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  1. I've had decent results with Costco's vanilla, but my favorite for the company is stuff that a friend brings back from Mexico when she travels there. Mind you, last year's horror show of a crop meant that the beans were terribly small and hard, compared to the ones she's bought me the year before. But their extract is worth every penny and she gets a decent deal by buying me big bottles that last forever.  😕 Not sure that will help you tho. 


  2. 1 hour ago, david.upchurch said:

    VistaGardens,  I appreciate hearing experience with Pur. thanks!


    I am looking into Chef Rubber Naturals and the Quebec-made product offered by ChocoaltChocolat.

    Hello again.

    Just wanted to give you a heads up about Chef Rubber's all natural line. I received an email from the guy that heads up that line for them. Apparently, they have a massive overhaul happening to it, and are just waiting on various test results to come back from the food safety labs. You might want to check with them on the timeline for that, before making any major investment in the current line.

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  3. Just now, curls said:

    It would be great if we could get demos from Rick Jordan and/or Nathaniel Reid. I would also be interested in behind the scenes tours of the local chocolate shops. Don't know if anyone else is interested but I would appreciate a demo/hands on workshop about sugarwork.

    I second both of those ideas!  I'm having trouble visualizing my "next" phase of business, and if there are any artisan scale sized shops to see "behind the scenes" that would be fantastic


  4. 10 hours ago, jrshaul said:

    For the plebes in the audience, what should I know to get up to speed for this?


    Thanks for speaking up for us. ☺️


    I've never been to one of these and am a mostly one-person operation, so my preferences for classes are probably not close to the "norm" for attendees. I would love a workshop on recipe development and/or chemistry of various ingredients, particularly when trying to avoid artificial ingredients. Or chemistry/recipe development for vegan confections? 

    Other than that, I'm just looking forward to meeting other folks in the industry. As a lifetime introvert with major anxiety issues, networking is just not in my toolbox... it would be nice to have a structured event to work on that. 😏

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  5. 4 hours ago, Gwbyls said:

    I was at their manufacturing store last week and while I did not pick up any of the beer pieces ( now I wish I had), I think I remember being told the tops were made with fondant. 

    O.K., the picture we've got doesn't accurately represent the caps on the "bottles" now. They are solid and sit fully on top of it. And, they are all white or dark chocolate. Looks like they are delicately attached with a bit of chocolate. 


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  6. 11 minutes ago, Gwbyls said:

    I was at their manufacturing store last week and while I did not pick up any of the beer pieces ( now I wish I had), I think I remember being told the tops were made with fondant. 

    Brilliant! I have a friend that was just in Portland over the weekend. She's bringing some back for me to analyze. 😎

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  7. 3 hours ago, shain said:

    Kaffir lime + cinnamon 

    Kaffir lime + ginger + cardamon/cinnamon 

     This was sort of the direction I was trying to work out. Since these leaves are used in a lot of S.E. Asian savory dishes, I was trying to come up with a pairing that honored that. But, at the same time, I have to work with the customer taste buds that we have in Wisconsin, so when I go a bit too crazy, they rebel and won't make the leap. 

    Kafir lime + rum + mace/nutmeg 

    Lime pate + white chocolate, maybe + mint 
    This is lovely, too!

    Lime pate + ginger + orange zest 

    Lime pate + ginger + whiskey 



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  8. If this is the wrong sort of thread to start, and this should go in an existing one, please someone - feel free to move it to a proper placement. ☺️


    I've got myself in a bit of a conundrum. Made this absolutely love Kaffir lime infused dark chocolate ganache and was pairing it with a lime pate d'fruit & coconut, for summer truffles. But since I made it late in the season, I have loads of the fruit jelly and dark chocolate ganache left, but we're going into Fall and Winter (think Holiday) flavors, so I want to use it to make something lovely, but not sure what to do with it. I adore the sort of smell and flavor that the Kaffir leaves brought to the ganache... but not sure if it would be appropriate to pair it with a key lime pie sort of white chocolate ganache, which would allow me to utilize some of the lime p.d.f.. Also wondering if that would be too summery for a winter holidays flavor.

