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  1. 42390 -- For 70 euros before wine, you could lunch at almost all the two-stars. I lunched at Le Cinq for exactly 70 euros recently (before wine). I agree the pricing at L'Angle is good. It is good for dinner too. There is a wide selection of wine, and the examples I gave were not intended to suggest an inflation of the overall bill, but they were the bottles I marked in my notes for personal reference. On Hiramatsu, does that still have the menu d'affaires, and how much was the menu d'affaires (as opposed to the tasting menu)? Was the Hiramatsu price for two or for one person? If for one,
  2. Freedom: 1. The condition of being free of restraints. 2. Liberty of the person from ... detention or oppression. 3a. Political independence. b. Possession of civil rights; immunity from the arbitrary exercise of authority. 4. Exemption from an unpleasant or onerous condition. 5. The capacity to exercise choice; free will. 6. Ease or facility of movement. 7. Frankness and boldness; lack of modesty or reserve. 8.a. The right to unrestricted use; full access. b. The right of enjoying all the privileges of membership or citizenship. Syns: freedom, liberty, license. These nouns refer to the power
  3. Only for those diners whose integrity is worth less than the cost/effort of locating a similar eggholder themselves and purchasing it (or of asking the restaurant where the egg-holder can be procured).
  4. Steven -- Attempting to focus on an example is not going to relieve you of the necessity of defining what is the 'presentation' that you believe is irrelevant to taste.
  5. The wines are well-priced too, for what they are and for a starred restaurant. Haut-Brion Blanc 1984 at 180 euros, Salon 1985 at 150 euros.
  6. For a number of alternative, potential reasons. Examples: (1) to preserve any temperature effects, including during a lengthier walk from the kitchen to the dining room in some places or in connection with dishes being ready at slightly different times (in lieu of salamander, spelling), (2) the simultaneous serving might facilitate diners finishing together and reduce the change of a diner having to wait for another diner (although that happens anyhow), (3) historical habit, in connection with certain types of service, and (4) to concentrate any aroma effects, depending on the dish. Lack of
  7. Well, if presentation doesn't include whether something is placed on top of another thing, or beside it, then what does it refer to? Whether a piece of steak has charred criss-cross markings on it or not (that obviously extends beyond visual effects)? If the relative placement of food products is not presentation, then what is presentation -- whether the sauce is wiped from the edge of the plate? whether the garnishings look pristine? whether the plate is clean? Those are baseline physical attributes without which one does not have a serious restaurant. They are not presentation aspects, i
  8. You mention a 35 euro prix fixe lunch as a good deal. The same price (no choice) prix fixe meal is available as dinner, at least as of last year. http://forums.egullet.org/index.php?act=ST...=7970&hl=vrinat
  9. fresh_a: Are you so sure the L'Astrance surprise menu still includes wine? Note I have ordered wine separately each time I have gone recently, but you might want to check on the wine being included. I'm just not sure, as I wanted to order wine from the wine list.
  10. Fat Guy -- I might differ with that assessment. If a dish is delicious to begin with, visual elegance and beauty can affect a diner's experience from a dish. I don't believe one's senses are divorced from another; they might be generally distinct, but the interrelationships are more complex, for me at least, than a "presentation does not affect taste" analysis. Secondarily, presentation can affect taste if the placement of different components of a plate causes negative or positive effects (i.e., externalities in economic parlance), or affects the temperature of adjacent components. Presenta
  11. cabrales


    Claude -- If you are comfortable discussing it, could you provide a bit of description on The Fine Wine Review reference in your username? Are you a wine writer and have you tasted the wines about which you express dissatisfaction? Have you reviewed the Ledoyen wine list, and are there better wines in the 1/2 bottle, in the same price range listed on that list? (Apologies for my ignorance, as I do not have knowledge on wine.)
  12. Eric -- I'd have to respectfully disagree with more than one of the statements you made, understanding that we are still addressing generalities. Presentation is the most important part of a dish? Like Fat Guy, I strongly disagree with that. Unless the taste of a dish is very good, presentation cannot salvage it, for me. In other words, presentation might be helpful if the dish is delicious-taking, but not before that point. Obviously, if a dish is burnt, one has to start over. What is one going to do? Scrape the burnt bits off and try to overwhelm the residual effects of the charring? T
  13. cabrales


    A number of veggie dishes had been mentioned in the review. They were not included in my edited text, as marked by "..."
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