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  1. I remember the hallway kitchenette in my dorm in Durham (in the UK) had something like this. It was attached to the wall and you just hit a button or something and it would dispense instant boiling hot water. Our maid (who cleaned our rooms everyday, even after we spent the previous night partying in our rooms) would use it to whip up a cup of Cadbury's Chocolate Break everyday after she was done, and sit around and talk to us about her caravan, dream of visiting American one day, etc. etc. Of course, this being the UK, the sink below the hot water dispenser did not have a mixing tap.
  2. It's all a tribute to the City of Lights, France.
  3. Not to mention that she's making fun of parachute pants. Did Quaker not do consumer research and realize that the 80's are back, and have been back for at least 3 years???
  4. I just found this forum for "fans" of Sandra... I joined, of course. Remember, only "positive" posts about Sandra are allowed. I joined in on the discussion, of course. Remember, if you decide to post, keep it simple, and keep it "semi-homemade"! Sandra's "Fans" Homepage
  5. We have a client in a small town that has Thomas Kinkades all over the office. And of course several of the women have little angels on their desk. I just suck it up...
  6. Winn-Dixie's Florida-based. In South Carolina it's always been all about Piggly Wiggly... Everybody just loves the name. And we call it "The Pig".
  7. They've declared bankruptcy though, so they are closing all their stores in SC by the end of the year...
  8. Piggly Wiggly (the SC ones owned by Piggly Wiggly Carolina) has made an effort to go a lot more upscale than they used to be. In Columbia, Piggly Wiggly took over a lot of the former Harris Teeter locations. Unfortunately I notice the difference in the prices as well. I find that Kroger here actually tends to be cheaper than Piggly Wiggly. Around here, the Kroger stores tend to be older. I'm surprised Publix hasn't hit that area yet - they are in Columbia, Charleston and Greenville. By far they are the best of the supermarket chains here.
  9. I didn't realize it for a while, but that's actually G. Love in the commercial (of G. Love & Special Sauce fame).
  10. I couldn't get on the website either. I was able to send a text message though (and got back a msg saying my vote had been received).
  11. I love the woman in the infomercial with the cigarette dangling from her mouth.
  12. Yum! Even better smothered on nachos.
  13. I also confess to loving the cheese biscuits at Red Lobster, with their extremely-inauthentic creamy "Caesar" salad and washed down with one or five of those frozen fruity sickly-sweet boozy drinks decorated with the lobster.
  14. The one here in Columbia, SC is packed everyday at lunch... I've been once and most of the items are not to my liking - too much underseasoned, undersalted bland vegan fare. I'm surprised it does so well, because most of the customers are older business-suit-types who I'd not expect to be eating lunch at a place like that at all. The meat is really good, but in my experience most of the prepared items and baked goods are only mediocre. It definitely serves a niche though. I also like their grab n go sushi for a quick lunch - it's much, much better than what you get at other supermarket carryouts. Also I buy deodorant there - it's one of the few places I can get tea tree oil deodorant that is propylene glycol free and doesn't stain my shirts with my sweaty armpits...
  15. That reminds me of the party I went to last year, where one of the things served was tuna with BLUEBERRY GLAZE. The tuna was perfectly rare and delicious, but the blueberry glaze was really disgusting...
  16. I liked my output: Personality type: Clueless You don't go to Starbucks much; when you do you just tag along with other people since you have nothing better to do. You would like to order a Tazo Chai Crème but don't know how to pronounce it. Most people who drink vente white chocolate mochacino are strippers. Also drinks: Wine coolers Can also be found at: The mall
  17. deibu


    I've gotten a bottle before at a local Indian grocer for about $4... They stock a lot of British goods at this particular grocer (some imported directly from India, and some from the UK). A great, cheap source for Hobnobs, PG Tips tea and Heinz baked beans as well... You might want to check one out in your town.
  18. deibu

    Key West

    There was a tapas bar, called Nine One Five, at 915 Duval Street, that I remember as being particularly good. The best tapas dish on the menu by far was the sashimi tuna stuffed with lump crabmeat...
  19. I haven't been to Savannah in years but I've heard there are some good places there, but it's not nearly as good as Charleston. On a side note, Lady Chablis (from the movie Midnight in the Garden of Good & Evil) was a guest in my house several weeks ago... Now that she resides in Columbia I see her out all the time.
  20. I think anybody who would actually need a sign to tell them how high the calories and fat grams are in the Monster Thickburger, wouldn't have a clue whether or not 1400 calories and 100+ fat grams are more than they should consume in one sitting...
  21. The view from California Dreaming is nice, but I will have to say I definitely do not recommend the food. They have 3 or 4 other locations around North & South Carolina and the food is about on par with Applebee's, but worse... It might fit the bill for your friend, but I remember their chicken fingers being especially awful..
  22. Along the same lines as saving bread for breadcrumbs, I save leftover hardened pieces of baguette/French bread to make croutons...
  23. The mall near Ft. Jackson is Columbia Place Mall, in Northeast Columbia, I'm assuming. If so, there really isn't much of anything on that side of town besides the usual chain restaurants (i.e. Longhorn, Outback, etc.). I'd definitely rent a car and check out somewhere else.... The French Quarter Filet at Mr. Friendly's, topped with their homemade pimiento cheese (made with in-house roasted red peppers), is fairly good. Website with menu is here: Mr. Friendly's. Also Hampton St. Vineyard is another one I'd highly recommend. For both of these you'll definitely need a vehicle to travel to - they are located in downtown, within 5-10 mins of Ft. Jackson but are on the opposite end of the base.
  24. I've known some waitstaff to do this occasionally with half-finished plates sent back to the kitchen. Mainly so they could save money for more important things. Like, that eight-ball of cocaine...
  25. And once, in the 80's, someone came out with the idea for fabulous Grape Newtons. Anybody remember these? Grape Newtons Commercial
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