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  1. I went with 270g of Masa to 400g of hot tap water (~130-140F). Mixed and let it sit for 30 minutes before forming balls, then cooked in a cast iron pan on medium-high. I lightly coated the pan with veggie oil before cooking and then did it maybe 3-4 more times during the batch. The pan was hot enough that the oil smoked off when applied and water would dance across the pan rather than instantly evaporate. I got a little puff (~3/8") across all the tortilla's with maybe 1/4 getting puffed as much as the video that @Chris Hennes posted. Made em for a taco party and they were a definite hit.
  2. Do you find that white kimchi doesn't last as long as the red variety or just the same length of time?
  3. Is it possibly pasteurized? I doubt it would be, but they could've gotten it to a sourness then pasteurized and packaged.
  4. I'm not sure of any really good english resources on this, but there are tons of japanese books that cover species, how to break them down, best way to store them, etc. Lots of good photos. Amazon japan might be a good resource.
  5. Negi in my experience are between scallions and leeks in size. The white part seems to be about as tender as scallions/green onions, not nearly as tough as leeks. They are more pungent than both though, almost as pungent as a regular white bulb onion. I grew some this year in Portland, Oregon with seeds that I bought on my trip to Japan last year. Started around February inside and then transplanted. They were a good size by June, ready to harvest. I've been pulling them out as needed and since June they have divided into 2-3 small stalks rather than one nice one. I know that Kitazawa has several varieties for sale and there may be some other online seed dealers. I'd suggest growing some if you can as there are definitely a different product from any other types of onions we have here in the west and are essential for some Japanese dishes.
  6. I did a bed a few years back and the results were just ok. A few things that I think I did wrong: -Kept the bed in a glass snapware container with the snapware closed. -Kept the bed in the fridge all the time. Maybe too cold? -Didn't turn the bed everyday I want to try getting another bed going and now that I have abasement that stays in the mid fifties I think it's the perfect environment for it. Looking forward to others comments and experiences, especially on how long you can keep a bed going and what the keys to longevity are.
  7. One thing I'm particular curious about on the NuWave is if the low power settings are just a crude low frequency PWM similiar to the DUXTOP models (seen here: https://youtu.be/ungCQD4lqRE?t=8m10s) or is it actually on a lower power. Are you using the NuWave PIC, PIC2 or the PRO? I'm planning to get a cheaper induction top mainly for cooking hotpots at the table (Nabe, shabu shabu, yudofu etc.) Sustaining a low simmer is really a feature that I need, but I have a feeling all the cheap models are probably pretty bad at this.
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