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  1. We have a Fresh Market here in Columbia (SC), and it was a great place to get specialty groceries when it opened in the late 80's. However, with the selection you can get now at the regular supermarket, and an Earthfare nearby with organic foods and produce and just as good of a cheese selection at better prices, I'm not really impressed with the Fresh Market for much of anything anymore... The one here is more of a place for old socialites to go and catch up on the latest neighborhood gossip.
  2. deibu

    Pop or Soda

    In South Carolina, of course pretty much everyone says "Coke" no matter what the beverage... They also call it a "cold drink". My grandmother, however, used to always call it "Pepsi-Coh-luh". She would always ask us when we went over if we wanted a "Pepsi-Coh-luh".
  3. I like the yellow Peeps better as well - the pink ones just have a weird aftertaste. And I like mine stale over fresh too. They are even better to buy right after Easter, when they go on sale dirt cheap at the CVS. I don't feel so weird after all anymore!
  4. I first went to the UK when I was in college in the mid-90's. I was quite impressed by supermarkets at that time - their similarity to U.S. supermarkets in terms of convenience and hours of operation, but yet their offering of a lot of premium products like other European grocery stores I visited. I remember reading some Telegraph article a few years ago that said the profit margin for UK supermarkets is actually quite good - the profit margin in the U.S. and the rest of Europe outside of the U.K. is extremely thin. Not sure why that is the case, but the British are doing something right... I've developed a lot foodwise since that trip buying the god-awful processed cheese and sliced white bread from the Safeway in Durham. But, as an American, I loved the selection of foods in British supermarkets. Even as an "uncultured" (at least in the food sense) American college student visiting, it was the best of American and European grocery retailing.
  5. I ate lots of really-awful Domino's Pizza, popped Paxil and drank margaritas after my last breakup. I also put on 30 pounds which didn't make me feel better. Last summer I picked up working out and jogging again, and it was the ultimate cure. I feel like my whole period of being upset over him was a big fog and that thinking about that whole period of time brings back lots of pain. I think that exercise and as many things as possible as you can do for yourself and your own health are the best cures. I also hope you feel better soon!
  6. I think that was what you saw after drinking it!
  7. We used to add fruit to it (usually some orange slices and strawberries) and it was called P.J., short for Purple Jesus. Used either grape Kool-Aid or strawberry. Sort of a cheap college version of sangria.
  8. Sounds really, really vile and abominable, but I used to kinda like Rum & Cheerwine...
  9. This cool website from Michigan State has digital images of all the pages from several historical cookbooks (including Fannie Farmer): Feeding America: The Historic Cookbook Project
  10. Cuervo Gold is actually cheaper than most of the ones that have been mentioned. If you're doing shots, I wouldn't recommend going below this, although Sauza Gold is probably just as good (bad?) for sometimes a cheaper price... A local liquor store around here has a deal where you can get a 1.75L of Sauza Gold and they throw in 2 liters of Sauza Margarita mix for free... I think some of the other cheap brands of gold (Montezuma?) will probably do. Trust me - I know, I can't afford the expensive stuff either! I don't shoot the cheap stuff (or the expensive stuff) though, but use it to make big pitchers of margaritas for parties... So I'm sure there's a taste difference when you are shooting. But Cuervo Gold isn't really know to be that good anyway (the "gold" color is fake), so you can probably go with a cheaper gold tequila and do just fine...
  11. For me it was the pork chops. My dad liked them nearly flat, and fried to a well-done crisp so they were nice and chewy, with lots of salt. I hated pork chops until I actually had a nice thick one that had been grilled at a friends house when I was a teenager.
  12. Also, I rarely like to eat leftovers, but I save them anyway, just in case I get the late night munchies after a night on the town Friday or Saturday night...
  13. I always have the habit of looking to see which supermarket in the Wednesday ads has frozen uncooked medium tail-on shrimp on sale. I know, not nearly as good as fresh, but in some things it works okay. Inevitably at least one store has bags for $3.99/lb. The sad thing is that I look for this special even if I don't plan on buying any that week! Edited to say, BTW I'm single...
  14. Yuk... I'll stay away from that one. I hate Valentine's Day. My plan is to get inebriated that Saturday night since Valentine's falls on Saturday. My birthday is that Tuesday so I have to postpone the birthday celebration with friends until the next Saturday. Yet another reason to hate Valentine's Day even more!
  15. Growing up in the 80's, we had a table in the kitchen, and then a formal dining room with a table that was only used for special occasions. A lot of my friends did eat dinner in front of the TV and I guess I did envy them a little, but I definitely appreciate the fact that we sat down to a dinner with conversation every night. Of course, I realize this is not possible for a lot of families so it all depends on the situation...
  16. Although it's not a high-end restaurant, one of my friends works in a wine bar/tapas restaurant... They allow children but they don't provide child's seats in an effort to keep them out.
  17. Seriously? If so, what do you think could explain that? Because apparently the "standard" cocktail in S.C. is stronger than average, because 1 minibottle is 1.7 oz (i.e. 1.7 shots). When you multiply this times 4 or 5 cocktails, it's getting close to 8 or 9 standard shots of liquor... The law was originally put in place to regulate the amount of liquor consumed, but it actually quite frequently causes more to be consumed!
  18. This would never happen here in SC, where all "intoxicating liquors" must be dispensed by the mini-bottle... Drinks are always the same strength no matter what - 1.7 shots per drink. And a double is always two minibottles. Even MADD is lobbying to get rid of this old law...
  19. As a kid I hated pretty much anything but hamburgers and chicken fingers. My parents lived off of Southern cooking, and "fancy" dinners were things like grilled steaks or (later on) grilled salmon. When I got into college I became really adventurous and discovered I had a taste for pretty much everything. As a kid, uncooked tomatoes and olives were nasty to me. I discovered how delicious both of them are and just about everything else. Surprisingly, it took me the longest to appreciate Southern food -- I think I was trying to rebel too much -- but now I absolutely love it too.
  20. Not sure about on Kiawah, but many small to mid-sized towns in South Carolina have small Mexican markets. The Latino population is growing pretty rapidly, so a lot of those stores have popped up to serve that market.
  21. The Post Office is about an hour's drive away on Edisto Island, so it would take some time to get there, but it is really good.
  22. Ben and Jerry's Ice Cream. Growing up in the 80's and in high school in the 90's, my parents refused to buy it because it was supporting those "damn hippies". But, they would buy Haagen-Dazs. I've had it now and realize I wasn't missing out that much, but still just a little bit.
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