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  1. Hi! I am making molded chocolates at home and just started airspraying cocoa butter into the molds. I only have R & R cocoa butter. I haven't been able to find any discussions here about using it. I know I am tempering the cocoa butter and I have a Grex Tritium (side feed) with a .7 needle. I have a California Air Tools compresser 1 HP, with an 8 gallon tank. The cocoa butter seems to clog in the airbrush, and I have to heat it with my blowdryer every few (2-3) minutes to keep it running. It seems I have to use high pressures to get any spray from the gun. I wish I hadn't gotten the side feed, but I didn't know better. Could the brand of cocoa butter be part of the cause? It splatters a lot as well. II am loving the airbrush but I know I have much more to learn yet! I would appreciate any help to help improve my spraying!
  2. Thanks Jay! Boy, I feel like a complete novice with this puree. I have used pectin for years in jams but just followed the directions on the box or recipe. I'm not sure what to do with this mandarin orange puree. Yesterday I reduced the puree by half, and put it in the freezer. I didn't strain it, and the texture is nice. I blitzed in my Ninja super blender for hours (or so it seemed)! I have 354 g pure fruit puree now. How would you go about using sugar and pectin? I'm thinking about just using it as a concentrate and adding 10% sweetener. I want to use it as a jell or in a chocolate ganache filling for bonbons.
  3. Two more things have been written in posts: one uses AgarAgar for thickening, and the other uses the peel in the puree. Any thoughts?
  4. Thank you for your reply! I know about Perfect Puree and it's a wonderful site. I'm just concerned about how much sweetening to add, and other technical details, such as reducing the amount of puree, whether to strain all the fibrous material, and freezing. I have made other purees before but not citrus fruit. I undersand that the Perfect Puree Manderin/Tangerine is a concentrate, not a puree. All I can say is help!!
  5. Hello! I'm fairly new to this site so I don't know if my search was weak. I'm trying to find a way to make Mandarin orange puree at home, but I couldn't find anything even similar in the forum. I am a home cook, but I have been making chocolate bonbons and other confections for over 4 years (intermitantly). It is too expensive for me to purchase this online- not because of the price of the puree, but the cost of shipping makes it prohibative. The recipes I've seen online are all differant and don't seem to be what I need. I would love any help with this! I look forward to hearing and learning from those who have much, much more experience than me. Thanks!
  6. Hi Jim. Thanks for the reassurance. There are a few small bubbles that come to the top of the bonbons after they're filled; sometimes I'm able to pop them with a toothpick. Otherwise they seal well and no ones found any problems with them. I'm just trying to be careful with my technique--I would hate to poison on of my children!
  7. Thanks for your response! I usually fill the molds by using a pastry bag. I made it starting dry method, adding cream, then butter. Simple, but could I have stirred too vigorously? The second photo shows what it's like after stirring. Am I just being overly cautious?
  8. Help! I am an amateur and make chocolate truffles, bonbons, and caramels for friends and family. I made some soft caramel for filling molded bonbons. The flavor and consistency are fine, but the caramel is filled with bubbles. I don't know how to get the air bubbles out, and am concerned using it in my molded chocolates. I would like to know if it is okay to use. I have been making confections for about four years and this is the first time this has happened. I would really appreciate any help! I'm new to the forum and don't know anyone yet.
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