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  1. Does anyone know if Rose's Seafood Market in Seabrook, TX will ever re-open after Ike destroyed their property? They were in the process of building a new store adjacent to their location. Will they continue building and open?
  2. Motochef

    Egad! It's Electric

    Is it a convection oven?
  3. Motochef

    Sirloin Oscar

    E-mail me off-line (mark@motochef.com) if you would like some of my notes / recipes with crab.
  4. Motochef

    Sirloin Oscar

    To me, "Oscar" means something with crab and asparagus. A standard sauce to accompany this would be hollandaise. Hence, a sirloin oscar would be a form of sirloin steak with crab and asparagus, most likely served with hollandaise. I use garlic in most of my dishes; however, I do not use it to make hollandaise. Quite often I will use jumbo lump crab mixed with a concoction of sauteed bell peeper, celery and onion (the Trinity in the Cajun world). I add garlic to the Trinity. I let it cool before folding-in the crab. I know of no standard "Ocsar" recipe. I just know what I like and make it. Shame on you for visiting a "crappy overpriced chain restaurant". Make your own and enjoy it. M.
  5. Why don't you educate these people? I don't understand what you are trying to accomplish. Who is your target audience? Why do "these folks like the fake stuff,"? Without an understanding of what you wish to accomplish, how can we provide ideas for more inventive fillings, toppings, etc.? What's wrong with fresh fruit cooked with simple syrup? Frozen fruit the same way? More exotic fruits the same? Why cool whip over freshly whipped cream? I don't get it.
  6. You could make bernaise sauce for a surf and turf dinner. I also use tarragon to make chicken stock. Make a multiple-quart batch, then freeze it. Enjoy. Motochef!
  7. Motochef

    soup rescue

    I've been told that adding a raw peeled potato to the soup will help. Apparently the potato will absorb the salt. Good luck. Motochef.
  8. Motochef

    Lamb Tenderloins

    Medallions are a good idea. (Paillard) Alternatively, why not sear the entire loin (seasoned) in a cast iron or stainless steel skillet and transfer to the oven to finish? Then make a simple pan sauce to while the loin rests.
  9. Motochef

    Vile Recipes

    I'd have to say that anything with Velveeta tops my list of vile recipes. However, let's not forget about those nasty little wieners called Vienna Sausages. They qualify for the "anything that contains this product is vile" list. This category offers the following: Top Ramen and Vienna Sausage Recipe. Ingredients - 1 package of Top Ramen & 1 can Vienna Sausage Directions: A. Boil a pot of water B. Add vienna sausages to boiling water C. Add Top Ramen noodles and let boil for 3 minutes D. Add Top Ramen flavored powder and stir
  10. If they are not "bad or tainted", then I would consider putting them in a "quick gumbo". I'd make the roux with the "Trinity". Then use a good andouille or garlic sausage after the Trinity is ready along with some chicken stock. Add the shrimp at the last minute and plate with file. Also, you could consider a "quick" shrimp etouffee. Make the roux with "brown" butter rather than oil. Good luck and good eating. Motochef!
  11. Glad they're feeling better. The addition of ginger, garlic and lemon juice is a wonderful idea I'll need to remember when the next cold strikes our house. Thanks! ← ludja and foodies 52 - have you ever added fresh tarragon to the pot?
  12. I am a soup fan as well. I succumb to cooking soups in large batches – my 23-quart Le Creuset pot begs for large volumes. What makes it worse is my best friend has the same pot, so I tend to go for two (46-quarts) and freeze what I cook. While I do quite a bit of entertaining, it’s just my two young boys (both with advanced palates) and I at home, so my cooking throughput often exceeds demand. I purchased a six-quart All Clad sauce pot (the six quart stock pot has been difficult to find). When I use this, it forces me to consider portion control. Having said that, I am interested to know how everyone goes about pairing a wine with his or her soup. Many oenophiles tell me they would never attempt to match a wine with a soup course. I disagree. For example, I like white Burgundy with cream of white asparagus soup. What to you say? Do you have a methodology of pairing this wonderful course?
  13. Malkavian, please, never buy fish for raw consumption at Food Lion. They lost their credibility and standards in the early 1990's with the bleach issue. They burst my "vessel of trust". Also, Malkavian, there are better sources in North Carolina for the freshest fish other than Harris Teeter and Food Lion. liv4fud, I would l leave the sushi and sashimi to the pros until you find a fish monger that you are completely confident in using. In the interim, don't overcook your qualified (respectfully sourced) tuna and other fish. Overcooking is a deal stopper / ugly epicurean experience. For example, shrimp are, in my humble opinion, the most overcooked saltwater treasures in the world, for example. Flatfish are next. Look for the appropriate signs of "cooked to the extent I want" - fish flesh striations, lines, etc. Best wishes and intentions, M. Motochef, formerly of Greensboro, NC, and now Houston, TX.
  14. Food Save them or wrap them up in freezer wrap and take them out to the garage freezer. Put them on top of the freezer while you pretend to get something real out of the box. Leave them on top. When you remember what happened to them in the morning, take them out to the trash. They are a bad, bad cut.
  15. A few types of food indicates three. Spell them out. "The chef is experienced with French, Itallian, and German cuisines." Don't shotgun the statement. Motochef.
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