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  1. Well, I would guess that lunch was probably a slice of pizza, but dinner was involtini di pesce spada using the missing half of the fish below. Followed by one of these deserts I might add that, in my opinion, there is something utterly unique about deserts in Sicily. Even the same item prepared elsewhere in Italy doesn't compare. I'm not sure why.
  2. Well Bill, my heart is still there, but the rest of me is stuck back here in the States. Thanks again.
  3. Breakfast in Agrigento. Not a bad way to start the day. Lemon gelato inside
  4. If I could add an opinion, having spent the past two months in Piemonte utilizing the guidance of Senore Klapp and Matt Kramer... With regard to Barolo: although the town of Barolo is scenic and the Enoteca Regionale in the castle is worth a visit for its changing menu of three Barolos of different styles to taste, I would go there only for that purpose. Instead, a visit to the other Barolo villages, particularly Monforte d'Alba (where you could get a ride to the much discussed on this board "Trattoria della Posta"), Castiglione Falleto (for a tasting at Vietti) and to see the capers growing o
  5. I would second Dalla Rosa Alda. We ate there last year and had a wonderful experience and very personalized service. Great specialties of the Veneto (including horsemeat, no thanks). I remember the fresh vegetable frittatas, and the beef in Amarone. Also, the drive up to San Giorgio and the view from the town were spectacular.
  6. Thanks for the Big Island recs. What a great place! Here are a few pictures for what it is worth. Bayview Farms - I couldn't imagine a better tour and explanation of coffee production with a nicer staff. What a view! Roasting coffee at Bayview Farms This is the first time we had seen bright red dragon fruit. Sort of tastes like kiwi, but more subtle. Great to make a mess. Dragon fruit The special at the Hawaiian Style Cafe in Waimea was loco moco with chicken instead of hamburger. I didn't know there would be enough to feed three people. The food at the resorts was as expected...overpriced
  7. This thread is fascinating and full of heartfelt responses. Sometimes, I think that our site (e-gullet) is full of what I would call "tertiary" topics, and I am glad to see the real world discussed and the benefit of communicating with others through life's joys and pains. It also shows how food is related to life in all its circumstances. A few of things: As a phyician and the husband of a type 1 diabetic, I just wanted to be sure it was clear that type 1 and type 2 diabetes are two entirely different diseases, the first usually has its onset earlier in life and involves distruction of the pa
  8. Do chef's at chef school somewhere learn that the word ONION has a G in the middle of it? What's with all this UNG-YUN? Seems like a simple enough word to me.
  9. This is a fun read. But let's face it, having an episode of your own unruly children in a restaurant is a right of passage of parenting. I don't care how great your kids are, sometimes they are not. My kids are reasonably well-behaved, I suppose. Out of necessity, and occasionally out of enjoyment we go to nice places. They usually do okay, but they are kids, and I agree, kids will be kids and kids are a fact of life. I am often amused at the sort of undertones about poor parenting that I sense. Remember what Bruno Bettelheim said "you just have to be a good enough parent, that's all. Paren
  10. Alberts


    Thanks. It sounds like a good value for a two-three star establishment. I think we will give it a go. Do you know anything else about the chef, Jean Pierre Vigato?
  11. Alberts


    We have the chance to eat at Apicius in May, probably for lunch, hopefully a tasting menu. So.......just how expensive we talkin'?
  12. Craig It would be great to sample your wines, and I'm guessing that the local e-gulleteers would be willing to share a bottle from their collections for tasting as well (or at least I think so). Name a couple of dates that work. I would prefer informal, weekend, daytime. Mike
  13. Great tip! Thanks. We're looking for something a little different in addition to eating at excellent restaurants. That might do it! I'll try to weasel my way in.
  14. Thanks for replies. I would suspect they would have a restaurant much like the Escoffier Room at the CIA, but maybe they farm the students out rather than have their own place. I will keep investigating.
  15. Pardon my ignorance, but does anyone know if there is a restaurant associated with Le Cordon Bleu school in Paris? We will be in Paris in May. I have found that, in other places, the cooking school usually has good value and quality. I couldn't find anything about it on their website. If anyone has been there, we would appreciate hearing.
  16. In Alba, last June, we saw, in a relatively high end store on the main street, a type of wine glass that ( I will try to describe it) is essentially a Brunello glass, but has an area just below the rim (about a cm) that is expanded to catch the sediment. I looked on the Riedel and Spiegalau sites and didn't see anything like it. Does anyone know what I'm talking about or where to find them. In the store they were about 25 Euro. Sorry for the poor description.
  17. Alberts


    Once again I am overwhelmed by the knowlege and enthusiasm of this group. My glass is raised to you.
  18. Alberts


    Recently we have been enjoying Ports for a variety of reasons. But given that there are just two drinkers, it takes a little while to finish a bottle. Does Port keep opened, then corked with a stopper about as long as red wine? Longer? Thanks
  19. On the back of the can of fine grind (red label) illy coffee it says "caffeine content less than 1.5%" Does anyone know what this means or how it compares to other coffees? The illy rep says that their coffee has less caffeine.
  20. We've enjoyed our Bialetti for a while now. We have one struggle which I haven't seen mentioned... Does anyone have a reliable method for getting that damn rubber gasket out for a rinse?! I have resorted to bringing home a hemostat (surgical clamp) to remove it without wrecking it.
  21. Alberts

    Rosh Hashana

    Greetings from Portland. We had a simple dinner with family to celebrate the New Year. Crown Challah, marinated eggplant, squash soup, roasted root vegetables with rosemary, oregano chicken, tomato and cucumber salad. Oh yes... apples and honey, and spice cake. L'Shanah Tovah to all. http://forums.egullet.org/uploads/10953536..._1095398467.jpg
  22. I think I saw them Saturday at Pike Place Market, not in the market itself, but across the street (on the side with Starbucks). They had chicken, duck and quail. It is the place that has the empty ostrich egg shells. Sorry I don't have the name.
  23. Okay, I admit it, my wife had the same response when she saw it...until she tried it. Perhaps it is something about food with a pink tint. Regarding the bucatini, I also love it, not just as all'amatriciana. It is sort of macaroni, sort of not. I am amazed how Italians have such a feeling for matching pasta with sauce, a practice that we Americans (maybe just I) tend to poo-poo. Regarding Trattoria dall' Amelia, I have never been. But this was our first time in Verona, and we found a number of great restaurants there and in the Veneto in general. By the way, what have been other's response w
  24. For no particular reason, I thought I would share this picture from our latest trip, if some might enjoy looking at food. Ristorante Alla Costa, just off Piazza Erbe in Verona Bucatini e panna con radicchio rosso (Bucatini, pancetta, radicchio, cream).
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