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  1. @horseflesh Besides avoiding punctures right away with sharper things, what value do you see the soft air release providing? I'm not sure if it'd be much use for me on things like seafood as I normally get that frozen or have been fine with normal zip bags for short cooks, so it'd be great to hear why you think it's valuable! @teonzo Thanks again, cold blanching and reducing a liquid sound both interesting. Serious Eats actually showed the pineapple cutting method it looks like in 2014, just saw it actually few weeks back. Noted about vacuum level being adjustable instead of time. Anyone have experience with Hendi or any of their machines?
  2. Brilliant, many thanks for these Teo! Very helpful. I'm beginning to wonder if the power level of the pump in Mini Jumbo, VP215 etc (I think all of them do about 4m3/h) is good enough? Or if it's really quite likely to come bite back at me if I save 200€, instead of going for 8m3/h pump for example. I guess there isn't a clear answer to it, though Teo you seem to think it does actually affect longevity (as the Henkelman sales rep said too). Actually just now realized that the Jumbo series doesn't have the soft air release. Boxer series does, but for example Boxer 30 is +300€ to Jumbo 30. Wonder if it's worth that much really.. Good points about not using the sealing function with jars etc. Notes taken. Love the whole pineapple idea.. Seen slices of pineapple done but can imagine a whole one being a different kind of showstopper! Bubble chocolate and others are definitely on the list too. Very happy to hear if you want to share other ideas like these
  3. @teonzo May I ask what machine do you have? Now I also found Hendi, not sure if anyone has heard anything about their chamber vacs? Here's an example. Hendi's website says the pump is "air cooled", the manual mentions oil levels in the pump though. I wonder if anyone knows whether that "air cooled" means dry or oil pump? I assume oil since oil in the pump is mentioned in the manual, but not really certain.. Or this one with stronger pump. I've emailed different suppliers to ask about shipping costs, decision-time soon I hope.
  4. @rotutsI don't know all the reasons I'd use jars, but I can imagine I'd use them quite regularly even for things that don't really need to be in a pouch. For example pickles? Or some custard that you want to get the air out of and cook in the jar. There's probably quite a few things. @Kerry Beal Alright, I can't find that model from Henkelman's website now. Thanks about the jars, I imagined they should work but yes, may be tough to open. A bit of knife helps I guess though.
  5. Horseflesh, that's all understood One could go as far as saying that I have no reason to get a sealer at all, there's really no urgent need for it, I've been quite alright SVing without one to date. But if I get a sealer, it's going to be a chamber one. I want to be able to play with it, try different sorts of things that you can do with a chamber vac but can't do with a normal vacuum sealer. It's a lot of money though, which is why I'm asking all of the questions to see if I could make a choice that really suits me..
  6. Here's Henkelman explaining it quite simply, there's an animated video as well. MC 2-216 & 217 mention it as well, it's I guess basically to protect some delicate products if that's useful, and help in packing sharper things as Henkelman shows. I wonder if it helps with jars and other vessels too to avoid them cracking from rapid release of pressure? No idea about that, just speculating, and happy to hear if someone actually knows!
  7. Awesome, thanks everyone for the replies! Kerry Beal, can I ask what model Henkelman do you have? I mostly have the Bormioli Rocco jars, which come with a one-piece lid, like this. Am I correct to assume that if you put these in, lids loosely screwed, they'd work the same as two-piece lids? The question on sealing without a vacuum was because I think it'd be useful at times to be able to for example cut a bag in half to make two smaller ones, simply sealing the cut sides, putting stuff in and pulling a vacuum as usual. So I suppose that works with both machines. Still curious if anyone has views on the pumps being potentially problematic due to "smallness"? And does VP215 have the soft air release? Amongst any other observations you all might have!
