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  1. My recipe originally called for just the egg yolk and one day I got distracted and put in the whole egg. It turned out better than the first version so now that's what I do. I think the full cup of sour cream would affect the volume too much and you might want to cut that back to 1/2. if you are skeptical, Try it both ways. just be sure to add about 5 minutes cooking time to your recipe. Just for fun, invite people over and have a taste testing party.
  2. I agree with you 100% on all your points. the best New York cheesecake that I had in New York had no crust. Just 100% fantastic, pure cheesecake. I would love to try a crustless version but my pan has an ever-so-slight leak and the crust seals it so it won't get out. I do not care for most unbaked cheesecakes. They make a terrible version here and actually put green jello on the top. I do have an excellent no bake cheesecake recipe that I developed for a friend with dietary problems. If you would like to try it, I can send it to you in a PM. The sour cream topping goes on the cake be
  3. You and quiet 1 are both exactly right. But, unlike hers, neither mine nor this one have the little bowl on the bottom. I had to set it on a saucer which did make it unstable. Either that or put up with the mess. If you notice, it slopes slightly forward and that along with the fact that the ladles that they sell for Chinese restaurants are very heavy bottomed really does make them quite stable, just a mess to use.
  4. No, sorry, not even close. I thought that this would be an easy one.
  5. There really isn't any reason that any cheesecake recipe wouldn't work. I would just be sure to add the flour. And to be sure that whatever recipe you are using isn't too wet. The two references that I give, will give you all the information you need to get started. I do cook my cheesecakes a little longer than they do. Just start out at the minimum time, and if it seems too jiggly in the middle, cook it 5 minutes longer. You aren't going to ruin it. Hope this helps.
  6. Not really. Because of the size of the pan that you will be using, you are limited to the amount the ingredients that you can use. I have found a good ratio is, 16 oz of cream cheese, 1/2 cup of sugar, two eggs, and not more than 1/4 cup of another liquid ingredient (example: cream cheese, ricotta cheese, pumpkin). Also, because the cake does not bake as firmly as it would end in the oven, I always add two tablespoons of flour. This is the recipe that I use: Instant Pot New York Cheesecake Crust 3/4 cup any type of shortbread cookie (crushed) 2 teaspoons sugar
  7. This one will probably be an easy one for some of you. I took a picture of this one in the store because I had one and found it to be completely useless. I gave it to the same friend that got the waffle iron.
  8. Yes, exactly right! Although, why it was in with the knives, I have no idea
  9. It all looks delicious... except for the spring!
  10. The Costa Ricans would do it. A while back, I came across a sale bin here that had ice scrapers for your windshield and furnace grates. There's not one furnace in the whole country.
  11. Well I hope this helps. When I showed him the picture he took me straight to this knife. It's not as curved as yours but it is similar. He said his mother in China had one with a metal handle just like yours and it is a fruit knife. She uses it both to cut up fruit and harvest fruit out of the garden. the young man that works in the shop with him said that his family had a farm that grew something that he could only describe as mustard, and that the children were given the knives with wooden handles to harvest the plants. I have no idea what part of China they are from. Stupid me, I
  12. Okay, you've got my curiosity up, too. I was going to wait until later in the week to go to my Chinese store downtown and get my tea but I'm going to download this picture and go right now and ask my Chinese restaurant supply man if he knows.
  13. It looks to me like something that you would use to harvest herbs in the garden. It also looks like it would be good to use to butterfly steaks or to prepare pockets in pork chops for stuffing, neither of which the Chinese would be apt to do.
  14. My mother had a manual Presto aluminum pressure cooker that blew up with her twice. I can still see the noodles hanging from the ceiling. I was scared to death of pressure cookers until I got an Oster pressure cooker. I didn't really use it all that much, just for beans and broth and soup, and it blew up for me. I was lucky, I was well away from it when it blew but my kitchen didn't fare so well. I was cooking pork soup and I had broth and pork splattered on everything within 12 feet of the cooker. Thinking back, I don't think the lid engaged quite right but I used it anyway. Just a word of wa
  15. I think what this boils down to is the fact that all of us cook differently and have different levels of expertise. Your method of cooking sous-vide yields results that make my mouth water, but I don't have the expertise or the patience to use that method. I'm too much geared to instant gratification. That chicken that I poached would have been delicious baked in the oven but I didn't have the time that day to babysit it for 2 hours and the leftover meat wouldn't have been as moist and good to use in the meals I wanted to make the rest of the week. And my kitchen would have become an oven (it'
  16. It couldn't be easier. Here's a picture of the equipment that I used. The ramekins are 8 oz. They are 3 1/4 inches inside diameter. You're right when you called them egg pucks, at least the first batch. I cooked them 6 minutes and that was too much. They were tasty but a little bit chewy. Haven't tried it but they might even bounce. The second batch I cooked five minutes and they were perfect. For three ramekins, I used three eggs, about two tablespoons of milk and salt and pepper. I sprayed the ramekins and covered the bottom with shredded cheddar cheese. I did beat the eggs until
  17. Here is what I found that the IP does better. Saturday I bought three beautiful big beets at the Farmers Market. I halved them and cooked them in the IP for 20 minutes. They cooked to perfection and I could peel them with a spoon. No mess! I then steamed six eggs to make pickled eggs with the beet juice. Again, perfection. No cracked eggs and they peeled beautifully. I steamed diced carrots and potatoes together for three minutes to use to make an Olivier salad. I've always had to cook them separately before. I poached a whole chicken to have the meat for things I want t
  18. Oh, don't do that, unless you really love your dog. Chop it up in the food processor and make some good roast beef hash. Or you could chop it and make a really good bolognese sauce. How about tacos, burritos or enchiladas.
  19. It would give a new twist to refried beans instead of using bacon fat.
  20. Here's another use for that beef fat. Make roux by cooking it off with an equal amount of flour. Cook it until it is a light amber color, then freeze it in small ice cube trays or in a roll that you can shave the roux off to have instant roux for thickening soups or stews.
  21. I measured my regular cupcake pan and it looks to me like this would be about nine and a half inches wide. My pot is just barely nine inches. I'm looking here for the individual silicone cupcake molds. Those you could put closer together in the pot and there would still be room for the steam to rise around them. kayb, did you cover them with foil when you used them?
  22. I had to go to the internet and look up Lagunitas. Was it by chance this one?
  23. Looks like success and then some. Those potatoes are beautiful.
  24. I would volunteer to have this burger dripping down my chin. It looks wonderful.
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