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  1. That is pure genius!! Do you mind giving a ballpark on the cost to build it?
  2. That's why I have a feeling I'll never got to the enrobing production stage. No room for the equipment and no up front cash for it.
  3. Just watched it! Brilliant. I tried scrunching up my neoprene gloves and dabbing with them, one time, and it totally fooled a wholesale client. They were convinced that the truffle i used it on took too long to be practical for production limitations. It was one of the easiest I did, and hadn't returned to it because it felt lazy. 🀣
  4. I started using a dehydrator, after folks here mentioned using them. My only beef is that it is so huge. I keep the colors melted at about 105F, which seems to put them in the proper temp, once I remove them and stir them up. Been keeping them in little souffle cups, so I can have a small, flexible pouring container, if I need to use them for airbrushing. But I have two beefs with it - the sheer counter space it takes up. My kitchen is tiny, and it peeves me that this is a big blocky item sitting there. Will be figuring out how to move it to a shelf near an outlet. The cord is ridiculously short on it. But also, it has a timer that means it turns off after a max of 19 hours. So, I'm having to learn how to schedule the painting properly.
  5. I really like the more "impressionistic" look of those. Your color choice is beautiful, too.
  6. How can that be possible? He didn't start as a chocolatier? No wonder his designs are insanely complex!
  7. Right. I saw that. Just wondering if this wasn't a variation on the color magic they'd done earlier this week.
  8. I watched it! But I'm trying to figure out how the baking soda and vinegar don't screw up the cocoa butter colors and finish.
  9. I'm 5.5 hours out from St. Louis, and definitely want to attend next year! Will probably drive, so can help possibly bringing things? I'm pretty new to chocolate, but might have stuff you need. Happy to help if I can.
  10. πŸ˜– Oh for dumb! That's such a newbie forum mistake! So, so sorry!! Of course, that would mean, according to the fundy churches I grew up in, you'd actually be allowed to be the preacher of your new religion. ☺️
  11. πŸ˜…πŸ€£ That's what I think Ms. Weiser must have in her factory, every time she posts pictures on instagram
  12. I was thinking that, too. I can imagine doing this "for production" if you have a team of employees to help. In my brain, everyone has their own tool to apply a blob of color, and everyone has their own color assigned. And they do it in an assembly line fashion.
  13. i've managed to strip off a lot of excess and dip it in plain cocoa butter first, let it set and then go forth without fuzzies. But yeah - they are an issue. πŸ˜…
  14. Ugh. Good point. He has to have figured out something completely original, in terms of application
  15. My brain has been obsessing over this since they posted the pic! I'm wondering if the did tiny drops of different colors and then let them flow into a marbled pattern. The look is mesmerizing!
  16. Good to know! Nearest one is 30 minutes, but there's always more reasons to go there and that's a REALLY good deal on nuts.
  17. Thank you for such a brilliant explanation of all of that! I learned so much today πŸ˜„
  18. Well, that option's out. They don't seem to ship to North America at all. Sigh. Back to the California company to check on that option.
  19. But of course. Our family is full of food allergies, so this was something the Health dept. did not have to teach me about. πŸ˜‰
  20. Thank you all! Hazelnuts - of course! I think I'll need to start buying them in bulk, to see if I can get a better price than my local shops. We have a kind of world famous Italian deli in Kenosha, called "Tenutas." It's been here forever and usually, I can find those sorts of European specialties here, but no Pistachio paste was to be found. Did find a Turkish Etsy seller that has an 82% pistachio paste, that only has some beet sugar added. People really use the term "paste" loosely. Glad to know I wasn't the only one confused by the unexplained, generic "giandjua", Jim! 😜 Thank you all for clarifying the nature the generic "praline." Kerry - I scoured the book, glossary and then just page by page... he just drops this stuff into recipes. Lol! And he really loves his sorbitol! 😳
  21. Pistachio paste (and connected loosely, gianduja) Been studying through the giant book that is "Fine Chocolates Gold". It alternates between taking up a third of our dining room table and being a massive paper weight. 🀣 I'm trying to put together a plan for our fall/winter flavors and really want to work in more nuts and gianduja flavors. One of my customers wants more pistachio and another wants more hazelnut. First question: on Page 280, he has a recipe for "Pistachio Gianduja", which I thought meant making just straight gianduja with pistachios. But he puts in 4x the almonds as pistachios and then has you put in Pistachio Paste. What the what??? I thought that gianduja was what happens when you take nuts (turned into nut butter, essentially) and then added a certain percentage of chocolate to it (depending on the consistency you want). Then I researched pistachio paste. Does he mean the stuff from Italy or Turkey that has added milks and sugars or something else? Since he's a European chef, I'm assuming the first option... is that correct? Then... he keeps having the ingredient "gianduja" in recipes, but doesn't specify which nut they are made from. He does the same with "praline" as an ingredient. If he says that, is there an assumed nut as the base sort of gianduja? When he says "x" amount of praline as an ingredient, does he mean caramelized sugar that has been blitzed in the food processor, so as to bring it to powder form? Sorry - this sort of turned into a request for a mini class. 😏
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