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    Dinner 2016 (Part 2)

    I've been looking for some time now what people here put up, and it's great looking food time after time. After getting a pasta machine a month ago, I finally managed to make pasta that I was happy with (nice texture, not clumping together after cooking etc). Combined with panfried onions with balsamic vinegar, roasted carrots, crispy onions and mozzarella.
  2. A very basic question that I've been wondering after dozens of attempts at ice cream with various ingredients and techniques. Are there some basic elements that need to be in place for one to make ice cream that is scoopable right out of the freezer? For example I just made one batch from Gluten-Free Flour Power book, basically a nut brittle and an ice cream base of whole milk and guar gum. It looked nice when out of the ice cream machine, but then when it had sit in the freezer overnight it's like a block of ice that needs to be in roomtemp for 15min or so to get any kind of scoops. The same thing has happened with basically all batches with different recipes.
  3. I'd love to know the steps you take to create that kind of lovely poached eggs? I've tried a few times, last one with the mesh strainer method. What I still ended up with was yolk that was barely covered by any white around it. I did it in a small pot, so could that be it? Hoping to some day nail it as many here seem to do!
  4. EsaK

    Mousse Ganache

    As Martin and Gwbyls above, I'd also love to have the recipe for this if it's still available (Tri2Cook?), Thanks!
  5. Ahh, I thought it'd be the same with any cocoa butter.. Thanks for the heads up! keychris or anyone else, any thoughts on the filling side? Would love to hear thoughts on how to get those popcorn infusions to work in a way that doesn't mask their flavor.
  6. So many superb looking (and no doubt tasting) chocolates and other goodies here... I'm currently working on some gift chocolates for family and friends. I'm not sure if I've ever achieved excellent temper on the chocolates I've done, but they've been okay enough. This year I decided to put a little more effort to get it right. In the EZTemper topic I think it was said that you first heat the chocolate to 45-48°C, then cool to 33.5-35°C and stir in 1% cocoa butter which has been held at 33.5°C. Pour in molds and you should be done in about an hour. Question nr 1, is it necessary to hold the cocoa butter in that temp for hours? If not, how precisely should be 33.5°C? Just thinking that I don't have a SV setup, so just working with thermapen and pots basically. Would it work? The other two methods I've written down are to heat part of chocolate to 46°C, drop in fresh chunks and stir until 27°C and heat back to 31-32°C (keep there for 5min, never above 33°C). Or, heat 2 parts chocolate not above 45°C, adding 1 part, stirring until 31.5°C with dark chocolate and 30°C for milk/white. Any comments about those methods are welcome as well. I haven't had great success with being able to add 1 part to 2 parts melted and actually have it all melt. Then on the filling side. I pulled together a "Hervé mousse" variant that I'll use and then a lemon curd filling. But I also infused water and whole milk with butter popcorn, and was thinking of the best way to get those into the chocolate fillings. The water one I think I could do the Hervé way, but does anyone have an idea if I could do some sort of fluid gel with the whole milk? I've got for example agar, xanthan, high-acyl gellan, kappa & iota carrageenan in my pantry to work with. Thanks for all the input!
  7. Yep. And that's what I'm wondering, does that 4-5 psi difference (and therefore the difference in temperature) affect stuff like caramelizing cream or can you make the difference up by cooking a bit longer on the lower temperature. If someone has done any of those things with electric cookers I'd be interested in hearing, especially great would be comparisons between the two!
  8. I've been wondering about the electric pressure cookers like Instant Pot, Cuisinart and what have you. I have an old Kuhn Rikon stovetop pc that works quite fine, it probably reaches that 15psi or even more if it's heated a bit "too much". The issue I have with it is a) I need to monitor and adjust the stove, b) it's not very good at doing +1hr cooks as I'd need to put quite a bit of water in so that it doesn't "run dry". I've tried googling about the temperatures these things can reach, and it seems they work at about 11psi. Does anyone know of an electric pressure cooker that would operate at 14-15psi? And secondly, if I want to do for example pressure cooked ketchup, caramelized cream, white chocolate, milk powder etc, things that are done there only for the caramelization/Maillard, would these really work the same way in 11psi as they do in 15psi (assuming I could just increase the time by some amount)? Or would the results be vastly worse for those kinds of applications? Appreciate all the help, thanks!
  9. This is a more general question regarding steam/convection ovens; has anyone figured how precise is the temperature control? I don't own a circulator or anything like that, so I've been wondering whether I could do some of "sous vide stuff" I wish to do with an oven like these Cuisinarts or Brevilles. Could one do for example 60°C pork for 24hrs, or use ziploc bags at 60-80°C to make creme anglaises or whatever like that with these ovens (I don't necessarily mind even a 1-3°C difference, meaning that it's not absolutely critical for me to have a 60°C steak instead of for example 62°C)? I'm not sure I want to invest in a sous vide setup at the moment when I don't see myself using it enough to justify it. But getting a steam/convection oven one can use instead of a normal oven (though normal ovens are bigger). Thanks for all the help!
  10. Ville, or others, any idea of the shipping costs Anova charges to Finland? Seems like there's still on Kickstarter available for $160 + shipping.
  11. Moi Ville! For me having 0.5°C control is fine enough. May I ask where did you purchase your circulator (shipped to Finland)? And do you use ziploc bags or a vacuum sealer? If ziplocs, would you mind sharing which ones you use as I've been trying to figure out which ones would work well from the ones we have in our stores. Thanks!
  12. Great responses, thanks all! I realized the disadvantage of having a bulky machine like this instead of a more movable circulator. Just began wondering if there's something special about this since it's +600EUR versus much less for for example SV Supreme Demi. And no, I haven't really been able to find any reviews. I'd be able to get this OBH for 300-350EUR, but probably will just wait for a time when I can get an Anova shipped to Finland for a reasonable price.
  13. I've been thinking and thinking more whether I should get a waterbath setup of some sort for a while now. I ran into this OBH Nordica model, and not having any experience with these things I'm asking for help. Has anyone used this or know whether this is in anyway a good, durable machine? Seems like it has a lot of power, which made me think whether it'd be worth getting versus for example an Anova. I could get this OBH model for less than 400EUR, so it'd be more than Anova. On a more general note, and this has been discussed in many places already, but how do people see SV setups without any vacuum sealers? In other words, using basically just ziploc bags and canning jars. Does it limit the usage a lot if you don't have vacuum sealer and associated bags? Many thanks for all the help and comments. https://www.obhnordica.com/products/kitchen/vacuum-sealers-sous-vide/sous-vide-cooker-pro-15l
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