. I was already shopping as we ordered the Extremes antipasto platter. Only sadness was that the scallop ceviche was gone (we were late diners arriving not long before the 9:30 close). Raincheck on the ceviche... We substituted fried plantains. Aided by Hatuey and Pacifico brews we dug into a mounded bowl of delights including cheese, roasted garlic, chorizo, the aforementioned plantains, the most wonderful massive green olives chased by their little brothers, kalamatas. Also on board were tomatoes and other salad components, beautifully grilled asparagus and roasted onions. All this was topped by Cuban toast, shaped like a slice of French baguette but a bit softer and sweeter. It reminded me of Hawaiian bread with a crust. The environment is definitely laid back, as in wave at bar and you beer is magically refilled laid back. Mains were three of those night’s specials. First there was a 24 hour slow cooked port shank. We teased its owner about how it was cave man food as the size and protruding bone were impressive. It was some of the softest, subtly flavored pork we had ever tried. Half of it later migrated home with us and will participate in lunch sandwiches today. Second there was a peppered lime mahi mahi. Probably the most mainstream of our three dishes it was a good representative of its kind. The meaty white fish was beautifully encrusted and correctly cooked. It came on and endless bed of flavorful black beans and rice, uniquely spiced with pepper pieces visible. And the piece de resistance was the shrimp plate. The large shrimp (my guess mid-20s count size) arrived beautifully fanned around coconut cakes. Each shrimp lovingly slathered with a yummy mango sauce. Even the shrimp’s ok, mangos I don’t care about person at the table went speechless on sampling one. Finally, we took an order of the Tres Leche cake to go, no one had the ability to eat more at that moment but the cake is not to be missed. Presenting with a meringue topping it called to us but we were able to resist until we arrived home then snagged a taste. Apparently it keeps well in the fridge for days but the meringue hardens a little. All mistakes above are my own. Check both these restaurants out if you are in town. Thai Diner, 8059 W Broad St, Richmond, VA 23294 (804) 270-2699 Kuba Kuba, 1601 Park Ave, Richmond, VA 23220 (804) 355-8817
  12. Thanks for the ideas folks! Cheers - Weka
  13. Dear Richmond familiar folks, I'd like to take some friends out on the town for a unique dining experience in Richmond, VA in early June. These folks are pretty adventurous culinary-wise as am I, so I was wondering if there were any unique restaurants you would recommend in Richmond. We enjoy both good food and drink and appreciate chefs that aren't just reinventing the wheel, yet still produce palatable, solid cuisine. If there is already a good thread on this topic then please point me to it. Otherwise I look forward to any good leads. Cheers - Weka
  14. Yes, great review. Thanks, Varmint! Definitely need to check Fins out... now just need to invent a special occasion...or not. - Weka
  15. Dear Gifted Gourmet, Would love to join in on your idea, but will be in Orlando! I'm hoping to catch the last day of that Epcot Food and Wine fest between sessions of a conference, my real reason for being there. Met Tony twice before, last was in Chicago where I joined a big egullet gang for a memorable dinner and night on the town. Have fun! I'd be up for a foodie roadtrip to Atlanta in the future! - Weka
  16. Well at three pages already - we're well on the way to blowing the doors off the previous 41! Maybe by Valentine's Day? Bets, anyone? Good to see all the familiar names and pics again! Better to see you all in person in Sept!! Richard and I have this inked in the virtual diary and I am happily reading all your wonderful posts rather than studying for a vet pathology exam. Although maybe the chickens, rabbits, and pig shots will help me? Not so much, I think...more likley they'll drive me down to the kitchen to experiment. Anyhow, Dean...since we are locals, albeit living outside the beltway- how could we?!?!? Feel free to call on us to help out as the date approaches as you see fit. Carib goat sounds excellent, specially if it is a slow cooked curried one Not sure I want to compete with the bread pudding line-up again. That tower o' desserts was certainly no desert last time Maybe I can grow some green tomatos in time, though somehow something heavily alcoholic seems more my bent. Also happy to act as a local shuttle service too/from hotels/airport/house, so long as we plan our imbibition appropriately Cheers - Weka (and Richard - although he is yet to know)
  17. Ok, all I can say is YUM! And we will be there, Richard and I that is. Just rearranging schedules now and will be calling in our booking tomorrow. This is such a coincidence as we were planning on going to Enoteca Vin for my birthday and now we will just have to celebrate it a bit earlier in even better style with more cool people! See you all there. - Weka
  18. SML - It shouldn't be, I will give them a ring tomorrow. Also I may bring a friend with me as my husband is a definite no show this time. He is on Las Vegas time supporting a show from here, i.e. no normal dinner for him. That would make us a total of 8 or 9. I doubt we will be done perusing the menu before you arrive - Weka
  19. Ok, eveyone. Booking is made for 7:30 at Towers Restaurant under the name "eGullet" Mapquest has a good line on how to get there... http://www.mapquest.com/maps/map.adp?count...arch=++Search++ You can back out and do driving directions from your point of origin to 144 Morrisville Square Way (Near Morrisville Fire Station) Morrisville, NC 27560 See you on Tuesday evening - Weka
  20. Ok that puts us at 7 with my +1 maybe or arriving late. Does 7:30 work for folks on Tues. the 11th of May? - Weka
  21. Ok it is looking like Tues the 11th then... So far Scottie + 1 Random Alias + 1 Weka (+1 maybe) Others? I will make the reservation later this week and look into the directions, if you like. - Weka
  22. Hi everyone - Here is my report on jellyfish salads and the invertebrate consumption event I went to last night. Thanks to all danjou's tips I had a lot of fun creating two different salads. Amazingly many brave Americans that initially thought the idea of my salads revolting happily consumed them after seeing them laid out. I used the dried and salted jellyfish, so the basic starting point was good. Then I played with the varying sauce ingredients to come up with a spicy dressing with a chili base to it and a sweeter one with a red wine vinegar base. Unfortunately I didn't record proportions, but ingredients in the two sauces included red wine vinegar, chili sauce (hot), chili sauce (sweet), soy sauce, fish sauce and a little sugar water. I actually served the jellyfish shredded with the sauces on top of arugula, for lack of another tasty fresh greens bedding. I surrounded the jellyfish with shredded cucumber and edible flowers. Also each was sprinkled with toasted sesame seeds. Looked great and very tasty! The other dish I brought was green-lipped NZ mussels in a wine and herb sauce. Dishes brought by other folks, some cooked on site were fresh crayfish, scallops in wine sauce with rice, shrimp pasta, seafood spring rolls, blue crab claws, a baked oyster dish, rugula cookies shaped like roaches, bees, and crustacea, another shrimp caserole, conch in a can, and gummy worms. The jellyfish salads certainly took the originality award. Thanks again for everyone's help and the lively discussion on this topic. I certainly had fun! - Weka
  23. Hey everyone - Unfortunately this coming Thurs, the 6th, is out for me as I have a prior obligation. The following Thurs., the 13th would work. However, that would be my last possible night in town. I would prefer another date, any other evening except Tues. the 4th and Thurs. the 6th during would actually work fine. However, since Thurs. works well, I can delay departure to the 14th. Do any other nights Mon, Tues, Wed the 10th, 11th and 12th respectively work better than the 13th for other people? My guess is that trying to fit this into the coming week is too short a notice for folks. Definitely the Towers! - Weka
  24. Oh and welcome to eGullet, danjou! Your first post was great! - Weka
  25. Thanks, danjou. I will be giving this a whirl at an invertebrate dinner I am going to on Friday night. - Weka
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