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  1. Shun Lee's in Chinatown. He was then the Mayor of Chinatown and boy was the food good. We came all the way from brooklyn to eat there! Beverlyq
  2. Just got to Malees in Scottsdale today. Thank you Esther, the food was marvelous. A friend of mine flew in from the East yesterday and I took her there. She too thought the food was just great. We ate outside and it was so pleasant. Thanks again for the advice. Bev
  3. Went to Schreiner's on Friday. Loved the great selection and the shop. I thought I had a good selection in Reading but this was superior! Esther have also gone to 99 Ranch and House of Rice and loved both of them.
  4. Forgot to mention a very good Thai meal we had today. Thai Lahna37th and Indian School. Really great food and very reasonable Beverly
  5. How nice to have all this activity. How about a good Italian grocery. I am looking for good homemade sausages. Hello to all. Beverly
  6. My husband and I started out today to find the Korean restaurant you mentioned. We really have no experience with Korean food, but thought it would be fun to try. We also wanted to get some coffee for my husband at the Asian grocery. We went down Camelback and it got sooo crowded, I got disgusted and thought this is worse than New York traffic. Is it like this every day???? We got out of the traffic and went home. Found out later the traffic was because the Prisident was in town!!!! So I guess we will try it again. Love your suggestions Esther. beverly
  7. Your choice of food and places fits my eating habits EXACTLY! As long as we are the only two people from Phoenix online let's continue. We did go to Pho Bang two weeks ago and liked it very much. There is also (i'm sure you know) just a marvelous Asian grocery there, the likes of which I've never seen. Another place we like is very near where we live, its called The Grande Orange. It makes me think I am in New York (where by the way) my husband and I were born. Have you been there??? It's fun to sit outside, read the New York Times and eat breakfast or lunch. Haven't been to the Postino Cafe, in the same area , yet, but understand that is an interesting place. Have found Trader Joe's and love shopping there. All in I am quite excited by Phoenix.
  8. Esther, thank you so much for your informative reply. I have noticed that there is very little action on the Arizona "front". My own experience in the short time I have been here has been very good. It is fun, to me and to my husband to have so many new places to try. Reading Pa was a wonderful place to live and raise a family, but very short on "many" restaurants. Had one of my children visiting from San Francisco and he loved the few places I took him. Where are you from??
  9. My husband and I just moved from Reading Pennsylvania to Phoenix. We live right off of Camelback. We like to eat out often, love Asian foods, Italian. Any help would be appreciated. Beverly
  10. beverlyq


    Here is a recipe always called Bread and Butter pickles in my family for many, many years. 1 gallon sliced cucumbers (I use Kirby) and cut them with my Cuisinart slicer. 2 onions sliced thin, 4 cups of vinegar, 1/4 to 1/2 cup salt, 4 cups sugar, 1 1/2 tsp turmeric, 1 1/2 tsp mustard seed. Simply stir brine and pour over cucumbers (don't boil) I put them in clean pint bottles and keep, in the refrigerator. You can also just put them in a gallon jug with a light closure. Pretty easy and very good. I keep them in refrigerator a long time beverlyq
  11. Thank you Torakris, I did not know you could freeze it. Beverly
  12. Made sticky rice tonight, is it possible to save leftovers??? If, yes, how would you do it??
  13. Nervously I send my first post. My husband and I were in Hong Kong the week, Red China opened up the borders for the first time. We were fortunate enough to be the second American group allowed into Canton. We were thrilled to go there at that time. Loving Asian food and traveling extensively we were not excited by the food we received. We felt that, at that time (the 70's) the caliber of the procuce and meat left a lot to be desired. I do think there are many changes since that time. I, for one would like to hear what it is like today. Beverly
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