  8. I've been pondering the purchase of a chamber vac too.. Never owned a regular sealer, but chamber vac just seems like so interesting device in all its' modernist uses along with more basic sealing of various things. Now, I've narrowed my options thus far into two. On one hand there's the VacMaster VP215EU version, which I assume is exactly the same as VP215, except it's with EU plugs. I can get that shipped for 900€. The other option currently is Henkelman Mini Jumbo with the high lid. That combo is about 1300€, though they promised bags worth of 100-200€ to come with it. I talked with the Henkelman distributor, and one thing he mentioned was that the 0.3 kW / 4m3/h pump is sort of small-ish. He compared it to driving in the motor way with a car that has a small engine, it can work but a) it affects durability and b) it's slower. Does anyone have views on whether that's just sales talk or is that something to worry about in home use? I don't think speed of vacuuming is going to be an issue at home? I'm not sure, but as I've understood it, VP215 has the same sized pump (1/4 HP I suppose converts into something close to 0.3 kW or little less, someone correct me if I'm wrong!). Also, I'd be really keen on sealing canning jars. I've got a collection of jars, ranging from under 9cm in height all the way to about 11.5cm. With the high lid in Henkelman, I think the chamber height gets to 13cm or so. VP215 seems to be 12.7cm. I read that during vacuum, that compresses somewhat as the lids push down? Are you able to put a 11.5cm jar in the VP215 upright? Additionally, I know there are at least a lot of people with VP215, so does it (or the Henkelman if you happen to know) allow you to seal bags without pulling a vacuum? In other words, to use the sealing bar alone? And other random questions to which I haven't been able to find an answer to.. Does VP215 have soft air release? Do they require some special oils or can you buy "bulk" oil for both? Does either have "cyclone operator" to protect pump from water and debris (yeah, I read this from MC..)? Any other considerations anyone has? I guess Henkelman's Busch pumps are the A-class, but I'm unsure whether it's that much better than the VP215? Much appreciate all help.
  9. After finally getting the MC books and now seeing in Lidl this vacuum sealer, I started wondering what uses does a cheap vacuum sealer have besides extending/improving storage and other very practical matters? I realize it's better for SV than ziplocs etc, but I'm not sure I want a device just for those benefits. I guess I'm more looking at what interesting things you can do with a vacuum sealer that you really can't do without? Vacuum compression of fruits and impregnating flavours into them and stuff like that doesn't really work that well with a basic vacuum sealer, right? What, let's call them culinary applications, are there for basic vacuum sealers? https://www.lidl-service.com/static/114040525/104351_EN_EL.pdf This is the model I was looking at, also curious to hear if someone has it!
  10. Thanks so much Patrick for these! I hadn't for some reason ever ran into or thought about the inversion technique here, but it sure makes sense. By the way, do you see any harm in assembling the entremet, storing it in the freezer for a longer time, and then taking it out for glazing when needed? I guess it should be fine with the gelatins and agars etc in the mousse and brulee. And while I'm rolling out the questions.. any tricks on how to get that nice and thick glaze? I recently bought a lot of nuts, including hazelnuts. Almond paste seems like quite a standard product in terms of recipes. But hazelnut praline paste, am I right to assume 100g nuts into caramel from 62g sugar, 17g water roughly does the job, blitzed into a paste (so this doesn't include any chocolate)?
  11. Looks fantastic to me! If you don't mind a couple questions.. How did you assemble that? Crisp on bottom, mousse over it, almond cake on top with more mousse, freezer, setting creme brulee onto different mold and then adding it, together with last set of mousse? I've done some entremets, and issue with few was that I had small gaps between the layers. Additionally, would you be willing and able to send recipes for the almond cake and mousse you used? Super grateful fan of your work!
  12. Couldn't find a more recent DIY-vanilla extract topic, sorry if there was one. I put my own vanilla extract going in early May, so it's been going for about two months. I put in 35g of very dry grade B vanilla, and 500g of 80% vodka. Now, I understand that the vanilla is supposed to be 10% of the liquid's weight. I have 500g of 40% vodka in the fridge, and I'm wondering if I should be just adding that to it now or what. Hopefully I'd find more grade B vanilla, but if I do get some for example in 6 months what would be the best way forward? Should I put the 40% vodka in? Should I wait and do nothing? What if I put in the new vodka and fail to find more vanilla, is it going to be intolerably lame? So many questions...
  13. Thank you all for the replies! I was hoping there would've been a relavatively simple way (cream of tartar is one of the ingredients that's somehow incredibly hard to find and expensive in this part of the world) to get this safely back to use, but I suppose I'll just go and get a new stainless steel one. It's a shame they cost $50 here, but I just don't want to throw the whole machine away since it seems to work fine..
  14. I recently got an old Kenwood mixer, and with it two attachments, the K-beater and the wirewhisk. The whisk seems to be made of stainless steel, so it looks quite alright. But the K-beater is I believe aluminum, and doesn't look too fine. When touched, you get the aluminum in your hands. I googled through but got such a mixed bag of opinions that I decided to ask here. Is that beater beyond redemption, or can it be saved and used safely? And if yes, then how should I go about redeeming it?
  15. Is there any possibility to hear about this cheesecake and the recipe for it? It looks so delicious to this fan of cheesecakes...
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