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  1. Perfect Corn Tortillas

    I've been making basic corn tortillas with masa, water, and salt. I give them a little kneading after the dough is formed. I double press them on the tortilla press and through them on the flattop grill. Sometimes they puff, sometimes they don't. Is this puff necessary to the texture? I've noticed a slight difference. What can I do about the grill temperature, water content, etc to make sure they come out perfect? Thanks!
  2. Stuffed Poblano Pepper

    I also used a few poblano peppers from a local farmer that were amazing! Now all I'm getting are waxy, tasteless peppers from Sysco and the breading isn't staying on them either. We are probably pulling the dish until it's fixed...or until next season.
  3. Stuffed Poblano Pepper

    Thank you everyone for your feedback! Obviously I'm not making traditional Chili Rellenos, just trying to make a decent dish with some great flavors! It tastes great, but the plating I cannot take to the next level for some reason. Any suggestions on plating? It tastes delicious covered in fundito but the presentation stinks!

    I've made a small batch of a red wine sangria reduction and it came out beautiful! Tart, fragrant, and sweet! I'm using it on our pork Carnitas tacos. However, I have two issues. 1) The reduction is thick until it hits the hot pork Carnitas. It runs all over the tortilla and plate. I'm scared to reduce it down more because I love the flavor as is. Could I maybe reduce it with more red wine? How do I keep it thick and beautiful? 2) Making a larger batch for the restaurant proves to be a little time consuming and expensive. So far, two gallons of sangria has reduced down to 1 quart of sauce. This isn't really a problem, but are there any cheats to yield more on a sauce like this?
  5. I am having trouble getting my poblano to keep its shape. I have charred the outside over a flame, then breaded with Panko and deep fried. I then cut open one side and stuff with the filling, cover with fundito and toast the top. It tastes amazing but looks terrible on the plate. Help!
  6. Chorizo Burger Temp

    Yeah that's what I was thinking. I'll play around with it. Thank you.
  7. Chorizo Burger Temp

    Thinking about putting a chorizo burger on the menu. It would most likely be a 50/50 blend of chorizo and ground chuck. I'm thinking this means I can't do a mid rare burger? Anyone have any experience with this?
  8. Mississippi Delta Tamales

    What is the best way to execute tamales as an appetizer in a restaurant? I'm looking at 7-10 minute ticket time. I can only think of pre-steaming the tamales and steaming or simmering in sauce to order. Does anyone have any experience with these in the professional kitchen?
  9. Yes I thought of the powdered milk but didn't think about blending the solids. Thank you so much! I will try this!
  10. I've developed a very tasty vinaigrette with tequila and brown butter, but since my fat source is solid at room temp, the vinaigrette will also solidify. I know I can replace half with oil, but my question is how to maximize the brown butter flavor if I go that route. Thanks!
  11. I am consulting on a menu with a friend for a new concept, and even though I have made ceviche a few times with friends, I'm trying to figure out the best way to execute this dish to order. I have not decided yet on shrimp or fish, but I don't want it to be raw, or over-marinated and mushy. Any advice? Main flavors will be lime, jalapeno, cilantro.
  12. Drying Leaves to season food

    Last year I dried a good bit of cayenne peppers and I found the dried leaves to be extremely fragrant, so I put them in a spice grinder and have been using them as a seasoning. It adds a very unique flavor! Now I am drying honeysuckle leaves, wood sorrel, wild lavender, and dandelion greens. I can't wait to see how they turn out. Has anyone else used dried leaves to add flavor to food? I get so bored with our normal dried herbs!