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  1. Was this dinner officially sanctioned?
  2. The kasha varnishkes recipe from December's (I think) Food & Wine. Ick. Ack. I like a good kasha varnishkes. This wasn't one. It included some sort of faux mushroom gravy – not typical of the dish (as far as I know). My husband hit the nail on the head when he said it tasted “Um...brown”.
  3. I'm planning on starting an oxygen-based colon cleanse on Friday. I was doing some research on colorectal cancer over the weekend; my father-in-law has a form that puts my husband and his siblings at high risk. Came across a site (well, several sites) on colon health. I won't go into detail, but if you could see the pictures of the gunk that builds up in your colon, you'd be as anxious as I am to get it out of there. Word is that there can be up to 20 lbs. of build up. So. I'll report back, if anyone's interested. No photos, though.
  4. Lil House 'o' Colonic Impaction Salmonella Hut Edit: Surströmming & Balut
  5. Kind of a silly question, as it would depend very much on the time of year and what was available in the markets (or in my garden). For example, were you to come to my house on a summer evening, dinner would most likely be some kind of animal flesh, expertly grilled, and an overflowing salad. And dessert would be some sort of tart. In winter, it might be a braise or a roast, and had I the time, a deadly multilayered chocolate something something. There is no simple answer.
  6. I swam competitively when I was a kid (mid 60's – early 70's) and jello from the box was considered a perfectly acceptable energy booster before races. Ate it all the time. My favorite was strawberry-banana.
  7. GG Mora

    100 wedding guests

    When my husband and I got married, we were on a tight budget and had about 100 people we wanted to invite. We rented a big tent and tables and chairs and made three giant pans of paella, stuffed with lovely seafood. Accompanied it with a beautiful green salad and rustic country bread. Good local microbrew on tap or sangira to drink. For appetizers, we laid a spread of cold / room temp. tapas. I made my own wedding cake. We spent less than $1000.00.
  8. These simple vegetable peelers from Kuhn-Rikon. Their size, weight and configuration are all perfect, and at $3.50 ea. they're practically disposable. I keep a supply on hand so that I can give one to every visitor who tries and falls in love with them. And lots of them do.
  9. Somehow I'd like to see chefg and Adria and Blumenthal and Dufresne and Keller hook up with this guy for some seriously innovative serveware.
  10. That would be my rec, too. Real aged gouda – not the stuff that gets cut off a tube in neat rounds – is something to behold. Golden, tart and caramelly. Mmmm. (And not at all stinky, so you can eat it unabashedly in public!)
  11. GG Mora


    Seafood "stew" with fennel, saffron and white wine (clams, mussels, sturdy white fish). Also, fennel pollen rubbed on roasting chicken, and a recent discovery – tossed with cauliflower for roasting.
  12. Yeah, that Buddha whatsis-guy.
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