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  1. I'm excited now. I've been planning a trip for May which sees us in Georgetown, Penang for maybe 4 nights. I lurve street food. Tell me more huiray, apologies for hijacking !
  2. Okay, tender stems are going in ! Thanks.
  3. Thanks djyee100, I'm going to try the Thai chicken and basil.
  4. Thanks ElainaA, although we grow it year round here.
  5. Wow, I'm impressed ! That pot is 30 cm square. We do use the leaves in Thai and other Asian meals (soup coming up tonight).
  6. I'm going to try this, thanks. Do you keep the oil in the fridge ?
  7. This is our current basil crop which needs harvesting. I've made so much pesto we're a bit over it. Any suggestions for ways to use it ?
  8. Chicken and pumpkin tajine flavoured with my home made harissa. Served with couscous and pita toast.
  9. A simple porterhouse steak with pepper sauce, cheesy baked potato, garlic stuffed mushrooms and mustardy green beans. Details here https://www.facebook.com/Whats-for-dinner--1427021760943871/
  10. Kinda hard to make this look good, but the soup was superb ! French onion soup. It was just red and brown onions sweated in butter, a good beef stock, splash of brandy, splash of port and a bouquet garni. Sourdough bread with Swiss cheese on top.
  11. Spicy prawn salad. The prawns were marinated in our homegrown chilli paste, peanut oil, salt and pepper. The salad is baby cos, sesame seaweed, baby beetroot and spring onions.
  12. Fresh crab with lime and Kampot pepper dipping sauce. Served with stir fried beans, lettuce and mango salad and rice. The salad. The crab (blue swimmer). The meal. More details here https://www.facebook.com/Whats-for-dinner--1427021760943871/
  13. Chicken marylands roasted on a bed of red onion, lemon, garlic and herbs. With tomatoes. Served with roasted potatoes, butternut pumpkin and carrots, plus a side of sautéed cabbage and bacon. Pan juices enhanced with stock and a little cream. Details here - https://www.facebook.com/Whats-for-dinner--1427021760943871/
  14. That looks and sounds delish.
  15. His name (surprise, surprise) is Patch....
  16. I posted in the dinner thread about an attempted Pho Bo where the stock was gelatinous but tasteless. Yesterday I defrosted the gbt stock, added a raw chicken carcass and some wing tips from the freezer, the cooked turkey carcass from Christmas lunch, a carrot, an onion, some celery stalks, slices of ginger and galangal. Simmered two hours, and voilà, tasty stock. It became a simple Asian style chicken, egg and corn soup. Snipped garlic chives and sliced spring onions to garnish.
  17. A simple BLT with Swiss cheese, mustard and mayo. The ingredients. The sandwich. The catcher of crumbs.
  18. Christmas Day lunch in Australia, it's fairly typical to celebrate at lunchtime. Roast turkey with stuffing, baked ham, prawns with tartare sauce, potato bake, salad with mango and avocados, coleslaw and artisan bread. Delicious. the spread. Afterwards, pavlova, trifle, ice cream and fruit cake, plus a nutty guest. Thats the Pacific Ocean out there...
  19. Spiced peanuts with garlic, dried chillies and sea salt. These are cooling prior to being put in a jar for snacking purposes... A bit like the panda on FB, can you spot the garlic and chilli ?
  20. Papaya nearly ready to be picked, they'll ripen after harvest. If we leave them too long the fruit bats get them. Curry leaf tree as described by djyee100. The small tree growing at the bottom of the pot is a sucker. We've been unable to strike seeds. Grrr.....
  21. Posting late, but this was yesterday's Asian style omelette with ham, bean sprouts and spring onions. Saving stomach space for the onslaught of Christmas lunch....
  22. Cumberland pork sausages with fresh tomato chilli sauce. Served with potato mozzarella mash, steamed snow peas, and a spinach and Parmesan salad. The salad.
  23. Last night was a Thai style beef curry with baby corn. Served with chickpea and potato salad, cucumber salad, rice, and my homemade paw paw chutney.
  24. It was a recipe I found on line at the Guardian of all places. I have her Simple Chinese cooking (where the salads came from) and My China which is part travelogue plus great recipes and the stories behind them.
  25. Thanks huiray, the Andrea Ngyuen recipe looks very doable. I'm not giving up on pho !
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