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  1. 1 minute ago, Kerry Beal said:

    I've had samples from Sensient before - the natural colours were in the very early stages of development way back then and didn't last long. I suspect they may have improved over the years. 

    I'll be curious to see how these fare. They are the blue I used in my last Instagram post and I stocked them over at one of the local candy counters that carries my stuff... their lights are brutal on colors, so it will be a good test. 


  2. 2 minutes ago, Kerry Beal said:

    Some Peruvian cocoa butter seems to be claiming a melting point of 33º C - which is about a degree lower than others - so perhaps that might be a factor. I know that Brazilian cocoa butter has a significantly lower melting point than others.


    Kerry, do you have one that you prefer?


  3. 4 hours ago, felipetruji said:

    Mind sharing your source for the natural colors?

    I will happily, once I find out if they will even sell it to me in "user" quantities. Actually, heck, I'll share it, but be warned that I'm working with the R & D samples they sent me and I haven't had any pricing quoted yet. I got so frustrated with the other options that I did a deep dive on Google and came up with this company. https://sensientfoodcolors.com/en-us/application-confection/


  4. Hi all. I have recently found an amazing company that is creating micro-refined plant-based color powder that actually dissolves beautifully in cocoa butter. I'm beyond thrilled with the results with blue - which, along with red, seems to be the hardest color to get true results with. I've been happy with the all-natural line that Chef Rubber makes, in terms of white, purple and yellow (mixed feelings about green), but could not get any true red or blue colors. 


    But now I have a question about what cocoa butter you use, when you mix it. I currently had just kept a bag of non-deodorized, organic cocoa butter on hand for thinning out chocolate that needed it or for the unfortunate experiments with color blending. Now that I've got something that works, I've discovered that it is a terrible vehicle for airbrushing with - so much more overspray than the other Chef Rubber colors I've used.  


    So, if anyone would care to share their experiences. Oh - I use a Paasche H, single action airbrush, 'cause I'm a newbie and it was the more recommended on these forums as a good, inexpensive starter brush. 


    Thanks in advance! 

  5. Commenting on this thread because I've learned more by reading through than all the video scouring I've done in the last few months. :D There is nothing quite so valuable as getting a handful of creative experts in a room and letting them run! Now I'll get to follow the thread. Thanks for sharing all your ideas.

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  6. Some of my more passionate customers have sent me initial news articles about it, and it does look interesting... but the sourcing is my biggest concern. Callebaut has been rather lacking when it comes to ensuring that child labor/slavery is not part of their supply chain. And they've publicly acknowledged that to be an issue for almost 2 decades. When it comes from ethical sources then I'll be happy to play around with it and see what fun creations we can make. :-)

  7. A question about shelf-life and traditional French truffles. I followed a recipe on Ecole Chocolat, for traditional butter truffles. From everything I've read, butter truffles usually have a much longer shelf-life, but there is no alcohol in these, or invert sugar. It also has egg yolks that have been heated to 160F.  This throws me off of Greweling's recipe's, so I'm not sure if these are safe to take to my retail locations. They are 18 oz of dark chocolate, 10 tbls butter, 2 egg yolks, 1/2 c boiling water, a bit of salt, and a variety of dried chili pepper for flavoring. I food processed them until a shiny, thick pudding texture. Then dipped them in tempered dark chocolate. 


    Can these last for more than a couple of weeks, if stored in temp controlled candy counter? I'm avoiding taking them to the Floral shop that sells my chocolates until I can determine this.  
    Thanks for any advice.


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