    Looking for flavor pairing inspirations (and recipes if you feel like sharing), 'cause my creative brain is just grinding to a halt on this one. If it will help, here's my flavor line-up, so far, for the colder months:

    a two layered peppermint truffle
    Blood Orange Caramel & dark Chocolate layered
    Cranberry Walnut

    Pistachio Anise (maybe with a honey & Fig layer)
    Dark Amaretto & Tart Cherries (a menu constant)
    Midnight Caramel (liquid dark caramel inside 70% dark shell -also a standard flavor)
    Mayan Spiced Drinking Chocolate Truffle (standard menu)
    Chocolate Chai
    Gingered Pumpkin Pecan
    Espresso (standard menu - may add hazelnut for the holidays)

    Thanks for any brainstorming help you'd like to do with me! 


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  9. 1 hour ago, Madsandersen said:

    Now I tried the white in the back, and it is wonderful! My new concern is that when I spray my molds with the colored cocoa butter, it will not be smooth. The appearance is spotted, how can I avoid that? It is alright that the colors I apply like yellow, red and green is spotted, but when I have to coat the colors with white, the white is also spotted, and the problem is that when I fill with chocolate the white cocoa butter forms a pattern with the chocolate, which is undesired! Do you understand my question? :) 

    Thanks! (I know that they look poisonous! I was just playing around with the colors 😂)




    Being rather new to the airbrushing world, myself, I still get impatient and end up getting too close to the blasted mold and get that splattered coverage. I like the swirl effect you got on the far right one, middle row! Might try to come up with that sort of look for my peppermint ones, this winter. Your colors are really popping now!


  10. 10 hours ago, gfron1 said:

    What if...they fill the cap and as it firms up but is still wet, set it on the mold which would make it adhere and then easier to remove the cap from the chocolate.

    I think that would work... but then do they cut out a custom transfer sheet, to lay in each cap, to get the logo of each beer?

  11. 11 hours ago, pastrygirl said:


    Hmm, those are nice!  I recently found out about blister transfers - a single use cavity with a design already silk-screened in CB.  I'm thinking the caps must be a custom blister with the various beer logos in the cavities. 





    after a little more searching, looks like these folks could make custom printed bottle cap blisters: https://www.pcb-creation.com/?lang=en


    something like this for the bottle neck:  http://www.chocolat-chocolat.com/home/chocolate-molds/chocolate-molds-chocolate-world/cw1001-to-cw1900/p16408072.html

    or this, same but a little larger http://www.chocolat-chocolat.com/home/chocolate-molds/chocolate-molds-chocolate-world/cw2000-to-cw2400/p16408279.html


    Thanks for those links! I knew about getting individual squares, but not that style!

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  12. 52 minutes ago, Madsandersen said:

    The colors are somehow "solid" (not translucent), maybe my colors are translucent?

    They may be using colors that already have some white mixed in, to get it to be more opaque, but I'd also assume a fine layer of white sprayed behind. I've been able to use a platinum dusting powder behind my more translucent colors, to get them to show up more "true". 


  13. 19 minutes ago, gfron1 said:

    I wonder if they made a mold of the bottle cap or just used a bottle cap

    I was wondering about that. It would seem to be terribly time consuming if you have to do it one at a time. Tho, since they aren't particularly thin, they might have a silicone mold that does it, with the blister transfers that PastryGirl mentioned above.


  14. Alright, this may have been asked somewhere on this forum, but does anyone know what mold Moonstruck uses to make these chocolates? 

    Image result for what mold does Moonstruck use to make their ale chocolates

    My guess is they use two different molds, but not sure. Living in Wisconsin, I'm surrounded by amazing local craft breweries and would LOVE to showcase some of them with something like this.


  15. 6 minutes ago, vtoselli said:

    Doesn't compare to Dubovik, but im pretty happy with my first attempt.



    I LOVE THOSE!! The dark patterns made me thing of tiger stripes, which just isn't my thing.... but the white ones look like hoarfrost on branches - which is one of my favorite things in the world. These are beautiful!


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  16. 22 minutes ago, Kerry Beal said:

    Here’s the jumping off point Click

    WOW, Kerry, you seem to have cracked it! I knew the pattern looked so familiar but couldn't figure out why. I have a weird memory of that sort of thing happening when cleaning glass panes in windows and putting them together before they were fully dry. 

    Can't wait to see what your work looks like when done!

    btw - I think the top picture you shared looks like a little mushroom cap. 😄



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